By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

Preface: It is strongly recommended that you click-through to the links, as doing so will provide invaluable context.

This month marks the 46th anniversary of The Weather Underground’s issuance of its manifesto for a Marxist revolution, Prairie Fire – The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism (July 1974).

This month also marks the 244th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence — the source document of our founding (July 4, 1776 – now celebrated as Independence Day).

The aspirations underlying the two documents are now locked in existential battle, one in which there can be no compromise – only one of those visions for America can and will prevail.  Which will it be?

One might be inclined to dismiss Prairie Fire as an obscure footnote in history.  But as we’ll see, it never went away, and is being executed “as we speak.” Its authors and allies followed Saul Alinsky’s advice: instead of setting bombs and marching in the streets, they burrowed into the American system in order to erode it from within, and so set the stage for revolution through subterfuge and cultural sabotage.

They’ve largely succeeded; they now feel confident enough to reemerge, albeit under cover of “social justice” and “sustainability” and “Black Lives Matter” and such.  The Left fully intends to consummate its revolutionary designs for America, and upon Americans.

This is not a drill.  These comrades of the Left – the Democrats, the Democrat Socialists, “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) and Antifa – Progressives all – are in the process of executing a Marxist-Collectivist revolution.  They are counting on the American public focusing on the above-named slogans and events occurring under those banners, and in doing so as to not realizing what’s actually taking place.

It is perhaps ironic that the latest eruption of Leftist violence began in the prairie lands, Minneapolis, MN.  The video of George Floyd was inarguably horrific, and those responsible should be held to account through our justice system. And will be.

That said, the appearance of “good cop” BLM and simultaneous “bad cop” Antifa and its pre-staged pallets of bricks (etc.) reeks of pre-planning awaiting the right opportunity to provide a pretense for its execution.  This explains how and why Antifa – fully bedecked in their Black Mass inspired getups – seemingly instantaneously appeared out of nowhere, simultaneously, in multiple cities.

To the public George Floyd has been portrayed as a martyr for “racial justice” or “social justice” – but in reality, has been used as a propaganda tool, a “big lie” – useful for advancing an entirely different agenda.

“Big lies” are a standard-issue weapon in the Leftist arsenal, typically launched with assertions that the lie’s stated problem is established fact, so as to preempt any examination of the trajectory they’ve set.  They’re proposed “solutions” then are enforced as the boundaries within which public discourse about “solutions” is allowed.

Deviation from such is fought by branding the heretics as “climate deniers” or “science deniers” or “racists” or similar epithets – often accompanied by enforcement through termination of employment so as to make an example and stifle the rise of other heretics.  In other words – totalitarianism – now collaboratively practiced by public and private sector entities. (Which, by the way, characteristic of a Fascist regime.  Yet another irony, insofar as the self-proclaimed anti-fascists are promoting just that.)

In recent years we’ve been subjected to “big lies” and (false) “established facts” of unprecedented scale and depravity:

Climate change” was (and still is) a “big lie.”  It has spawned “solutions” such as the U.N.’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, and the Ocasio-Cortez “Green New Deal,” which don’t help the environment, but very much pave the way to Collectivist “global governance” and it’s inevitable totalitarianism;

“Russian collusion” manufactured from whole cloth, propagated by a complicit media –undertaking a de facto political coup in the United States as it sought to overturn an election and thus, overturn our Constitutional order;

COVID-19 and its shut-down of the global economy and restriction of movement.  While the existence of the virus is not a “big lie,” increasingly it appears that it was hijacked to foment a “big lie,” i.e., it’s supposed risk to the public.

Which brings us to the “big lie” du jour: “systemic racism” and its spawn, “White privilege.” (Or is it the other way around?  No matter.)

These too are characterized as “established fact” (i.e., the same type of misrepresentation as “the science is settled” shtick that has accompanied “climate change”).

Accompanying this “big lie” is their “1619 Project” and its Howard Zinn-like distortion of history, and the “big lie” of police targeting Blacks, and indeed de facto executing them as standard operating procedures. As you can see, there is true diversity and inclusion of lies within this particular “big lie.”

This “systemic racism” deserves examination, for not only is this a key component of the Prairie Fire playbook (as we’ll see), it’s the primary “big lie” being employed by the Progressive forces in furtherance of the revolution.  No coincidence, that.

