By: Lloyd Marcus

I heard another black pastor’s sermon attacking Trump while listening to Christian radio with earbuds on my phone during my daily walk. He said that President Trump’s MAGA slogan does not include all Americans. He bitterly asked his congregation, “When was America ever great?”

As a proud grateful black American, I thought, “One of numerous occasions in which America was great was when 600,000 Americans sacrificed their lives in the civil war to liberate blacks from slavery.”

America’s enemies within

America’s enemies within use churches, schools, corporate advertising, entertainment, fake news media and social networks to spread lies about Trump and our wonderful country. Trump is pretty much a lone voice in the international arena standing up for America; exposing leftists’ lies.

This is why I wholeheartedly support Trump exposing Democrat congresswomen Ilhan Omar, AOC, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib for the anti-American, antisemitic, racist, socialist and communist hate-filled traitors that they truly are.

How on earth did these four haters of America get elected? The answer is fake news media covers for them, falsely portraying them as saintly victims of America’s racial and sexual bigotry. Trump courageously shining the light of truth on them has upset Democrat and fake news medias’ apple-cart.

To make Trump back off, Democrats and fake news media implemented their standard dirty trick which always silences Republicans and Conservatives. Their trick is to spin the slightest push back against leftists’ radical agenda to mean the ultimate evil hateful extreme. For example: If you stand up for God’s definition of marriage, Democrats and fake news media say you hate homosexuals and want them dead.

Democrats and fake news media

Democrats and fake news media insidiously said patriots jovially chanting “send her back” at the Greenville Trump rally really means they wish to do Omar physical harm. Meanwhile, Democrats and fake news media were silent when an angry mob chanted “What do we want! Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” at a Black Lives Matter rally. Outrageously, leftists even justified Black Lives Matter launching a clarion call to assassinate our brave men and women in blue.

Fake news media celebrated Maxine Walters instructing her fellow Democrats to assault Trump supporters whenever they are seen in public.

Rep. Maxine Waters Under Scrutiny For Urging Supporters To Confront Trump Officials

Fake news media ignores Democrats blatantly instigating violence

Trump supporters and his Administration are being attacked in restaurants and other public places.  Hypocritically, fake news media ignores Democrats blatantly instigating violence while claiming “send her back” is violent hate-speech which must be condemned by Republicans.

For years, Democrats and fake news media have used their trick of spinning reasonable push back to mean the ultimate hateful extreme. When a wacko Muslim gunman massacred homosexuals in an Orlando nightclub, Democrats and fake news media claimed the massacre was the fault of Christians who support traditional marriage. Do you see how their trick works? It is designed to silence all opposition and intimidate everyone into surrendering to leftists’ extreme agenda.

Renowned conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said Democrats and fake news medias’ trick has worked for far too long. It is time for our side to stop apologizing for everything we say, cowering in fear of fake news media. I say, “Amen brother!”

Republican and conservative advisers always instruct us to guard our words and be nice; careful not to anger leftists. We have allowed our enemies to dictate the rules of engagement.

Fake news media does not give a rat’s derriere about fairness or truth

I remember when our advisers said we must abandon calling our movement the “Tea Party” because fake news media made it toxic. I thought, “Changing our name will not stop fake news media from lying about our movement.”

Our advisers said we must back away from Sarah Palin because fake news media made her toxic. I thought, “So this is how we treat our brave conservative warriors.”

Some on our side still do not comprehend that fake news media is our enemy. Fake news media does not give a rat’s derriere about fairness or truth. Therefore, they lie and negatively spin our every word and action whenever we push back against leftists’ anti-American and anti-Christian agenda. Attempting to appease Democrats and fake news media is foolish; empowering them while weakening us. Thank God Trump understands the vicious arena in which he must fight to preserve and restore America.

Trump doesn’t play by any of Washington DC elites’ and fake news medias’ dictated rules of engagement. Trump fearlessly approaches the microphone and spouts full-blown understandable unapologetic truth. Frankly, I love it.