Citizens Commission on National Security

Roger Aronoff of the Citizens Commission on National Security talks with America’s Survival President Cliff Kincaid about the state of the American news media, how liberal bias has been overtaken by actual hatred of conservatives, and whether Fox News is drifting to the left and losing its audience. Part of the focus was based on Aronoff’s recent column, “What Will the Courts Do About the Election? The Future of America is at Stake.”

They also address whether Trump’s legal strategy on election fraud will be ultimately successful and how Joe Biden, if he assumes the presidency, will return to the disastrous Iran deal. What happened to that top Iranian scientist who was just killed? Will Israel strike Iran? Aronoff addresses these topics and more.

During the interview, Kincaid referred to one of the documentaries produced and directed by Aronoff, “TWA 800: The Search for the Truth.” You can read about it and watch it here.

This interview was originally published at America’s Survival YouTube page.