Any sentient being who gives “systemic racism” just three minutes’ consideration cannot but conclude that it is a deliberate lie.  By its very title, the “1619 Project” acknowledges that slavery existed on this continent for over 150 years before our Declaration of Independence – you know, that aspirational document that unambiguously stated that as a founding principle of this country:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights …” 

The survival of this newly formed country was tenuous; there was a War of 1812 in which our capital was invaded and burned.  In the decades after – in the spirit of our Declaration of Independence and our Christian heritage – an abolitionist movement formed and worked at changing hearts and minds.

Ultimately, less than a century into our national existence, we fought a very bloody Civil War to end the scourge of slavery that predated our country.

Yes, there was still much to be done.  Since then we have had the righteous Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights legislation, affirmative action for over a half-century … and a Black President, enough Blacks in Congress to have their own caucus, and entire cities in which the leading officeholders are Black.

What is “systemic” is the progress made thanks to our founding documents and the foundational principles that bless this nation!

Indeed, contrary to the “big lie” of “systemic racism,” to the extent we have systemic + racism today, it’s systemic reverse-racism.  Today’s “diversity and inclusion” is merely rebranded “affirmative action,” albeit expanded to incorporate everyone except Whites.

We have corporations openly declaring suchnot-so-openly practicing such, and an effort in California to eliminate even the pretense that this discrimination should be neither the law nor a practice tolerated; in other words, acting in the antithesis of our founding principles.

The only detriment to Blacks under this new form of systemic reverse racism is that other categories – other “minorities” and females and LGBT – have become squatters on the “addressing past racial injustice” bounty, so much of the benefits first intended to help Blacks are being siphoned-off.

At the same time, this “diversity and inclusion” has morphed far beyond classic “affirmative action” – from once confined to colleges and government and its contractors, to today with every major employer onboard – all openly discriminating against White males.

If we accept (solely for the sake of argument) that such “systemic racism” still exists, surely after we calculate-in the effect of “diversity and inclusion” (systemic reverse discrimination) we’d find that to the extent there’s anti-Black racism left at all, on a net basis it is of inconsequential impact.

Nevertheless, what we do have is continued inequality of outcome between Blacks and other groups.  Echoing their classic refrain of “capital” versus “labor,” another of the Leftists’ “big lies” conflates the cause of unequal outcomes to “systemic racism.”

Marxism advances its message as a morality play, typically with “big lies” as the script. Saul Alinsky in “Rules for Radicals” wrote that: “All effective actions require the passport of morality.”  Hence why Leftists love to invoke the word “justice” – “social justice,” “environmental justice” and so on.

With that thought in mind, if one took a “classic” Marxist screed and replaced the word “capitalist” with “White male,” and “bourgeoisie” with “White,” and “labor” with “Blacks” [or insert “women” or minority or LGBT label of choice], one would be hard-pressed to realize that it wasn’t written post-George Floyd – for “identity politics” is really not about “justice” (racial or otherwise), but instead, it is just repackaged Marxism.  (From his perch in Hell, Marx must be saying to himself: “I sure wish I’d thought of ‘identity politics!’”)

Globally, Whites are a minority.  In the United States, White males are a minority.  Yet under this “diversity Marxism” (a/k/a “identity politics”) Whites generally – and White males particularly – are caricatured as an oppressor majority with “privilege.”

Ponder this: White heterosexual males are the only category of human beings that don’t qualify for even a single “diversity” check-off box.

The Democrats, and the Left generally, have been peddling a race-based “big lie.”

Which brings us to Prairie Fire.  It was (and still is) intended as a manifesto for a revolution in this country (it reads as part screed and part diatribe).  But significantly, this now-vintage document laid out the groundwork for what we today call “identity politics.”  For example, it states:

  • “The Black struggle for self-determination is the strategic leading force of the U.S. revolution, forged from a centuries-long tradition of resistance and revolt in the face of counterattack by the club, the cattle prod, the gun and the lynch rope.”
  • “We believe that communist-minded organizers can take the initiative now and lead … Organize poor and working people.  Go to the neighborhoods, the schools, the social institutions, the workplaces.  Agitate.  Create struggle.”
  • “We believe that radical teachers should work in schools in working-class neighborhoods, in community or junior colleges. Radicalize other teachers …”
  • “Organize among the youth.  Organize among women.  Communists should play a big role in these movements, these popular upheavals which spawned us.  This is our strength.  Revolutionize existing projects and movements, analyze real situations, intervene with a revolutionary anti-imperialist perspective.”

