By: Sridhar “Sri” Rangaswamy

As we are going through this election, we can see others are creating violence and blaming it all on Donald Trump. However, if we look at the Project Veritas videos going around, we can see who is actually behind all of this. The main stream media will usually show news stories for about 40 seconds, but when it comes to Trump’s scandals that happened 10 years ago – they show 40 minutes or more! This is not fair or ethical. This is not how journalism or the media should work!

Our country elected Bill Clinton, once again, even though he had numerous scandals. This has been proven by them compensating Paula Jones close to $850,000. With all of these facts, no one would like to discuss or bring these things into the limelight. Not CNN, MSNBC or any other media channels!

They also released the questions for the debate by mediator Donna Brazile, who was once a CNN reporter. These were provided to Clinton before the debate, which is not ethical. Here, you can see how they are connected – how NBC’s and CNN’s workings can be seen. Ask yourself, are they basing things on facts or trying to indirectly promote Clinton? That is the question.

WikiLeaks released information about how the White House works and supports Clinton. You can see this clearly since the Department of Justice does not take action for any of the leaked emails or about the damage to our democracy. You can also see all the New York Times and Washington Post positions that do not talk about WikiLeaks anywhere, the violence created or the video by Project Veritas.

You can also see Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell not taking any action or visiting the attorney general to stop Hillary Clinton. However, they support Washington corruption with the lobbyists. They would like to continue this path instead of creating a new world without corruption.

President John F. Kennedy had a lot of women friends and/or girlfriends. Did it become a big issue? Please see the history of this country and let us handle it fairly. This person was a total businessman, running a business. He was not running for any political position or involved in any kind of lobbying. Please also check with his wife Melania Trump, a legal immigrant and learn how she reached success and accomplished things through hard work. We cannot judge her because she was a model.

We also need to remember there was so much voter fraud in the years 2008 and 2012 by President Obama – this was researched and found true! Facts and truth are real in the court of God and justice will be served some day or other. Remember truth will always win!

* The author’s opinion is independent of We publish a variety of authors and each has their own slant on the election. While we do not support Donald Trump, we do support the rights of others in the conservative movement to support him.