By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Whistleblower Tony Shaffer Says Trump Should Not Concede

Former senior intelligence officer Anthony Shaffer has been exposing corruption in the national security community for decades and is now deeply involved in the revelations about the nature of the presidential vote. In this riveting conversation with Cliff Kincaid, Shaffer, the president of the London Center, discusses his warnings over the last three years about how electronic voting was susceptible to fraud and what, if anything, various states did about it. He says Trump’s team is on top of this scandal and will eventually reveal details about how the dirty business of election fraud was carried out and by whom.

How Vote Fraud Was Done in Georgia

Garland Favorito of Voters Organized for Trusted Elections Results in Georgia (VoterGA) explains how vote fraud was carried out in Georgia, citing one case in which 20,000 votes mysteriously appeared for Biden. Favorito, a career Information Technology (IT) professional, explains the “recounts” and “audits” that are underway and what, if anything, they will prove. In the end, he predicts, Trump will win the state’s electoral votes.