By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

As the saying goes: “History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.”  It’s a popular phrase because it rings true.

But couldn’t a similar also apply regarding science fiction?  Something along the lines of: “Science fiction’s past predictions don’t repeat in the present, but oftentimes the present rhymes with those predictions.”  More on that in a moment.

But first, consider a tumultuous year in America:  Race riots in cities across the land.  Young people in the streets, violently seeking to replace the old order with a new, Marxist one.  A Presidential election year – one with a media-despised Republican candidate, and a generationally divided Democrat Party running an old warhorse (of declining health) as its nominee.

2020?  Very much so.  But is also describes 1968. Now let’s review some of the “rhymes.”

1968: Race riots in multiple cities? Check.  Young people pursuing a Marxist revolution? Check – SDS and its budding offshoot, the Weather Underground. A media despised Republican candidate?  Check – Richard Nixon.  A generationally divided Democrat Party? Check – the “youth” were rioting outside the Democrat Convention in Chicago. (Four years later they became the McGovern wing inside the Democrat convention.  Later still many of them became college professors, spawning the likes of today’s “Squad” and BLM and Antifa. In other words, the 1960’s revolutionaries now control the Progressive movement, the media, academia, and the Democrat Party).  An old warhorse with declining health as the Democrat nominee? Check – Hubert Humphrey.

2020: Race riots in multiple cities? Check – under the auspices of Marxist front groups called “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa.”  Young people pursuing a Marxist revolution? Check – Antifa, etc. A media-despised Republican candidate?  Check – Donald Trump.  A generationally divided Democrat Party? Check – the “Bernie” / “Squad” and Silicon Valley faction versus the Pelosi – Schumer – Wall Street establishment of the Democrat Party (or should we say, the former establishment of the Democrat Party)?  An old warhorse of declining health as the Democrat nominee? Check – Joe Biden.

1968 also witnessed the premiere of a Star Trek episode titled Patterns of Force.  We won’t here recount the entire storyline (which you can peruse at your leisure at the link above).  For now, ponder “doesn’t repeat, but rhymes” as you watch this video montage from it (4:27):

Who is John Gill?

As you saw, that episode depicted a drugged and controlled figurehead leader (the Fuhrer a/k/a “John Gill”), controlled by National Socialists.  If handler-controlled, teleprompter-dependent Joe Biden came to mind as you watched, you get an “A” – for here in 2020 we observe a cognitively disabled Joe Biden, controlled by Democratic Socialists.

In Patterns, the evil “Melakon” drugged John Gill; who as a hollowed-out figurehead was portrayed to the public as “the Fuhrer” still in charge … even as Melakon proceeded to impose totalitarian evil.

Today we have Melakon-like figures exploiting a mentally hollowed-out Joe Biden; using him as a figurehead to get advance them through an election, and presumably for some (limited) period beyond.  Pursuing a political bait and switch on the American people, for stakes existential to our survival as a Constitutional republic.  What kind of people would undertake such a deceptive course – people of goodwill and honor, or calculating, evil people?  You know the answer.

The National Socialists gained power first through a democratic election, by promising a beleaguered and demoralized nation a “Thousand Year Reich” of glory, peace and prosperity (a similar ruse to that used by their Bolshevik predecessors, who promised the beleaguered and demoralized Russian people “Peace, Land, and Bread”).

As we know, to remain in power, both the Bolsheviks and the National Socialists then dispensed with actual elections – at most there were show elections – and instituted totalitarian regimes, each of which murdered several million of God’s children.

The Democrats and their propagandistic allies in the media have been working to beleaguer and demoralize Americans: through financial crises (including one that may conveniently erupt between now and the 2020 election?); through defaming our history and founding principles; through COVID and the suspiciously draconian and economy-hobbling response thereto; through false accusations of “systemic racism”; through corporate and governmental “diversity, equity and inclusion” re-education camps (err, mandatory workplace training).

Very reminiscent of a Maoist “cultural revolution” and its “struggle sessions.”  Let us not forget that once in power, the Chinese Communists likewise killed tens of millions of God’s children.

