By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Louisville DSA promoting Richard Becker and Ryan Fenwick

Richard Becker, candidate for State Representative in Kentucky’s 35th District, is a member of the radical Marxist organization: “Democratic Socialists of America” (DSA) and a “union organizer.” The other DSA member is Ryan Fenwick, who is running for mayor of Louisville, Kentucky.

The Louisville DSA is putting all of their weight behind their candidates, encouraging fellow comrades to “put socialists in power” in order to “defeat capitalism.”

DSA is currently pushing out their members to run as democrats across America, and have just had a major win in Pennsylvania, with four Marxists winning the primary this week.

Ryan Fenwick

See a list here of DSA-Affiliated Candidates and Elected Officials.

Richard Becker

They are making a last minute push to help their comrades win.

As observed by DSA apologist and sadly, “history professor” Berry Craig of in February:

Fifteen members of the Democratic Socialists of America won election to office in 11 states last year.

Jake Bush hopes Louisville voters will add two more next November: Richard Becker, a candidate for the state House of Representatives; and Ryan Fenwick, who wants to be mayor.

“It’s an awesome move,” said Bush, the chair of the Falls City chapter of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Becker is a union organizer; Fenwick is an attorney and community activist. The two DSA members are running in the May 22 Democratic primary.

Our Revolution, founded by former campaign workers and supporters of former socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, also endorsed Richard Becker.

It is amazing that Democrats are allowing their party to be hijacked by Marxist radicals. Would these candidates win if they ran as socialists?