By: Cliff Kincaid

Anybody with half a brain tied behind his or her back knows that the country is in a state of mass hypnosis or hysteria. Consider that a broadcaster was forced to resign for saying “All Lives Matter;” the TV show “Cops” has been put on hold, since it might portray the police in a favorable light; a Texas Ranger statue was removed from the Dallas airport, and Clemson coach Dabo Swinney was personally attacked for wearing a “Football Matters” shirt.

It appears to those of us who have studied communism that we are living through a version of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. His Red Guards would invade private homes looking for those suspected of “bourgeois” tendencies.

This has come about because many people had a knee-jerk reaction when they saw the snippet of a video with a Minneapolis police officer with his knee on the neck of George Floyd. “There are zero legitimate law enforcement justifications for what happened to George Floyd,” said “conservative” Senator Ted Cruz, a Harvard-trained lawyer. That’s the reaction the mob was counting on. People reacted with outrage and disgust. But they didn’t have the whole story. They were not aware of another video showing Floyd scuffling with police. And they were not aware of the autopsy showing Floyd’s heavy drug use and the facts about his criminal record.

Upon reflection, which is too late for the people killed and businesses destroyed in the riots, we know that George Floyd was a heavy drug user and that his death may have been linked to the use of those drugs. What’s more, Larry C. Johnson notes that the police officer’s use of his knee on the side of the neck of Floyd was “a technique he had been trained to use by the Minneapolis Police Department.” That section of the training manual can be read by anyone but few have done so. Johnson concludes that the Minneapolis police officers accused of murdering George Floyd “are being railroaded and are likely to be exonerated once the full evidence is presented.”

The “full evidence,” of course, wasn’t available immediately after the incident, when many politicians and commentators, even some of a conservative persuasion, jumped to conclusions and wanted to look politically correct by blaming the police. Dozens of communist groups, including Antifa, then jumped into action. They saw their opportunity and took it.

Rush Limbaugh, who popularized the saying about using half his brain tied behind his back, left the other half of his brain somewhere else as well when he recently conducted an “exchange” with the same black radio host, “Charlamagne Tha God,” who became famous when he got Joe Biden to say “you ain’t black” if you don’t support him. Limbaugh called the cops in Minneapolis “stupid” and added that George Floyd, who was being put in police custody because a store employee had called about Floyd allegedly passing counterfeit money, “is the essence of innocence.” One of his previous crimes was five years in prison for aggravated assault.

Why a conservative would want to spend one second of valuable air time with someone calling himself “Tha God” is beyond me. He said later the “interview” with Limbaugh about “white privilege” was a waste of time. Limbaugh wasted his time and that of his listeners. What’s worse, Limbaugh whitewashed George Floyd’s criminal record. He played into the hands of the mob.

The time would have been better spent with Candace Owens, a black conservative who has dared to tell the truth about George Floyd’s criminal record and questions why some blacks make such an individual into a martyr.

Limbaugh, fighting to stay alive as he valiantly battles his own health problems, wanted to appear compassionate, someone who wanted to engage in “dialogue” to save black lives after the death of George Floyd. He fell flat on his face. But he’s not alone. I’ve found that some conservative web sites usually eager to publish my columns won’t touch anything I write on the Floyd case. They are embarrassed by the fact that they, like Cruz and Limbaugh, bought into the left-wing narrative.

Compassionate conservatism is not what elected Donald J. Trump. That approach only cedes ground to the left. Instead, appealing to the silent majority and getting people to show some backbone is the way to neutralize the Red Guard protesters attempting to continue Barack Hussein Obama’s fundamental transformation of America. Many Americans are mad as hell, but won’t say so publicly, as the rioting and looting that began in Minneapolis has now spread to other cities. If anything, they suspect that Trump is not moving fast enough to put down the communist insurrection.

This kind of “rebellion,” as Mao called it, was being planned by the Red Chinese even as Mao was conducting his own revolution in China. He used the 1968 riots in America over the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. to issue a statement “in Support of the Afro-American Struggle Against Violent Repression” and had earlier issued a statement “supporting the American Negroes In Their Just Struggle Against Racial Discrimination by U.S. Imperialism.”

The Communist Party of China newspaper, China Daily, noted that, “In May, 1959, Mao met with visiting African-American civil rights leader W.E.B. Du Bois. On China’s National Day celebration on Oct 1, 1966, Robert Williams, another civil rights leader and a revolutionary, was invited to speak at Tiananmen Rostrum, with Mao standing at his side. In 1971, then Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai met in Beijing with Huey Newton, leader of the Black Panther Party.”

W.E.B Du Bois praised Stalin, won the Lenin Peace Prize, and renounced his American citizenship. Williams had lived in Cuba, China, and North Vietnam, and the Black Panthers were notorious for depicting police as pigs.

Despite his reputation as a moderate, Martin Luther King, Jr. paid tribute to Du Bois, who himself joined the Communist Party USA in 1961, at an event sponsored by the Soviet-funded Freedomways journal in New York City.

Reds have been exploiting blacks for decades.

Indeed, the China Daily article noted how black leaders in the 1960s and ’70s were inspired by Mao and created “many Maoist organizations” on American soil. They still exist and are heavily represented in the protests. The brilliant analyst Trevor Loudon has written extensively about them. He knows far more than the FBI. Indeed, if an FBI agent interested in the truth used an official computer to access Trevor’s KeyWiki website, an encyclopedia of facts about the far-left, he or she would be fired. But the truth is the truth. And the truth is in short supply as “conservatives” jump on the revolutionary bandwagon that has Mao’s fingerprints all over it.

It’s time to support those telling the truth before the truth disappears forever.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.