By: Cliff Kincaid

Karl Rove, also known as “Bush’s Brain,” is now advising the Trump 2020 presidential campaign and promoting Republican Senator Tim Scott’s push for federal “reform” of local police forces. This is a teaching moment. It tells us how Republicans sell out by pushing a “light” version of what the Democrats are pushing. It’s how the Democrats win by losing. They force the GOP to move left.

This is the same Karl Rove who predicted that Donald J. Trump could not win the 2016 presidential election.

Republicans like Karl Rove seem to think that capitulating to the revolutionaries, albeit on a slow-motion basis, is the right way to go. Grass-roots Republicans who support Trump don’t agree. One of them wrote to me through my website America’s Survival saying, “I live in a St. Paul, Minnesota, suburb and as I watched Minneapolis burn on Memorial Day weekend, I thought that I was watching what Detroit must have looked like in the ’60s… And yet, there hasn’t been ONE SINGLE Republican or conservative politician who has denounced what has or is currently going on via BLM [Black Lives Matter] or Antifa or whomever these loons are – NOT ONE! I am so sick and tired of the left taking advantage of us with no consequences whatsoever.”

A former George W. Bush strategist, Rove should have retired into oblivion after the Bush presidency exploded into America’s financial meltdown in 2008, ushering in the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. But after the disaster of the Bush presidency, the famous GOP strategist lost $300 million betting on a Mitt Romney victory in 2012. That’s the amount of money Rove sucked out of GOP donors to pour into ads for Romney and against Obama. Rove had advised Romney not to call Obama a socialist because there would be a backlash. Perhaps Romney didn’t need to be persuaded. These days he marches with the Marxist Black Lives Matter group.

In a challenge to Rove’s status as a political power broker in the Republican Party, conservative political consultants Larry Ward and Carter Clews once wrote an article calling  Rove “the political world’s pre-eminent empty-suit analyst” who wasted $300 million that could have been used to defeat Obama, elect real conservatives to Congress, and underwrite the activities of authentic conservative groups. They say Rove’s strategy of moving to the center and the left, in order to appeal to Obama voters, “drove away millions of hardcore conservative activists who form the base of the Republican Party.”

From his perch as a regular Wall Street Journal columnist and Fox News contributor, he has now maneuvered his way into the Trump campaign. His  latest column in the Wall Street Journal is about “police reform.”

While the Republicans attempt a pale imitation of Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats, the real issue in several cities is not “reform” but a lack of police. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance has pictures of the vandalism and damage to historical monuments in Richmond, Virginia, and was told by one officer, “We were told to hold back. You could have burned every car in the city and we wouldn’t have done anything.” In Seattle, the “new nation” of CHAZ, which is a cop-free zone, is in its 8th day. In Minneapolis, where it all started, a police precinct was burned down.

Police “reform” is simply one step in the agenda to federalize and even internationalize America’s local police.  Rather than push back, President Trump keeps repeating “Law and Order,” and his campaign sends messages to his supporters sometimes three or four times a day asking for money.  It’s President Trump’s birthday, they say. Send money. “He works so hard for America.” His son Eric Trump bombards one of his wayward supporters with such messages as, “I’m reading over the list of patriotic supporters who stepped forward to help my father’s Senate allies reach their May [fundraising] goal. Even though my brother, Mitch McConnell, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Karl Rove all reached out MULTIPLE times – you still didn’t help.” The tag line is “We failed.”

Well, many Trump supporters think the president has failed to follow through on his promise to restore “Law and Order.”

“Rove said he is friends with Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, and that Parscale calls him from time to time,” The Hill newspaper reported.  Other sources say Rove is helping Trump’s 2020 bid by focusing on voter outreach and swing-state strategy.

Parscale has been criticized for a lavish lifestyle that includes a $2.4 million beachfront mansion, a yacht, and a Ferrari.

For his part, Rove is skilled at blaming others for his own bad advice. After Romney’s defeat, Rove blamed the Romney campaign for not responding aggressively to attacks on the Republican presidential nominee. But his close friend and associate, Ed Gillespie, was a top Romney adviser. Gillespie lost the Virginia Governor’s race in 2017 to Ralph “Blackface” Northam.

“I thought Trump was the man who would take charge of this current situation and shut it down,” said one Trump supporter. “Instead, he has dithered the offensive position away and is forever going to be on defense, with no one having his back. Congressional Republicans are the most worthless excuse for spineless jellyfish there ever were.”

Such voices do not have much clout in Washington, D.C. circles. They do not read Karl Rove’s column in the Wall Street Journal. But they are the voices of those who elected Trump in the first place. They can arm themselves, install security cameras, and stay home in November.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.