By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Brits raise £35K to get this blimp of Sadiq Khan to fly over London

The Sun reports that British citizens raised £35K for a blimp of Sadiq Khan to fly over London in response to the “Trump Baby Blimp” Khan authorized to fly during President Trump’s visit to England this week.

From NBC News:

Sadiq Khan gave permission for the balloon, which was inflated with helium early Friday and floated over the Houses of Parliament during the demonstrations.

From the Sun:

Campaigners raised £35,000 for the Khan baby balloon.

The only way it can be stopped is if Mr Khan blocks it.

It comes as Mr Khan was accused of ignoring his day job because he’s obsessed with “attacking” Donald Trump.

The battle of the blimps comes as London is facing a crime wave under Khan’s watch. According to reports, the murder rate in London has surpassed that of New York City.

Rudy Giuliani, known for drastically reducing crime in New York, weighed in, telling the Sunday Express:

“Sadiq Khan should be ashamed of himself. He’s so busy attacking President Trump’s visit and, in the meantime, crime is spiralling in London.

“Maybe he should just do his job instead of attacking a world leader.”

He added: “If crime is going up, he’s obviously not paying attention to his job.

Many of the anti-Trump protesters are fellow travelers and outright communists from the “Stop Trump Coalition.”