By: T F Stern | Self-Educated American

We were watching a movie the other day on one of the regular channels where you get to see a few minutes of the movie followed by several minutes of commercials.  The efforts of the moviemakers got lost somewhere between combining car, house and life insurance, more comfortable jockey shorts and deciding which brand of whiskey best matched the outdoor sportsman in us.

At a certain point, you consider yourself ‘invested’ in watching the movie until its conclusion while attempting to ignore interruptions.  Maybe this is how cable companies have figured how to get folks to pay for adding movie channels; just interrupt the programming on the regular channels enough and people will pay not to see commercials.

The movie was ending as the credits began to roll across the screen, a chance to give individuals who’d put the movie together credit.  Did I say roll across the screen; I meant sprint past at nearly the speed of light.  Evelyn Woods Speed Reading Course had not prepared me for this particular exercise.  To make it more challenging, they split the screen so that the credits for the previously viewed movie, now in a tiny box in the corner of the screen, could play out while introducing the next feature.

There are rules and regulations from the movie industry having to do with the requirement to present the names of actors, directors and whoever else deserves credit.  If these rules are being applied in the manner intended then who am I to criticize the less than flattering display of blurred unreadable credits as they speed past the screen, having completed the required ‘viewing’ at the end of the movie.

It seems we are satisfied with this kind of response in other areas as well…

I’m not that old and yet in my short span of years I’ve noticed the desire on the part of some folks to shorten the Pledge of Allegiance by getting rid of “Under God”.  That will appease those who don’t believe in God or, as the communist agenda calls for, making those who aren’t strong in their faith eventually forget how important God is to this nation, marginalizing Christianity into oblivion.

Then there’s the concerted effort to rewrite our Constitution, usually by altering the meaning of words by those sitting in our courts.  Our legislators and judges ignore this divinely inspired contract intended to protect individual God-given rights, a document intended to limit government; isn’t that interesting?  Historians are constantly erasing important links to divine intervention which permitted a rag-tag army of farmers and militia members to defeat the most powerful military might that existed in the world.

How is it possible for a people so blessed by God with individual liberty and freedom to ignore the Author of that liberty; as if to say, we did it all by ourselves and those who believe otherwise are silly old fools who depend on religion as a crutch?  And yet, isn’t that exactly what is happening, has happened?  The Democrat Party has actually come out and booed God while putting their national platform together.  They no longer intend to follow His laws; the State has taken His place.  How else can you explain Full Term Abortion, murdering a child who has already been born?

All the miracles which had been assigned as Providence or Divine Intervention, and at one time were contained in American history books, were explained away as coincidences, strokes of pure luck and God had nothing to do with assisting this fledgling nation to survive long enough to stand on its own.

Can’t you see the credit screen rolling by, years of our history are presented as lip service only, blurred to the point of irrelevance?  The signatures of those who signed the Declaration of Independence or those who ratified our Constitution, reduced in size making their efforts and purposes insignificantly small as we race toward the next stage of our nation’s future, a future where individual liberty takes a back seat to the collective, a collective which takes its marching orders from the elite.

The men who founded this nation recognized God’s hand in nearly every aspect of this ‘Experiment in Self Governance’.  They expressed gratitude to God along with their desire to be obedient to His eternal laws and principles, which laws and principles they included in our Constitution when it was created.

It’s time for each of us to show appreciation for all that has been provided, to include the challenges which are part of our individual liberty as we strive to obey God’s laws and become the people He expects us to be.  Let’s give credit where credit is due.