By: Cliff Kincaid

Joe Biden lost the November 3 presidential election but is claiming to be “president-elect” based on stolen votes. People magazine proclaims, “It’s time for America to unite,” featuring Joe Biden and the real presidential candidate, Kamala Harris. But as numerous observers have noted, Biden himself was asked whether he would declare victory only after the results were certified and he replied, “yes.” He’s a big liar. The Big Steal is underway. He doesn’t want to wait for an honest vote count. In any case, under Supreme Court precedent, he can’t win. His fraudulent vote-stealing effort makes any claim to a Biden-Harris victory to be completely false.

Long-time Washington observer David Martin comments that “The perps at the top of this criminal Democrat conspiracy have conned the American body politic into believing that Team Trump must peel away each and every electoral vote that was explicitly won through fraud and/or theft until Biden’s total drops below 270.” In fact, he notes that under Supreme Court precedent, in the landmark case United States v. Throckmorton, “fraud vitiates everything.”

This means, according to the article at the “Darkmoon” website, that when wholesale fraud, corruption, and criminality are employed to steal the presidential election, the victor automatically becomes the other presidential nominee with the greatest number of electoral votes. “Hence,” it states, “the prematurely and illegitimately declared Biden victory is now null and void under the law.”

In the midst of this assault on our institutions, Tucker Carlson opened up his Friday night show by talking about the beauty of our national parks. This was a feel-good story that perhaps should have been included at the end of his program. It was almost as if Carlson was throwing in the towel on the Big Steal.

This isn’t the time to visit Yosemite. It’s time to fight and consider revolutionary strategies. Larry Klayman’s new book, It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry, looks at what lies ahead.

Klayman said on my ASI TV program that he is doubtful that the courts will save the Trump presidency.

Citing the Declaration of Independence, Klayman points out that when faced with tyranny, people have the right, in theory, to abolish that government and form a new one. If the legal actions ultimately fail in the courts because of corruption, he suggests that conservatives create their own alternative government, perhaps installing Trump as the president of a new regime. He points to French patriots forming an alternative to the government of Vichy France in Nazi-occupied France during the Second World War. Charles de Gaulle created that alternative government in London and it became the base of the Free French forces.

His book looks at the never-ending battle against corruption and calls on people to take back the country, after getting away from addictive watching of cable news shows.

It’s on the Internet, as long as it remains relatively free, where people can find the truth, he says. That’s why I relaunched my Internet TV show America’s Survival TV. Left-wing legal groups and organizations tried to censor me over the years but I have come back, seeking supporters and sponsors.  “We don’t hear enough from you, Cliff,” said one commenter. “This is the only platform informed enough to ask the right questions.” We’ve already done five shows and plan many more, with experts and eyewitnesses to the fraud.

Veteran correspondent Martin Arestogui told me in an interview that the situation in America reminds him of what happened in communist Venezuela when the regime “defeated” the opposition through vote fraud. He covered that fraud and recounted how diplomats acknowledged the fraud but didn’t do anything about it.  Cables from U.S. diplomats given to WikiLeaks discussed allegations that simple changes to Microsoft software and Smartmatic voting systems could change results and outcomes.

In Venezuela, of course, the Marxists ran the regime. Here, the Marxists are trying to steal the government away from the legitimate president and election-winner Donald J. Trump.

Biden is not president-elect and cannot be legally certified as president. That’s the bottom line.

Some Republicans are calling for Sleepy Joe to be given access to intelligence from the Deep State. That’s not justified, since he is not the president or even president-elect, but there’s probably nothing wrong with that because Joe can’t comprehend the briefings anyway. Most of the “intelligence” is useless or fed to the CIA by the Chinese and the Russians anyway. The headquarters of the Deep State is in Moscow or Beijing, depending on which leg of the communist apparatus has the best disinformation on any given day.

One of the worst aspects of this attempted coup d’Etat is the cover given to Biden’s phony victory by elements of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Francis and the Catholic Bishops in the U.S. have congratulated Biden. Worse, the Society of Jesus, known as the Jesuits, have run articles claiming Biden is a legitimate Catholic and that President Trump should concede the election.

Conservative Catholic Ted Flynn of “Signs & Wonders” magazine explained to me in an ASI TV program how many are waking up to the systematic infiltration of the church over the course of decades by communists and homosexuals.

In defeating the Deep state, we defeat the Deep Church and save our Christian nation.

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