The Democrats / Democratic Socialists are also following that old playbook, peddling their utopian visions of an “anti-racist” society of “social justice” and “equity” and a “universal basic income.”  Oh, and “sustainable” – perhaps they intend to establish a Sustainable Thousand-Year Reich!

In the 1968 election, a “silent majority” of Americans delivered “shock and awe” to the Democrats at the polls; soundly rejecting the push toward Socialism.  That electoral loss and the failure of the revolution were the major catalysts for the 1960’s street revolutionaries to burrow into the system and take it over from within – a Gramsci / Frankfurt School inspired “long march through the institutions.”  They’ve succeeded with that stage, and now intend to consummate their revolution by other means.

As of this writing, the outcome of the 2020 election is to be determined – but arguably the stakes are even more potentially consequential than in 1968, and the fate of our Republic much more tenuous.  For this time, matters are stacked in favor of the Democratic Socialists.  Why?  Because they’ve learned from, and adapted to, the failure of their past attempt at revolution in this country.

The Democrats’ recent activities signal that they realize that they can’t win an honest election (the doddering Joe Biden generates neither enthusiasm nor coattails, while political casting couch graduate Kamala Harris is just plain unlikeable).  The Democrats are also painfully aware of a nascent “silent majority” of Trump voters.

So, they are preparing the battlespace for stealing the election “by any means necessary” (to invoke one of their favorite slogans).  Of this, there can no longer be any doubt.  You may find that hard to accept, but ask yourself if I and all of these others can all be wrong: The Coming Coup?Something’s Happening Here;  How to Steal an ElectionHow Democrats’ Attacks on Election Legitimacy Set The Stage for RevolutionCritics Believe Next Phase of the “Rolling Coup” Against President Trump May Involve the US Military.

Don’t be shocked that the Democrats and their supporters plan on stealing the election.  They’re revolutionaries, and so by definition have no respect for our Constitution – our Prime Directive if you will – for it is what they intend to overthrow. Seizing power “by any means necessary” is just what Marxist revolutionaries do.

They believe that their ultimate goal for over 100 years – taking out the United States of America as founded – is now within their grasp; that the battlespace is favorable for their final push to victory.

Consider: in 1968, the average American had the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (and other such “Peoples’ Republics”) to illuminate the dystopian horror that will befall us should we descend into Socialism.  In 2020, the dystopian examples of relatively small Cuba and Venezuela do not resonate, while the human rights abuses of Communist China are glossed-over by the Communist regime’s vassals in the “mainstream media” and Silicon Valley.

While the 1960’s revolutionary youth were a vocal minority, today’s generation is the product of Progressive (subversive) education.  From K-12 on they’ve been marinated in identity politics, climate change, grievance studies, and anti-American history.  Polls show that a majority are at least sympathetic to Socialism – so prepared to at least accept it, to be “fellow travelers” in this revolution.  In other words, we have a generation (or more) of useful idiots – and they have the college degrees to prove it.

As well, most Americans find it beyond belief that a totalitarian regime could ever occur on American soil, much less gulags and concentration camps and killing fields.  But why should we believe that “our” Socialists would ultimately behave differently than their predecessors?

The 1968 SDS – Weather Underground that spawned today’s “Democratic Socialists” were planning re-education camps and mass murder of Americans after they seized control.  Even if we manage to avoid that common element of Marxist regimes, Americans will not recognize their country.

It is significant that in a recent interview Victor Davis Hanson, an erudite and measured academic, envisioned a repressive, totalitarian existence for America should the Democrats gain control in November:

But civilization, I really believe is on the brink because if these forces come to full power, they’re going to be taking names and they’re not going to want a union of thought.  They’re not gonna want, they’re not gonna be gracious about their victory.  They’re not going to want unity and healing.  They’re gonna want to hunt out and eradicate their opponents.  That’s what cultural revolutions always do.  They’ll do it again.

Today those SDS and Weather Underground revolutionaries, along with their ideological descendants are college professors, teaching students who will then graduate both heavily indebted, and heavily indoctrinated.  Colleges essentially serve as “boot camp” for Antifa – and are producing more of them every year.

