By: Cliff Kincaid

The shocking new Paul Kengor book, The Devil and Karl Marx doesn’t carry the same nerve-wracking impact as the much-shorter book with the provocative title, Was Karl Marx a Satanist? but the message is still the same. The “progressive” ideas let loose on the world by the father of communism are based on the otherworldly powers of darkness that Karl Marx personally embraced.

With a presidential election approaching, and with Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden declaring, “I will be an ally of the light, not the darkness,” the Kengor book looks at the actual forces of darkness operating in the world today. His publisher is TAN Books, which is also distributing,  A Catholic Vote for Trump: The Only Choice in 2020 for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents Alike, making the case for the reelection of President Trump.

Interestingly, Biden’s phrase, “I will be an ally of the light, not the darkness,” was the headline about the speech from the Communist People’s World.

The objectives of Karl Marx, who even wrote poetry about the attraction of evil, were to destroy lives and cause human suffering on a massive scale. He was determined to take down the world with him, and he has succeeded to a great degree. America is now his target from the pit of hell.

In contrast to God’s message of love, found in the Christian Gospel, the Communist Manifesto appealed to the worst in people and was a plan to divide and conquer nations through instilling fear, envy, and hate. Out of the chaos, Marx argued to the intellectually gullible and power-hungry elites, a world communist system of peace and plenty would emerge.

The result, so far, is more than 100 million dead, with Communist China claiming “credit” for 65 million of those deaths and an additional 400 million dead in China through the abortion genocide (as documented in the Global Life Campaign report about the death toll of aborted babies having reached one billion worldwide.) The slaughter goes on.

The Marxist “success,” from the viewpoint of Satan, is not over, as America goes through a revolutionary phase, unique in our history, and the Democratic Party openly promotes Marxist Black Lives Matter policies of racial hatred and destruction of the traditional family.

In this context, Kengor’s spiritual examination of Marxism is long overdue, in the sense that Was Karl Marx a Satanist? by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand was written 44 years ago and needed to be updated. Wurmbrand’s book made a persuasive case that Marx practiced Satanism and had made an actual pact with the devil. Kengor doesn’t quite go that far.

On a personal level, Kengor documents that Marx was a mentally sick individual whose family was infected and affected by his own sins, before he expanded this sickness into the world at large, beginning with the Russian revolution of 1917. A parasite and leech, Marx begged others for living expenses so he could continue to write his incendiary tracts, eventually forcing two of his daughters into a death spiral ending in suicide.

In the current political context, the Kengor book assumes major importance, not only because it confirms much of what Wurmbrand uncovered about the evil nature of Karl Marx personally, but because it identifies the modern-day movements and philosophies, such as LGBTQ ideology, that are Marxist in orientation and outlook. Kengor’s academic treatment of the subject includes original sources and documents.

One section examines Harry Hay, founder of the gay rights movement in America and someone as sick as Marx. A Stalinist and Marxist until the day he died, he defended the participation of NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association) in “gay rights” marches. He was under FBI surveillance as an internal security threat but, ironically, the FBI now celebrates its own gay and transgender agents.

Under Barack Hussein Obama, Hay was cited as an “inspiration” by longtime homosexual activist Kevin Jennings, appointed as the nation’s “safe schools czar” at the U.S. Department of Education. Jennings founded and was the executive director of, the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a group promoting homosexuality in schools. Jill Biden, the wife of Obama Vice President and 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden, gave the keynote address at GLSEN’s annual awards banquet in 2009.

From my perspective, using Kengor’s trenchant analysis, Marxism seems to be the ultimate exercise in the philosophy of hate, in direct opposition to the Ten Commandments of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Marx himself hated God and the humans he created.  Similarly, Harry Hay hated God’s plan for humanity as well, for he, too, rejected the idea of the traditional family, leading to much of the sexual confusion and exploitation of adults and children as sex objects we see today. Hay divorced his wife, left his family behind, and embraced occultism.

With this and other examples, Kengor shows that Marxism is not a philosophy to lift people up but to destroy their common humanity, traditional morality, and God-given right to a better life.

