By: Cliff Kincaid

Conservative Christian broadcaster Brannon Howse told me this week that it doesn’t look like President Trump wants to win the presidential election. “He had better get his act together or else he’s going to lose to a guy that doesn’t even know who his own wife is,” he said. Howse and many other conservatives are frustrated by the (lack of) response of the Trump-Pence Administration to the riots.

Other than clear some protesters and rioters out of Lafayette Park across from the White House, in order to hold up a Bible in front of a burned-out church, Trump has done almost nothing except make threats. He Tweets about restoring law and order but does nothing except protect the White House.

His Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray were blindsided by what is happening. It’s clear they don’t have any clue about the Maoist-style communist revolution underway in America. As a result, Trump is quickly losing support from the conservative side of the political spectrum. One citizen wrote to me through my website America’s Survival saying, “Unfortunately, our fearless leader, Trump, is not fearless and is not a leader. Basically, he’s useless.” Another said the president and Barr were acting like Abbott and Costello, the comedy duo.

But America isn’t laughing, as their lives and businesses and country are increasingly at risk.

Meanwhile, the Maoist-style cultural revolution is going full speed ahead, as one professor has been suspended for not giving black students a day off from final exams in honor of Black Lives Matter, the Marxist group that honors cop-killer Joanne Chesimard.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, a conservative critic of Black Lives Matter and Trump’s response to the revolution, is under attack by Maoists pressuring his advertisers to drop his show one by one. Before too long, he will be off the air, in the same way that “Gone with the Wind” has been dropped by HBO and the shows “Cops” and “Live PD” have been rejected by cable channels and networks.

Anybody who thinks independently of the Maoist mob is being targeted.

The New York Times, sounding like a modern-day version of the People’s World, calls all of this “the growing movement for change.” Change came to the Times when an editor resigned after he approved a Senator Tom Cotton op-ed for the paper calling for the deployment of troops to restore order.

No dissident voices are permitted in the paper, or society at large, as the Maoists assert control over all sectors of American life.

Millions of people depending on Trump’s Twitter feed for the blunt truth are now getting a lot of empty threats.

As this column is being written, Trump has sent out another “Law and Order” Tweet demanding that the authorities in Washington State and the city of Seattle restore law and order. In defiance, they told him to return to his White House bunker. Trump looks weak.

Trump threatened to restore law and order through the Insurrection Act and when his own Secretary of Defense Mark Esper undercut him, he backed off. Who is in charge anyway? Now, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark A. Milley has in effect denounced Trump for including him in that photo-op in front of the church. Why does Milley still have a job? This seems like a “Seven Days in May” scenario where the top brass revolt against their Commander-in-Chief.

In the movie, the president wins. In real life, who knows?

The Trump 2020 campaign has just sent out an email message from the president personally asking for money that declares, “It’s past time for Democrat Mayors and Governors to get tough. Violent thugs are running rampant – these people are ANARCHISTS. While the Fake News has been inciting hatred and chaos, President Trump is working around the clock to restore LAW AND ORDER in these communities where liberal leadership has FAILED.”

The words “law and order” were placed in all capitals and underlined. But it’s all talk.

It’s absolutely clear that Trump is NOT working around the clock to restore law and order. If so, he would have fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper for insubordination by now. He would have explained to the American people why Attorney General Barr and FBI director Wray were caught unprepared for the riots in Minneapolis and other cities. My friend Trevor Loudon has all the information they don’t have about the communists running this revolution. His article at Epoch Times even documents the involvement of pro-China communist groups.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) has posted a video of its leader Eugene Puryear addressing the 100,000 strong crowd in Philadelphia on Saturday, June 6. “This isn’t a riot,” he said. “It’s an uprising! It’s a rebellion! And successful uprisings and rebellions become REVOLUTIONS.”

Mr. President, please share that video with Mr. Barr and Mr. Wray, will you?

On the Brannon Howse program, I not only questioned Trump’s “leadership” but the tendency by conservatives like Rush Limbaugh to play into the hands of the radicals. He had the black radio host “Charlamagne Tha God” on his show to talk about “white privilege.” Another Brannon Howse guest, Alex Newman, went into detail about where this is all heading – federal and even United Nations control of police forces once considered under the jurisdiction of local communities. Senate Republicans seem to be going along with this.

I thank Brannon Howse for doing the programs that need to be done about this unfolding disaster for our country. He’s one of the few commentators honest enough to provide the details that are being withheld from the president by his closest aides. As the author of Marxianity, about left-wing infiltration of the churches, he shows real courage.

Tragically, many conservatives remain mum about Trump’s bluster and ineffective response. They suppress conservative views out-of-sync with their own pro-Trump editorializing. But ordinary people with common sense don’t buy it. They will not excuse Trump for failing to take military action to protect people, their lives, and homes.

I saw one story about whether Trump would benefit from the riots. Is this the political calculation in the White House? I’m told he thinks his political rallies will turn things around. It’s true that a backlash is underway. But waiting for a backlash doesn’t justify inaction by federal authorities as lives are lost and property is destroyed.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of Americas Survival, Inc.