By: Cliff Kincaid

Monday night saw more communists trying to tear down another American monument, this time right in front of the White House. We watched this on TV and the rioters were on the verge of taking down a statue of Andrew Jackson before the police finally showed up. This monument was saved, while many others have fallen. Once again, President Trump threatened action of some kind against the rioters.

Justice for the lawbreakers, we were told, is coming. But many Trump supporters aren’t buying it anymore. They’re sick and tired of the do-nothing approach to the communist revolution in America. Trump will not and cannot win under these circumstances.

On top of this debacle, the Trump rally in Tulsa was a disaster, as campaign manager Brad Parscale advertised that one million people had reserved tickets but only about 6000 or so showed up at the actual rally. They blamed the low turnout on the media. Their fallback face-saving position was that millions of people watched it online.

Lou Dobbs of the Fox Business Network wasn’t buying it. On his Monday show, he interviewed former Reagan campaign manager Ed Rollins about the debacle. He said Trump is behind 9-10 points in most polls and that a campaign shake-up is needed. He said Parscale is “running an empire” and has taken $30-$40 million out of the campaign, “which is unheard of.” In other words, he is getting rich. Indeed, his luxurious lifestyle of fancy homes and cars and a yacht has been the subject of conservative media reports.

Referring to Trump’s remarks at the rally, Rollins said that “There was no message,” adding, “He rattled on for two hours.” He said Trump needs to articulate a vision for dealing with coronavirus, economic collapse, budget deficits, the Democrats, and other substantive matters.

It’s even worse than Rollins indicated.  As noted by this columnist in the article, “Trump Hires ‘Bush’s Brain’ to Lose to Biden,”  Parscale is now consulting Karl Rove for advice on how to move forward. Rove blew $300 million on the failed 2012 Mitt Romney for president campaign, after telling the candidate not to brand his opponent, Barack Hussein Obama, a socialist.  Rove is notorious for advising candidates to move to the left.

My website America’s Survival, Inc. is hearing from many Trump supporters who have turned on the president,  with one remarking that Trump “appears to be AWOL on the issues that are threatening to destroy our country…”

This person added, “I feel totally betrayed by him, especially in his apparent weakness in dealing with the military ‘leaders’ who publicly undercut his authority.  This failure to act made him appear weak, and then his constant Tweeted threats against the insurrection taking place, without any follow-up that would show he is unafraid to confront those who would destroy our nation, makes me wonder if he ever actually had any good intentions toward the U.S. I know I am not the only American who feels betrayed, and can now only wonder: If Trump actually wants to lose to Biden, or has grown tired of the battle any POTUS must expect to endure, where does that leave us?”

In response to my column, “The Traitors, Dopes, Dupes, and Globalists Around Trump,” one asked, “why has Trump always surrounded himself, and then continued to hire and appoint (even after being elected President) so many of these scoundrels who have opened him up to valid criminal investigations?”

Another wondered why so many Trump associates have been marched off to prison and abused while associates of former president Obama still are free. Meanwhile, Attorney General William Barr promises action, but none is taken, and U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia-gate hoax drag on. He said that Trump “adopted a position of complete passivity when his supporters were singled out and prosecuted…The prosecutors poured on the coals to get those guys screwed, blued, and tattooed but more than three years down the pike there sit Barr and Durham unable even to nail the lowlife who swore out false affidavits in the FISA process.”

He said there was a “lightning prosecution” for former Trump adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort but “glacial movement” with regard to the anti-Trump conspirators Hillary Clinton and FBI officials Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, and James Comey. This person concluded, “Trump epitomizes that Cold War observation that there’s no advantage to being America’s friend and no penalty for being her enemy. Trump’s epitaph ought to be ‘Somebody should do something about that.’”

Faced with this hope, perhaps a false hope, one person told me that she is “exhausted from fighting,” noting that the Marxists “have total control of media, Hollywood, the Judiciary, and the educational system…They have more people, organizations, and resources than our side.”

Trump was supposed to be their savior. He has failed them.  But don’t forget to send in your financial contribution to Brad Parscale and Karl Rove.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. Watch my interview with Charles Moscowitz on YouTube about the 2020 election campaign and the survival of America.