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LFC Comments by Brian Massie: We expressed our concerns that America is not only in a cultural war but in a spiritual battle of good versus evil in our nation. The outstanding author, Linda Goudsmit, shared her thoughts with us on the spiritual battle. We are pleased to provide her insights to our readers.]


Good Versus Evil

Written by Linda Goudsmit
December 1, 2020

It occurs to me that the Covid hysteria and massive 2020 U.S. election fraud is parallel to Germany in the 40s. How did the Nazis persuade so many ordinary people to participate in their malevolence and criminal acts of barbarity??

It was simple – they demonized the target. Ordinary people were conned by the Nazi/socialist hoax and believed they were saving the republic. It is entirely perverse and Orwellian.

“Changing minds and hearts” can be used for construction or destruction. If you believe in a sovereign constitutional America and individual freedoms, you are appalled by election fraud and Covid hysteria. If you believe in globalism and the promises of social justice and economic equality echoed by the MSM, you become a soldier against conservatism and rationalize your criminal behavior because “war is deceit.”

For me, it is all connected. Freedom is an adult enterprise. A population of emotionally regressed, educationally indoctrinated adults will ignore the facts of socialism and, like children, will vote for the promises of socialism/globalism. They support dependency and collectivism – they just haven’t realized it is enslavement.

Every argument and every perspective is shaped by its underlying assumptions. “We hold these truths to be self-evident” is a marvelous example of the Judeo-Christian “good.”

Good and evil are understood very differently by different sides of this war. The spiritual battle you refer to identifies you as a man who believes in the Judeo-Christian concept of what is good (as I do). It is the core of the constitution and the ethos of our founding fathers.

But what is good is no longer universally accepted across America. Is the American good adult freedom? Or is the American good childlike dependence? The accepted American ethos has been splintered by leftist educational indoctrination, multiculturalism, and MSM. They have successfully bifurcated the country between emotional adults (objective reality) and dependent children (subjective reality). A house divided cannot stand. This is the civil war I predicted in 1995 when I wrote the manuscript for Dear America. I just never realized its political application.


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