By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

You know that law firm, the one that hired Fusion GPS. Swell huh…

Okay, let’s review where they are so far, shall we?

As a primer: Hillary was on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. She defended Marc Elias and hiring Fusion GPS.

Clinton defended the approach that her campaign lawyer, Marc Elias, started working for Fusion GPS, a research firm that compiled a dossier about Trump before recruiting former British spy Christopher Steele to conduct more research. (Politico barely reported this and the substance is thin.)

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Senator(s) Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren were first to hire Perkins Coie. Campaign disclosures so far show Elizabeth Warren has paid two invoices to date totaling $320,000. Kamala Harris has paid Perkins Coie $90,000 but the top lawyer over there is Marc Elias and he has assumed the role of Harr’s campaign general counsel. Pssst, Elias was general counsel for Hillary’s campaign.

Okay, there is more. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Amy Klobuchar have each spent $85,000 for legal services to Perkins Coie. Jay Inslee and John Hickenlooper also paid for legal services as has Julian Castro.

Senator Michael Bennet, as well as Inslee and Castro, are also using the law firms of Wilmer Cutler Pickering, Hale and Door while Joe Biden has hired Covington & Burling. One of the partners at C & V is Robert Lenhard, a former Federal Election Commission chairman who is also advising Biden.

Hey, we can’t leave out Mayor Pete Buttigieg. He so far appears to have spent the most ($320,000) on legal services for his campaign. He hired Jenner & Block. What about Bernie Sanders? He has spent $260,000 in legal fees to Garvey Schubert Barer.

The rest of the candidates such as Beto, Tulsi Gabbard, and De Blasio have not spent all that much. Why? Because their respective campaigns have very little campaign money in their war chests.

Anyway back to Perkins Coie and Mr. Elais. Campaign officials for the Hillary camp did not do any oversight on the money Elias was allowed to spend and where. As Fusion GPS produced opposition research on Trump via the dossier, it appears that the Hillary operation and Perkins Coie did not hesitate to publish unverified claims. You gotta wonder if the top floor of the FBI collaborated with Perkins Coie on the whole matter. Seems the FBI trusted Christopher Steele not to question his work and perhaps the same can be said of Perkins Coie… maybe due to Hillary herself.

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Oh, remember when Facebook terminated thousands of accounts due to what they claim were the product of Russian actors? Facebook was forced to disclose some of this information and guess who provided some of that legal work for Facebook? Yuppers, Marc Elias. Another sidebar to all of this is John Podesta. In September of last year, Podesta provided a closed-door interview before the Senate Intelligence Committee staffers. Who sat next to Podesta? Right again, Marc Elias. Podesta claimed at the time he had no knowledge of payments to Fusion GPS. Next question is did Perkins Coie offer some office space to Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS? That answer appears to be yes. Oh, another item of interest is Marc Elias has as part of his resume voting rights cases. These cases were funded by George Soros where election recounts resulted in highly contested states and districts.

Remember that Senator Robert Menendez case on federal bribery and financial disclosures that the senator paid to a good buddy doctor friend? Who provided the legal services to Senator Menendez? Ding, ding, ding! You would be right, Marc Elias. Add in the fact that John Kerry hired Elias for his 2004 presidential campaign as did Harry Reid in his 1998 contested senate election and you get the trend here.

Imagine the discussions that Marc Elias has with his newest politician, Kamala Harris… just imagine the campaign roadmap Mr. Elias has crafted for Kamala. Coincidentally, she does sound a lot like Hillary on the campaign trail.