By: Allen West | CCNS

I must ask, what does the destruction of statues of abolitionists have to do with George Floyd?

OK, yes, that is the pure definition of a rhetorical question; it has nothing to do with it. And therein lies the crux of what is happening in America. The misguided children, and that reference is not based upon age, but rather level of rational competence, have taken a totally unrelated event and leveraged it for an ideological agenda that embraces violence. The nation was appalled at the George Floyd murder. However, the rational inquiry that should be made is, what does tearing down the statue of Frederick Douglass or Abraham Lincoln have to do with George Floyd?

Matter of fact, what do Christopher Columbus, Teddy Roosevelt, or the Washington Redskins have to do with George Floyd? None of those whom I reference wore a Minneapolis police officer uniform and certainly have not been charged and sit in jail awaiting a court date.

Only the irrational, misguided children of the progressive, socialist left would deduce that the way to respond to that tragedy is with violence. And so, business owners who had nothing to do with George Floyd are having their livelihoods assailed, looted.

Then, America’s misguided children respond by saying, “what’s the big deal, they have insurance?” This is the infantile, delusional mind of leftists that justify their brand of violence and mobocracy by saying “you can pay for the damage we inflicted yourself.” I guess they do not understand the effect of their lunacy on insurance premiums increasing.

Just this past week, Minneapolis and Burlington, Vt. declared that racism is a public health emergency.

Oh boy, another “pandemic,” what shall we do now, be forced to wear BLM face coverings? Is there going to be a rush for a vaccine to end the public health emergency called racism? Can I go to my local pharmacy and get an over-the-counter drug to curtail the symptoms of racism? Ahh, maybe a band-aid will do.

Yes, I jest, but one can only laugh and use a little humor to offset the clear and present delusion of America’s misguided children.

In cities like Chicago and New York City, crimes, shootings, and murders are on the rise, but two of the left’s most prominent misguided children, Mayors Lightfoot and de Blasio, blame COVID-19. I have yet to hear either of these two take a stand against the leftist violence plaguing our streets. Matter of fact, de Blasio went so far as to assist in painting a BLM mural on Fifth Avenue in NYC… after all, Marxist misguided children tend to flock together. And in Chicago, the black-on-black crime is genocidal, far more than the 2019 statistic of only 15 unarmed black men being shot by police officers. But BLM nor Mayor Lightfoot are taking any actions in Chicago.

See, the misguided children get angry, abjectly enraged, when you refuse to follow along with their misguided temper tantrums. You become the problem…did I mention George Floyd?

Speaking of childish temper tantrums, in Portland Ore., the violence is running rampant in the streets. And what is the response of the mayor of Portland? Try to get things under control? Ask for assistance? Nah, this misguided child lashes out at the federal government which was attempting to restore law and order and serve and protect the citizens of Portland from the mob.

More misguided children.

We watched what happened in CHOP/CHAZ, whatever you call it, in Seattle. The mayor there, a misguided child herself, allowed this little “Lord of the Flies” endeavor to happen. She referred to the place as festive, until what we knew would happen, happened. And it happened that young black men lost their lives, shot, murdered, again…but no BLM protest. So, the Seattle mayor moves in the police to restore law and order. Now, the misguided children have turned on her and demand her being recalled.

Lesson learned: you cannot appease, compromise, negotiate, or acquiesce to the misguided children, so stop giving them the Froot Loops and believing they will be placated, satisfied.

But probably the biggest indicator of America’s misguided children comes from a city not far from where I went to college: Asheville, North Carolina. In Asheville, they have decided to issue reparations to descendants of slaves…after all, it was a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves. Did I mention that the misguided children want to destroy and take down Lincoln’s statue? He apparently didn’t do enough for blacks.

So, who writes the check to who in Asheville, NC? I can almost guarantee you that there is no one alive in Asheville that has ever owned slaves. Heck, I do not think you can find anyone in Asheville, NC that was a slave. The only slaves in America today are those economically enslaved to the Democrat Party because of their welfare nanny-state policies and programs. Yet the misguided children align themselves with the party of the “soft bigotry of low expectations” that still views blacks as nothing more than descendants of slaves.

How utterly disgusting.

We should not be allowing misguided children to run the amusement park. Where are the adults, the grown-ups, who instill guidance, rational thought, discipline, wisdom, and discernment? Who will step in and be the statesman, stateswoman?

The sad reality is that very few are finding the resolve, intestinal fortitude, and character to confront America’s misguided children. And if that continues to happen, they become useful idiots… and we lose the country.

This column was originally published at CNSNews.