What Kengor’s book also shows is that Marxism is a virus that is worse in its human carnage than the China-made coronavirus, still ravaging the world and its people. To paraphrase 2020 Democratic Party vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who said there is no vaccine for racism, there is no vaccine for the virus of Marxism. Kengor’s book and subsequent column in The American Spectator examine Marx’s racist and anti-Semitic views. But his book as a whole is an analysis of the impact this philosophy of hate has had on people of all religions, ethnic backgrounds, and nationalities.

The only antidote is morally healthy living based on Biblical standards, something increasingly out of fashion in our secularized world. With Christian standards under systematic assault, another imperative is organizing politically to save one’s family and nation.

One chapter in Kengor’s book, “The Specter of the Frankfurt School,” examines the influence of Cultural Marxism. Modern-day Marxists, he notes, are “all about culture and sex.” With sex scandals like that of the Jeffrey Epstein network, possibly linked to various intelligence agencies, and the pedophile priest cover-ups crippling the Roman Catholic Church, our nation is facing an unprecedented challenge of moral corruption at the highest levels of American society. Yet, it’s business as usual for many, as Epstein associate Bill Clinton, the former president caught in a sex scandal with a former White House intern, was a featured speaker at the recent Democratic Party national convention.

Kengor explains, “The Frankfurt School protegés were neo-Marxists, a new kind of twentieth-century communist less interested in the economic/class ideas of Marx than a remaking of society through the eradication of traditional norms and institutions.” He added, “Rather than organize the workers and the factories, the peasants and the fields and the farms, they would organize the intellectuals and the academy, the artists and the media and the film industry. These would be the conveyor belts to deliver the fundamental transformation.”

In this regard, an important book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, has suddenly been dropped by Amazon. The pro-family publisher, MassResistance, reports, “Amazon has determined that a book documenting the health hazards of homosexual behavior is ‘offensive’ and must not be allowed to be published. But in fact, Amazon is a cesspool of pornography and perversion.” It cites various pornographic publications, some targeting young people, that are currently available and which advocate strange, bizarre, and dangerous sexual practices.

Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, one of the most toxic papers on the political scene today and home to occultist Sally Quinn, its former religion writer who was married to long-time executive editor Ben Bradlee. The Post specializes in trying to overthrow conservative Republican presidents, from Nixon to Reagan and Trump.

The made-up “controversy” over a factual book about homosexuality demonstrates how Marxist tendencies are at work in corporate America and put into practice by capitalist billionaires. Bezos was exposed sending a photograph of his genitals to his mistress, a sleazy scandal that resulted in his divorce, leaving behind a wife and children. He is apparently open to different forms of sexual experimentation.

His paper, the Post, which suffers from a similar breach of basic ethical standards,  would describe as “performance art” a “Spirit Cooking” dinner in a 2016 Democratic Party email featuring recipes written in blood and associated with Satanic symbols.

If the phrase “fundamental transformation” from the Kengor book sounds familiar, it was the promise of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency and helps explain why he is so vocal about electing his former vice president, Joe Biden, this presidential year. Obama’s mentor, communist Frank Marshall Davis, was a pornographer and sex pervert. Professor Kengor wrote a book about Davis and his influence over Obama.

In a video, “The DNC that Democrats don’t want you to see,” Tucker Carlson highlighted the Cultural Marxism from the Democratic National Convention, including speeches and remarks about transgenderism and the overthrow of capitalism.

In order to understand these trends, Kengor traces the anti-Christian beliefs to Marx and Marxism, especially the cultural manifestation.

Whether Marx was personally a Satanist or not, Marxism drips with evil, as both the Kengor and Wurmbrand books clearly show.

Kengor, who writes frequently about politics and spiritual matters, ends his book with the challenge, “We must battle against and expose the powers of darkness that continue to pervade this modern world.”

Perhaps it is worth noting that a special 40th-anniversary version of the film “The Exorcist” is being released and will be available from — of all places — Amazon. If we as a people could hire an exorcist for our nation, it would be worthwhile. It could be a means by which to purge the legacy of Karl Marx.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.