By: Lloyd Marcus

Discovery networks carried Oprah Winfrey’s “OWN Spotlight: Where Do We Go From Here?”  The description of the show says, “Conversation with Black thought leaders to answer imperative questions and give tangible action plans to address systemic racism.”

The sanctimonious tone of the propaganda TV show was extremely stomach-turning, especially since it is rooted in the huge leftist lie that America is systemically racist.  Obviously, Oprah believes that conservative “black thought” is not relevant because the entire panel for her discussion was black extreme leftists.  Oprah banning conservative blacks from her discussion is as racist and insulting to blacks as Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden saying, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Oprah hit the national scene as an I’m-every-woman kind of gal.  The stout, dark-complexioned black woman was embraced by millions of women of all races.  In reality, Oprah is a Trojan horse.  Hidden inside her black-skin exterior is an extreme leftist operative whose mission is to turn Americans away from biblical Christianity, away from traditional marriage and family, and away from patriotism.  Oprah supports Democrats’ desire to transform America into a socialist/communist country.

Oprah produced Selma, a movie about the early civil rights movement. To promote her film, Oprah ranted, absurdly claiming that blacks are suffering the same cruelty and discrimination today as they did in the 1950s.  Did I dream that white America elected a black guy president and gifted him two terms?

While falsely demonizing and scolding America for being a racist nation, Oprah owes her extraordinary wealth and success to the goodness of white America.  Blacks are only 13% of the U.S. population.  Therefore, as of 2020, white America made Oprah’s net worth $2.6 billion.

Oprah is exploiting George Floyd to further her fellow progressives’ far-left-radial agenda.  If she really cares about blacks, Oprah would focus on addressing out-of-control black-on-black homicides in cities controlled by Democrats.  As a true advocate for blacks, Oprah would focus on ending generational poverty, gangs, drugs, and incarcerations due to fatherless households.  Sixty-five percent of black kids grow up in fatherless households, which is the highest of all races in the United States.

Oprah should be encouraging blacks to accept total responsibility for their lives and stop sleeping with their enemy, the Democratic Party.  America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to pursue their dreams.  Anything else is a lie.  Insidiously, Oprah blames every problem plaguing black Americans on white Christians, conservatives, and Republicans who are minding their own business, earning a living, and paying their taxes.

Oprah and her Democratic Party love Planned Parenthood, which was founded by racist Margaret Sanger.  Sanger believed that blacks are inferior and wanted to protect society from “the unfit.”  Still targeting black babies, 70% of Planned Parenthood abortion shops are in black neighborhoods.  While black women are only 14% of the childbearing population, 36% of aborted babies are black.  Why don’t Oprah and Democrats give a rat’s derrière about those black lives?

Oprah’s Democratic Party relentlessly attacks charter schools, where urban black students perform outstandingly.  Why?  The dirty little secret is Democrats are throwing black students under the bus to appease the teacher unions and keep them voting for Democrats.  Also, Democrats want our kids in government-controlled public schools, where they can indoctrinate them into becoming social justice warriors and instill the LGBT agenda, anti-Americanism, anti-Christianity, and anti-capitalism.

Minorities make up two-thirds of charter school enrollment nationwide.  Joe Biden vows that if elected president, he will shut them down, robbing black parents of choices.  Oprah is totally on board with Joe Biden’s agenda.

How dare Oprah, her fellow Democrats, and fake news media look down at us from their sinking-sand platform of moral superiority, lecturing us about how black lives matter when everything they have done, are doing, and desire to do harms blacks?

Oprah and her panel of black far-left-radicals’ condemnation of America and demands for new entitlement programs are so abhorrent that they must be summarily rejected.  We must not fall for their morally superior intellectual-sounding gobbledygook.  They are wicked people who are exploiting the death of a black man to transform America into their dream socialist, progressive, and communist heaven.

Folks, the worst thing we can do is pander, shut up, and physically or emotionally kneel to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  Both are nothing more than evil leftist hate groups.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” —Edmund Burke

Folks, together, we can defeat them.  God bless America.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Image credit: Aphrodite-in-NYC via Wikimedia Commons.