Exhibit A: Consider this guy, Professor Loomis of the University of Rhode Island. We quote him in a moment, but to grasp its real meaning you first must be aware that he and Antifa consider anyone who is not a Socialist to be a “Fascist.”  So when they talk about offing “Fascists” they’re referring to ordinary, patriotic Americans (apparently to the Professor and his ilk we’ve “graduated” from being mere “bitter clingers” and “deplorables”).  In discussing the Antifa member who killed a Trump supporter in cold blood on the streets of Seattle, so sayeth our learned Professor: “He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.”

So yes, based upon the above, we can conclude that the Marxist revolutionaries, operating through the Democrat Party, see a battlespace ripe for their “final solution” against the United States of America as founded.

In Patterns of Force, the National Socialist regime initiated by “John Gill” was intended to be benign, enjoying Nazi-like efficiency, but without the totalitarianism – and it did, for a very short while.  Then Melakon, to consummate his dark vision and seize power, began drugging Gill into a stupor, merely a prop for the masses.  History shows that such a “transition of power” is the norm in Marxist / Socialist regimes – first get into power riding in on figureheads perceived as moderates, then once “they” are in power, shove them out of the way and begin tightening the noose.

If the Democrats prevail in November, within short order we will see our First and Second Amendment rights decimated.  The former suppressed via “hate speech” laws and regulations an even more draconian “banning” on social media; the latter through packing the Supreme Court (which the Democrats have openly admitted as intending to do).  Upon which a new, absolute majority of “Progressive” justices will then “rule” that under the Second Amendment to the Constitution there is no individual right to “keep and bear” arms after all.

Once those two forms individual and citizen rights have been removed as barriers, our country would then devolve into something resembling a combination of the old Stasi police state of East Germany, and present-day Venezuela with its street-gang enforcers for the regime (“defund the police” is actually intended to clear a path for the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers and the Not F’in Around Coalition).

At the end of Patterns, thanks to some intervention from Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock, the real John Gill regained coherence just long enough to expose the dark forces, and so set the stage for the restoration of liberty.

In 2020, the dark forces behind Joe Biden don’t need to drug him, and his mental acuity presumably will continue declining without human intervention.  Moreover, Biden has always been a craven, venal politician – though not necessarily a Marxist revolutionary.  Biden was more of a “the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them” type, albeit in the form of a corrupt politician instead of a businessman.

The bottom line is that Joe Biden is a corrupt politician with precipitously declining mental faculties, so there will be no good Joe Biden to reemerge from the dark recesses and blow the whistle on his puppet-masters.

No, the outcome for 2020 depends upon us – a “new silent majority” that needs to become not-very-silent.  We need to show (and reassure) our fellow countrymen that there are more of us than there are of the evil ones.  And we must expose the designs of those who, peddling “social justice” and “sustainability” instead fully intend to condemn our nation and its people to serfdom within a “Democratic” Socialist dystopia.

Here are some counterrevolutionary steps that we must take:

First: Pray.  Pray hard.  Ask God to protect our divinely-inspired nation from the machinations of Satan’s earthly minions.

Second:  A critical step now is to be like a Paul Revere sounding the alarm amongst our countrymen regarding the Democrats’ already-being-executed scheme(s) to steal the election.  They rely upon people accepting the results of, e.g., counting of fraudulent mail-in ballots that continues just long enough for Biden to be declared the victor.  The more the American public is aware in advance of what they’re up to, the harder it will be for them to actually pull it off.

Third:  Approach this election as if it is not Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the ballot, but “The United States of America” vs. “The Democratic Socialist States of America” on the ballot – for all intents and purposes, those actually are the two candidates.

Whatever your personal opinion of Donald Trump, as an American it is your patriotic duty to vote for him; we need a volume of “Trump voter” sufficient to decisively overwhelm any “margin of fraud” (fraudulent or stolen votes) that the Democrats can manufacture.

Relatedly, if Donald Trump decisively wins the popular vote, that alone will largely derail the revolutionaries’ plot.  (Indeed, this cycle vote Republican across the board, for the same existential reasons.)

Between now and when the election is finalized (likely not November 3rd), keep praying for a second Trump term.  For should the Democrats prevail, eventually we’ll find ourselves having to pray in secret – for deliverance from a Democratic Socialist hell.