By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

The Defense Production Act. Read it here.

The president invoked the act Wednesday during a White House news briefing with members of the Coronavirus Task Force.

“It can do a lot of good things if we need it,” the president told reporters.

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The 1950 act was periodically used during both the Korean War and throughout the Cold War and was last invoked in June 2017 by Trump to provide technology to the space industrial base.

This is not about what the federal government can provide, but rather the federal government authorizing and hiring private businesses to produce products and services to fulfill the needs for the good of the nation. That is where innovation and capitalism works.

President Trump is pulling all the levers of government and plowing his way through regulations and bureaucracy. It is big and messy mostly because of Obamacare which installed 23,000 pages of regulations. The PANCAP plan is found here in full. Additional levers are being created to stop the economic and financial damage to the nation.

Meanwhile, media has attacked President Trump for using the term ‘China virus’ and he defended that use, rightly so. The medical community uses several variations of the same phrase. It is about China and has been for decades. World leaders have challenged China for countless years over their reckless laws and lack of food, people, animal and health protections. I have seen it personally myself being in mainland China many years ago. I visited those wet markets where the food supply and lack of safety are not only disgusting but deadly. Truth be told, trafficking and breeding animals for food in China is estimated to be a $76 billion industry.

For perspective, this short video is a must-watch.

Relations between the West and China has taken on a new attitude and approach and rightly so. The discussions should begin with China paying trillions in reparations to nations affected by not only the Covid-19 virus but even previous virus outbreaks as well. China holds an estimated $1.7 trillion of U.S. debt. China should forgive that debt today.

From an article written by Michael Auslin in part mentions:

Those concerned with global health issues may wonder why it is that China is wracked regularly by viral epidemics in addition to coronavirus, such as SARS, African Swine Fever, and avian flu (another outbreak is happening right now). Others may begin to look more carefully at China’s environmental devastation and the hundreds of thousands of premature deaths each year from air and water pollution.

On the trade side, many foreign corporations already have been reconsidering their operations in China, due to rampant intellectual property theft and rising production costs; now, they may seriously question how safe it is to continue to do business in China. Not only is the health of their employees at risk, but they no longer can be assured that China will be a stable supplier. If coronavirus becomes a seasonal phenomenon, as some experts predict, then even with a vaccine, new strains of the pathogen will always raise the specter of another out-of-control epidemic overwhelming the party-state’s capabilities and infecting the rest of the world.

China has a plan to be the world’s dominant power, what better way to achieve that mission than to infect the globe with a pandemic causing a financial collapse? To prevent the China mission, Western nations must reassert nationalism including manufacturing and install policies that never allow vulnerabilities to health and national security to occur again, this includes 5G. China and Russia cannot be allowed to win much less have any kind of advantage over other nations.

U.S. citizens are very crafty, innovative and resourceful and given these skills and spirit, this will pass quickly.