By: Cliff Kincaid

The apparent disagreements among the “centrist” and “radical” Democratic presidential candidates are not significant or substantial. In the end, they will unite and depend on Mike Bloomberg’s billions of dollars to take down President Trump. Mr. “Stop-and-Frisk” has already pledged $2 billion or more to do so. This makes Trump beatable.

If you don’t think money matters, look at Bloomberg’s rise in the polls based on millions of dollars of commercials alone.

Bloomberg is not a socialist but a technocrat prepared to usher in a socialist state. He wants to bring “Stop-and-Frisk” to all of us, on a nationwide basis. This means getting shoved up against a wall and losing our economic, political, and personal freedoms.

For his part, Bernie Sanders objects to Bloomberg buying an election. But he is referring to Bloomberg taking the Democratic presidential nomination away from him. You can bet that Bernie will not object to Bloomberg and/or George Soros buying the White House for the Democratic Party and its eventual nominee by running hundreds of millions of dollars of negative ads against Trump. These can make the difference.

At the current time, according to the publication Axios, “Amid record-high stock markets and record-low joblessness, Trump trails almost every 2020 Democrat nationally, and is in a statistical tie in swing-state polls.” This means that Trump needs every vote he can get.

In this context, there are growing numbers of people inclined to vote for Trump who are very concerned about the forces of Cultural Marxism. Also known as political correctness, Cultural Marxism is a societal sickness that permeates the media and which even includes such spectacles as a half-time NFL Super Bowl show featuring scantily clad pole dancers. This moral meltdown is just as much of a threat to America’s future as an economic collapse.

Opposition to this Marxist cultural agenda is what caused many traditional Democratic voters, especially from the working class, to vote for Trump. They are sick of the sexual minorities and hedonists dictating how we are supposed to think and act. They would like to return to the days when kids are raised by moms and dads to be boys and girls.

We witnessed these insidious forces in action on Tuesday when national media featured the news that a famous NBA basketball star declared that he has accepted his 12-year-old boy as a girl. The announcement first came on the television show hosted by popular entertainer Ellen DeGeneres, a lesbian who has been “married” to another woman. The NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt featured a long segment on this development, presenting the parents as enlightened people with the best interests of their “transgender” son/daughter at heart. An expert called it a “teaching moment” for the nation.

You are supposed to accept homosexual/transgender rights and abortion rights while embracing the legalization of mind-altering marijuana and giving up your gun rights. This lunacy is Cultural Marxism today.   Bloomberg’s billions can bring it about.

Historically, Cultural Marxism originated with an Italian communist named Antonio Gramsci, who devised ways for Marxism to infiltrate and subvert Western culture, especially traditional Christian values. Various books, such as The Open Marxism of Antonio Gramsci, explain this strategy in detail. The book is a collection of Gramsci essays translated by Carl Marzani, a publisher and Soviet KGB agent whose publishing house was subsidized by the KGB. He introduced Gramsci’s writings to the United States in the mid-1950s.

It just so happens that Pete Buttigieg’s father was a Gramsci scholar.

At this critical juncture, author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon’s forthcoming book, White House Reds: Communists, Socialists & Security Risks Running for US President, 2020, examines the backgrounds of Buttigieg and the other Democratic Party candidates in detail. He notes, “Presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders are currently fierce rivals in the race for the Democratic party nomination. However, not so many years ago Bernie Sanders was Pete Buttigieg’s ‘socialist’ hero.” He cites an essay the teenage Pete Buttigieg wrote in 2000 for the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum’s annual “Profiles in Courage” essay Competition.

Loudon comments, “In his essay the teenage Pete Buttigieg showed a good understanding of American politics and of the socialist project. No doubt aided by many conversations with his Marxist father around the dinner table.”

Loudon notes, “Both Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders have a long association with the small ‘c’ communists of Democratic Socialists of America. Pete Buttigieg worked closely with local Marxists while serving as Mayor of South Bend Indiana. How then, can Pete Buttigieg claim to be the ‘moderate’ in the race?” Loudon’s important book, now available for pre-order, exposes Pete’s links to the “South Bend socialists” and other anti-American and anti-Israel causes.

In another significant development, Buttigieg, a pothead at Harvard, has emerged as an advocate of decriminalizing drugs such as heroin and LSD.

His campaign is a prime example of how Cultural Marxism distorts our understanding of what’s happening politically. We are constantly told he is a “centrist” or “moderate.”  These are lies. Loudon documents how all of the Democratic presidential candidates are security risks based on various degrees of Marxist associations and loony left skeletons in their closets.

It really doesn’t matter if Bernie or Pete gets the nomination because they both have a deep understanding of how the forces that Gramsci wrote about are coalescing in the Democratic Party and attempting to complete the job that Barack Hussein Obama started. They can’t be underestimated, especially because of the billions of dollars backing them.

Keep in mind that Bloomberg is not just an isolated billionaire. He is a member of such high-level organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission. (His firm is a corporate member of the CFR). His website advertises his speech at the “One Planet Summit,” co-hosted by the United Nations, on the need to restructure global financial architecture, in the name of stopping climate change, and deindustrializing America.

In an authoritarian display, the 20,000 employees in his media business have been prohibited from writing a negative word about his candidacy.

Looking at the presidential race and the current popular figures, Trevor Loudon asks, “Is Pete Buttigieg rally just a well-meaning liberal Democrat who just wants the best for America? Or is he his father’s son? Is he actually a ‘stealth socialist’ who has honed the art of appearing to be whatever he needs to be to further his cause in any given situation?”

For his part, Buttigieg says, “I don’t think Trump can figure out what to do with me.” It’s not only because Mayor Pete is a closet socialist but an open gay.

This is a conundrum because Trump was pictured during the 2016 campaign holding up a rainbow flag inscribed with the phrase “LGBT for Trump.” To the dismay of his conservative supporters, he has followed through, as the Trump Administration is leading a pro-gay global diplomacy effort through the U.N. that is led by Trump’s gay Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell. Christian nations are being told by this “conservative” Administration that they have to legalize and celebrate the homosexual lifestyle.

If he doesn’t forcefully challenge the homosexual cabal eating away the moral fabric of the nation, Trump will make himself vulnerable to defeat in the 2020 election. It is his potential Achilles heel. He has to abandon the LGBT movement for the sake of the nation and his own re-election.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.