The ultimate outcome sought by Prairie Fire is an unambiguously Marxist (Collectivist) “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America.  Regarding its authors, the New York Times in a story dated January 30, 1975, reported that:

The Weather Underground, the radicals who claim responsibility for yesterday’s bombing of the State Department and for planting a bomb in Oakland, Calif., started out as the Weathermen.

The organization was formed in the late nineteen‐sixties during protests against the Vietnam war. It was formed by; radicals who broke with the Students for a Democratic Society.

The name Weatherman comes from a Bob Dylan song, “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” which contains the words, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind’ blows.”


“They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and for reformation through the ballot. When we have the guns then it will be through the bullet.” – Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

The Weather Underground’s revolutionaries never really went away, nor repudiated their revolutionary goals.  They went underground in plain sight – temporarily abandoning the bombs, they embraced the Gramsci – Frankfurt School – Alinsky model.  That is to behave like political cancer eating away at our republic by eating away at its institutions and founding: our history, our Christian heritage, the nuclear family.  In other words,  advancing the intentionally corrosive force of Cultural Marxism.

But that’s just how evil rolls, isn’t it?

The most famous of the Weather Underground founders was Bill Ayers – not only mentor to Barack Obama but also a Professor of Education and one of the principal architects of the K-12 curriculum that has spawned, e.g., the Weather Underground’s de facto youth brigade, Antifa (more like Antifidiots) … and BLM.

For you see, what has been revealed in recent weeks is the ties between multiple other Weather Underground alumni and the current BLM leadership – as mentors in Marxist revolutionary tradecraft, and handling the BLM’s funding operation!

This explains why, when one views the BLM website, it reads much like Prairie Fire, albeit with an LGBT tinge about it.  Antifa and BLM and today’s Democrat Party are allied entities working at executing the Prairie Fire envisioned revolution.

This also explains why Democrat governors and mayors have not just created sanctuary jurisdictions for Antifidiots and BLM, but literally allowed them to run riot.

Back in the 1960s, the radicals were agitating against “the Establishment.”  Today they are the establishment. The current establishment comprises the Progressive movement and its subdivisions – the Democrat Party; the radicalized educational establishment; the complicit media; and useful idiot corporations that seemingly can’t throw money at BLM fast enough, and who fire employees who dare “speak truth to power.” (Recall how once-upon-a-time that slogan was employed by the Left when it didn’t perceive itself to be in power; now that it is that phrase has disappeared from their lexicon, only to be replaced by politically correct “speech Gestapo” empowered on college campuses, corporate offices, and social media.)

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the Democrats’ wind blows.”

There is nothing “moderate” about today’s Democrat Party; it is a revolutionary group.

Our nation is in a time of extreme peril.  While we are still that “shining city on a hill,” we again confront an existential “time for choosing” because the Satanic forces of the Left see an opportunity to extinguish that shining city.

They want Christians and patriots to feel isolated and defeated.

But the world needs us to stand strong.  As before in history, there a million upon millions across the globe cheering us on.  For example, the brave souls of Hong Kong, demonstrating against the very type of regime that the Left wants to impose here and carrying the U.S. flag as a symbol of defiance against the Communist Chinese.

Millions more may appear indifferent, but they are rooting for us in their hearts, even as their “free speech” is brutally suppressed by political correctness and “hate speech” laws.

They cannot win this for us – we must.

Stand up and oppose the “Progressives” – the revolutionary Leftists.  Speak up.  Speak out.

And especially on November 3, 2020: deliver “shock and awe” to the Democrats by absolutely decimating them at the polls!

Do it for God and Country – to honor His call, and because our country is worth saving!

God Bless You; and may God Bless the United States of America!

Hopefully the above was both interesting and enlightening. I am the author of the book Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy – available on Kindle (only $2.99) and in paperback (only $12.99). Please consider supporting my work by purchasing a copy and reading it. Thank you.