By: Cliff Kincaid

The new year is here, and the worst is yet to come. Sorry to sound negative, but we suspect the Republicans will lose the George Senate run-off elections and the Democratic Party will try to consolidate its power while moving America into a New World Order now dubbed the Great Reset. There’s no way out, no turning back. Or is there?

There’s a chance the Republicans will take those two seats but many are wondering what purpose that will serve if it leaves the Senate in the hands of a spineless Mitch McConnell and the presidency in the hands of Beijing. This may be the best alternative for the election riggers. They may figure that a nominally “Republican” Senate, in which people like Mitt Romney and Susan Collins hold sway, will be a lever to keep Trump voters in their place as the GOP rediscovers its Country Club and Chamber of Commerce roots. Such a spectacle could mean Romney, who lost an easily winnable presidential race to Barack Hussein Obama, will become a national media star, capable of making more havoc for the GOP.

Romney will then run again for the presidency in 2024, as Utah-based broadcaster Sam Bushman predicted during an interview on America’s Survival TV.

We are in a predicament. In the famous scene in “Braveheart,” patriot William Wallace rallies the sons of Scotland with a great “Freedom Speech” and his cohorts ask, “Now what do we do?” They go on to defeat the British in that battle but Wallace gets tortured and killed in the end. It’s hard to defeat an empire.

Communism is an empire that grows more powerful by the day. The China virus is their latest means to an end, far more successful than global warming or climate change. It threatens to make America into a satellite of Beijing.

The ruthless global operators on the verge of seizing the White House for China Joe are using a virus that came out of a Chinese lab as the world buries their dead and slides into tyranny. Sadly, even some conservatives debate the nature of the virus, the virus tests, and so forth, without holding the Red Chinese rulers accountable for what they have done. Regardless of how many are dead and from what, the death and suffering are very real. We can’t lose sight of that fact.

Out of the wreckage is supposed to come the New World Order, with China on top and a “post-communist” Russia playing second fiddle. Together, Chinese-Russian nuclear arms can destroy the United States in seconds.

Europe is on track to become an appendage of China, as evidenced by their recently concluded financial investment agreement.

With Trump’s presidency hanging in the balance, the U.S. Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, just overrode a Trump veto of a defense bill that will not save us from China or Russia but does rename U.S. military bases and keeps tens of thousands of American troops deployed in foreign countries. If anybody ever needed any more proof that the Republicans are just as corrupt as the Democrats, this override vote was it. Trump lost in the Senate by an 81-13 vote. The House overrode the veto by a vote of 322-87.

Trump rallies the people in Georgia and then the nation on Wednesday as his supporters mobilize in D.C. for the great counting of the Electoral votes. His options are limited. But some Republican Senators have found their spine, as a growing number are promising to dispute the scheduled congressional election certification.

Trump has more options. “It is an established fact that a sitting American President can simply nullify a fraudulently executed national election and order another valid and observed national election, for the preservation of the Constitution and for the sake of the voters and the nation,” writes columnist Vic Biorseth.

While resisting the idea of a third major political party, Biorseth urges a frontal assault on the corruption in the Democratic and Republican parties, academia, and the churches. And there is time, he maintains.

In the same way the Russian revolution was followed by “several years of internal warfare,” he says the overwhelming majority of the American citizenry who are behind President Trump can be counted on to resist.

Perhaps. But some are demoralized and won’t vote in Georgia because they don’t trust a rigged system that gave the state to China Joe Biden during the early morning hours of November 4th when mysterious ballots were found in suitcases.

One thing we can do is plan for generations ahead, cognizant of the need to maintain records of how America was betrayed and what was lost. We also have to take a fresh look at the past and how we got here.

One lesson is that the “Greatest Generation” of Americans ended up as cannon fodder for the communist revolution since the Nazis were defeated but the communists were permitted to regroup, take Eastern Europe, and wage wars in such places as Korea and Vietnam.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans gave their lives to stop this part of the communist advance and thousands remain in place in South Korea. Meanwhile, the communists seized power on the mainland of China.

This is the danger we face today, as many Americans struggle to understand how the communists waged war so easily within our borders, taking over major institutions, even the churches, as American intelligence agencies staged a coup against Trump.

What do we do? I asked Professor Renato Cristin of Italy that question. He and I are signatories to the call for a Nuremberg of communism, modeled after the trials of Nazi leaders after the war. It was started by the late Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, who completely understood that the anti-Trump political exercises of Democratic Party politicians over the last several years were, in fact, the work of Russian sympathizers in a grand scheme of disinformation and subversion designed to mask the advance of global communism under China.

We need to begin by urging everybody to join the petition campaign for a tribunal investigating communist crimes, including those committed on American soil.

In addition, Professor Cristin tells me, we also need to look at those places, such as Poland, where a conservative government is in place. “Poland today has a conservative government, authentically anti-communist and of great cultural depth, which is realizing many of your and our ideas, and should be valued as a model for the reorganization of conservatives around the world,” he says. “It is no coincidence that President Trump chose Warsaw, on July 6, 2017, to give his only great speech in Europe — a speech that for theoretical quality and intensity of anti-communism far exceeded the famous one of Kennedy in front of the Berlin Wall. In fact, for the Trump administration, Poland was the best ally in Europe and in the world in general. Here, perhaps relaunching what the Polish government is doing today can be a valid idea as an initial and partial answer to your interesting and important question.”

In his own article on our current global predicament, Cristin asks “why did we not treat communism in the same way as we treated National Socialism (which was the only right thing to do)?” I recommend his article for it outlines a path to take by conservatives in America, Europe, and the rest of the world.

He says, “It is only when the matter is finally settled in all seriousness with no understatements, that communism can become a monster to be feared, a tragedy that must never be allowed to happen again. This may serve the purpose of uniting Europeans against their genuine common enemy (which is, of course, communism, but also the radical Islamism of today). We must make Europeans understand that communism is a virus, a foreign body in the midst of true European traditions and an enemy of Europe’s civilization.”

The Nuremberg crimes tribunal should be publicized around the world. “In the name of millions exterminated in the past, and to safeguard future generations from a recurrence, Nuremberg Trials for Communism must be enacted as soon as possible,” the petition says.

Who will join us?

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.