By: Cliff Kincaid

“With Crisis Comes Opportunity” is how the organization Voices for the Earth Summit sees the death and destruction from the coronavirus. “This global pandemic is one of the greatest tragedies of our time, but it is also revealing opportunities that have not been so clearly seen before,” it says. “We are awakening to the fact that our current systems are not working, they are failing both humanity and the planet.”

This time they mean it – the New World Order can finally be implemented. Or so they think. They can use two global crises at one – the virus and so-called climate change. “Earth Day,” on Wednesday, April 22, is a great opportunity for them. Expect the same kind of propaganda that was broadcast on Saturday night, in support of the U.N.’s World Health Organization.

On cue, Time magazine has published former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev’s column, “When The Pandemic Is Over, The World Must Come Together,” urging an emergency special session of the U.N. General Assembly, with “revising the entire global agenda” as the main topic, leading “toward a new consciousness, a new civilization.”

But the former Soviet president, considered a “reformer” by our media, had declared his commitment to a one-world communist state, even during the period of Glasnost and Perestroika, saying on November 2, 1987, “We are moving towards a new world, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road.”

We always knew the left would exploit the virus but their “vision” of the New World Order is now coming into clear focus. They think China’s mass murder is not the time to hold China responsible for death and suffering, but to save Mother Earth from greenhouse gases. They think this will usher in a global one-world socialist state, a development that could find China as the head of the New World Order and Russia serving as the world’s gas pump, with American energy independence a thing of the past. These are the stakes.

One online Earth Day event on April 22, featuring “former” communist Van Jones, is sponsored by the Pachamama Alliance and is designed to demonstrate “Resilience and Possibility in These Times.” The online gathering will help “regenerate our planet and social institutions” and that we can look forward to a “future of sustainability and justice.”

Standing in the way is the Trump Administration and spontaneous and growing protests of Americans who want their country and its free enterprise system restored to economic and financial health. They are condemned by the major media as hicks and hayseeds but they understand that the globalists have been trying for decades to cut American down to size. They won’t stand for it. America will reopen in the face of the global assault.

With Obama’s former Vice President Joe Biden hoping to ride this wave of death and destruction into the White House, you may remember that Van Jones was supposed to be a key figure in Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America. He had been deeply involved in a Marxist group, Standing Together To Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), which sent some of its members to Cuba. In Cuba, thanks to the U.N., they were working on “Pig Power” to run a modern economy, based on using excrement from pigs eating “high off the hog.”

Van Jones was appointed “Green Jobs Czar” in March 2009 at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, an important job, established within the Executive Office of the President, and designed to coordinate “federal environmental efforts” and work closely with agencies and other White House offices in the development of environmental policies and initiatives.

In the end, however, thanks to White House Reds author Trevor Loudon, who was sniffing around the Obama White House, Jones was forced to resign because the investigation of his communist connections was getting too close for comfort for Obama and his inner circle. Sacking Jones was a way for the White House and the major media, just beginning to take an interest in the story, to move on. It was apparent that Jones was thrown “under the bus” because too many of Obama’s close associates, including adviser Valerie Jarrett, were implicated in his hiring. Jarrett had said that “we” had recruited Jones. Obama himself obviously approved the decision to bring him aboard.

His involvement with the Pachamama Alliance is significant.

You may recall that a major controversy developed when a video showed Pope Francis blessing a statue of Pachamama, a “goddess” revered by some indigenous people holding on to their pagan traditions and considered a female fertility figure representing Mother Earth.

Traditional Catholics who regard Pope Francis as a heretic believe such pagan displays are a violation of the First Commandment prohibition of idols.

Seizing the moment, the Pachamama Alliance declares, “When society emerges on the other side of this [coronavirus] challenge, we will be forever changed. We can’t go back to the way things were. We need a new way forward. Knowing this, what can we do to be ready to not just rebuild our world, but to build a sustainable, thriving, and just world?”

Also taking advantage of the situation, the Committees for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS) understands that “systemic disaster or shock can open possibilities for social change not available in the US during normal times” and that “the COVID-19 pandemic is such a crisis.” The Marxist group thinks the left can exploit the crisis in order to promote pet projects such as socialized medicine, also known as single-payer health care, or a Green New Deal program of heavy-handed socialist control of the economy and massive new taxes.

The CCDS, as well as other left-wing and Marxist groups, believe time and attention must also be devoted to whitewashing Communist China of its role in releasing and spreading the virus.

Another group with Marxist roots, the Lyndon LaRouche movement, issued a press release through its Schiller Institute “regarding the vicious anti-China campaign being promulgated in the West, especially in the United States,” over China’s role in coronavirus. The group was founded by the late Lyndon LaRouche, who served prison time on financial fraud charges and was considered the intellectual author of the 9/11 truth movement because he started questioning whether Muslims had staged the attacks right after they occurred. LaRouche started out as a Marxist and, in a 1976 lecture, titled, “What Only Communists Know,” declared his desire to bring into being “a new Marxist international…” This is their moment.

The Schiller Institute press release said that his widow, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, was invited by China in 2017 to attend an International Conference on China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative. It said that during her trip she appeared on a Chinese English Language dialog show, “Dialogue with Yang Rui.”

One can occasionally find members of the LaRouche movement on street corners selling literature and claiming to be defending President Trump.

But a Schiller Institute document, which calls for a “World Health System,” reveals that their objective is precisely the same as some other far-left groups – strengthening the World Health Organization and creating new socialist structures for the world. The document declares, “This global pandemic emphatically requires a global response, as reservoirs of the virus in any part of the world could cause resurgences for years. It requires a World Health System covering every part of the planet.”

Zepp-LaRouche defends the U.N.s World Health Organization, which initially claimed the virus was harmless to humans, and declares, “China is not an aggressive force.”

Not surprisingly, the United Nations has embraced an “unprecedented all-day digital Earth Day” on April 22, with another group with a50th Anniversary Global Advisory Committee that includes Lisa Jackson, Obama’s former EPA Administrator and current Vice President of Environment Policy and Social Initiatives at Apple; John Kerry, Obama’s former U.S. Secretary of State; and David Levy, Vice President of US Government and Nonprofits at Amazon Web Services. (Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Washington Post, has announced that he will be committing $10 billion to fight climate change.)

UN Secretary-General António Guterres released a “message for International Mother Earth Day,” saying, “We must act decisively to protect our planet from both the coronavirus and the existential threat of climate disruption.  The current crisis is an unprecedented wake-up call.  We need to turn the recovery into a real opportunity to do things right for the future.”

Offering various “green” initiatives, while saying that “Greenhouse gases, just like viruses, do not respect national boundaries,” the release was issued in the form of a “demand” for a new “Green Economy.”

Guterres is a former head of the Socialist International, a worldwide group with “consultative status” with the United Nations that promises “Progressive politics for a fairer world.”

If you think Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is a tyrant, wait until Donald J. Trump is deposed and a world government dictator arrives on the scene.

Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survval, Inc.