By: Cliff Kincaid

As a veteran media critic with many books on media bias, I understand the techniques of mind manipulation and mind control. I learned media criticism from Reed Irvine, founder of the original media watchdog, Accuracy in Media, back in 1969. I worked for him for decades. What continues to surprise me is how some so-called “conservative” publications devise new ways to sell out.

Consider the headline from Thursday’s on-line edition of National Review: “Biden Takes Lead in Georgia, Closes Gap in Pennsylvania as Election Results Trickle In.” All of this parrots the liberal line. (Since then, Pennsylvania is now being counted for Biden). The “results” are treated as legitimate, even though President Trump the night before laid out the evidence of voter fraud. He described what many of us witnessed – how states won by Trump on election night were flipped to Biden in the early morning of Wednesday, November 5. This is fraud.

National Review and Fox (with the notable exceptions of Lou Dobs and Tucker Carlson) are selling out and can be expected to urge Trump to “concede” this fraudulent election to the frail Joe Biden, who is unable to physically function as president. Biden has obvious brain damage.

But conservatives have brain problems of their own if they somehow convince themselves that the “results” being presented in such states as Georgia and Pennsylvania are based on the reality of legal votes.

What’s amazing is that the “conservative” news organs and personalities repeating the “official” results should completely understand that those same results are fraudulent. Even Newsmax, a channel offered as an “alternative” to Fox, runs the “acceptable” results that have been offered up by the other liberal networks. On Fox, Bill Hemmer repeats the liberal line about what results they deem acceptable and gets on shows like Tucker Carlson to be a mouthpiece for what viewers can get elsewhere on CNN and MSNBC.

I saw an anchor on Newsmax declare on Friday morning that Biden will be an illegitimate president if he wins. But he can’t win legitimately and should not be treated as president under any circumstances. Such a fate means America will have descended into the pit of being a banana republic. We will never recover.

Against this onslaught stands President Trump, who went before the nation on Thursday night to describe how the election is being stolen from him.

We know at this point that he can’t depend on his Attorney General Bill Barr, a former CIA analyst who is telling people to go to the FBI with evidence of election fraud. And Trump’s FBI Director Christopher Wray is an absolute embarrassment who should be fired today – immediately – and replaced.  The replacement, though in the capacity of acting director, should announce that whistleblowers from within the Bureau are encouraged to come forward with evidence of corruption by the Deep State. The same applies to CIA Director Gina Haspel. She must go, too.

We desperately need whistleblowers from within the CIA to come forward.

Amazingly, the Lyndon LaRouche organization, once decidedly pro-Marxist in orientation, is producing good television on the election fraud story featuring such people as J. Kirk Wiebe, a former Senior NSA Analyst, discussing how software programs may be involved in stealing votes. The LaRouche organization has a questionable history but Wiebe and other guests have some important insights into what is happening.

Several reports indicate that former NSA/CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery has relevant information about secret intelligence programs, including illegal wiretapping, that are capable of altering or manipulating election information and even vote totals.

In a case brought by attorney Larry Klayman, conservative Judge Richard Leon had ruled that the government had engaged in “almost Orwellian” Big Brother behavior and that mass surveillance carried out by federal agencies had to stop. The term was a reference to the George Orwell novel about a police state, 1984.

It never did stop. And working with Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos and his Amazon Cloud services, the CIA and other federal agencies are expanding their reach.

The Trump campaign is asking for donations to fund a legal defense fund for Trump’s November 3 victory. Legal actions are necessary in some cases. But Biden will be “declared” the winner today, November 6, and the reaction has to be briefings by the president and other top aides laying out the evidence of fraud.

Since most of the media won’t cover them, the White House must record and release these briefings in the form of videos for public consumption.

These should be comparable to the once-daily China virus briefings, this time with real experts on election fraud. Former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon has been featuring some of them on his “War Room” program. Unfortunately, he has been focusing on whether somehow Trump is going to win Arizona. Meanwhile, Trump is “losing” Georgia and the rest of his discussion is already moot. Events are moving too fast to sit and wait for legal votes to come in for Trump from some state somewhere.

In the meantime, go to sources like Renew America, NewsWithViews, and Liberty Sentinel for your reliable information. My own site, America’s Survival, Inc., is running regular updates.

Before the U.S. officially becomes a banana republic, the truth about domestic CIA operations must be told as well. Former CIA officials were against Trump from the start and have been behind Biden.

There used to be a time when the CIA was deployed to safeguard liberty. I once co-hosted the “Crossfire” show on CNN with former CIA official Tom Braden, a liberal who believed in freedom and worked to prevent a complete Soviet takeover of Europe after World War II. You might say he was a member of the Deep State when it was anti-communist.

Liberals like Braden don’t exist anymore. CIA officials, current and former, are now concentrating their strategies of subversion inside the United States itself. One of their most recent efforts is seen in the case of former CIA officer Abigail Spanberger, a member of Congress losing her re-election bid until somehow thousands of votes were “found” to declare her a winner. The CIA’s fingerprints are all over this reversal.

Spanberger’s opponent, Nick Freitas, is an Army veteran opposed to her role in the CIA in using intelligence information to justify Barack Hussein Obama’s Iran deal. Trump withdrew the U.S. from that disastrous “bargain” with a terrorist state.

PJ Media, a generally good source, says U.S. elections have become an embarrassment. It’s much worse than that. They are designed to be an embarrassment. They are designed to demoralize the American people and convince us there is no alternative to the Deep State.

At his Thursday press conference, Trump identified the enemy forces as the Democratic Party, Big Media, Big Tech, and other “powerful special interests.” The latter refers to CIA and FBI operatives in the Deep State, as well as the globalists.

If you are depending on media outlets that will not name the enemy in these terms, you are wasting your time.

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Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.