By: Jason Brown | Gulag Bound


I am only going to scratch the surface here because this is a deep subject.  However, I think it is important to understand Marxist ideology and its evolution, when analyzing the current political climate, and where we stand today.  Marxism refers to the world view and ideology of Karl Marx.  I guess you could say he wrote the book on communism.  The Communist Manifesto was published on February 21, 1848, in London, by a collection of German Socialists that were referred to as the Communist League.  This work was written by Karl Marx, with the assistance of Friedrich Engels.

The Communist ideology was responsible for the death of more than 100 million people in the 20th Century alone.  Communism destroys the very fabric of society and has always ended with a totalitarian state and murder of all dissenters.  This ideology only works in theory.  When everything is assembled and it is applied to the real world, the result is catastrophic. This idea is great on paper but extremely dangerous in practice.  Communism has never created the utopia that its advocates preach to the masses.  Marxism acts as a social, political, and economic philosophy, that analyzes the effect that capitalism has on labor and productivity.  Marx advocated for a workers’ revolution to end capitalism and adopt a communist government to assure fairness and equality for the working man.  This social conflict pits the bourgeoisie, or capitalists, and the proletariat, or workers against each other in a struggle for power, or as communists like to call it, equality.  In the end, it amounts to a struggle between the haves and the have nots.  The circumstances in which the haves become the haves and the have nots become have nots, are irrelevant in this equation.  The consensus among these Marxists is that every one person that is wealthy, acquired that wealth by depriving another of the same opportunity.  This assumption is a generalization, and is baseless, with no empirical evidence to even suggest that this argument is true.

This social power struggle was waged by what Vladimir Lenin used to refer to as, useful idiots, or those that fight for a cause that they do not fully understand.  It was an oversimplification of the free market, that was sold to the useful idiots as, capitalism vs. the workers.  All of the economic nuances that make the wheels of the market turn are ignored and the result is an irrational ideology that feeds on emotion, jealousy, and greed.  The so-called, workers, showed the same greed that they accused the capitalists of displaying.  The difference here is that the have nots, want more without putting in the time or work to earn more.

Jacques Derrida looking all insolent and Marxist [AW, GB], Arturo Espinosa Seguir, for PIFAL Pencil on Fabriano., CC BY 2.0

By the end of the 1960s, Marx’s communism became a harder sell, as time after time, country after country, this ideology had failed miserably and led to mass genocide.  You could not push Marxism out there and continue to promote it because it had been an abject failure every time there was an attempt to implement it.  The utopia that communism promises does not exist, and has never existed.  This struggle for power had to be repackaged and rebranded.  Jacques Derrida (1930-2004), was an Algerian-born French philosopher that is best known for a method of analysis referred to as deconstruction.  Deconstruction is a type of analysis that examines the relationship between text and meaning.  This suggests that metaphysical constructs, meanings, and societal hierarchies are unstable due to a reliance on arbitrary means of identification.  In other words, there is a near-infinite number of ways to interpret the world as we see it.   One’s perception of what they see or experience, coupled with their personal world view, affects how they interpret the world.

This concept of deconstruction was then used as the basis for the development of postmodernism.  Postmodernism puts forth a strategic blueprint for the destabilization of what we consider societal norms.  Examples of these affected norms are identity, historical progress, and epistemic certainty.   In 1979, postmodernism was deemed a legitimate branch of philosophy.  Derrida’s postmodernism refers to man’s tendency to reward those with particular traits/status, at the detriment of others that do not meet the established criteria.  This is key to his argument here, and this is the component of postmodernism that creates the victim class that we see today.  This victim class is used to push identity politics to the masses, in the form of gender, sexual orientation, race, political affiliation, etc.  This is how they have divided us.  This is the most potent weapon that is being used against the American people.  These ideological groups, that force the masses into a tribal mentality have become commonplace in modern society?

Postmodernism has completely consumed the Social Sciences as they exist in academia today.  Postmodernism is much more versatile than its core ideological roots that existed in Marxism due to the fact that the points of conflict increase exponentially.  Instead of the bourgeoisie vs the proletariat, we now have race vs sexual orientation vs ethnicity vs socioeconomic status vs gender identity, the list goes on.  All of these groups, vying for power and influence over the others.  This proves to be counterproductive at best, a complete disaster at worst. Why, because these groups or tribes that people choose to follow are social constructs, created by those that seek to divide us, and conquer us.  A population at war with each other does not have the time, energy, or will to resist tyranny.  But in reality, this tribal mentality creates victims, and victimhood that is based solely on a straw man is detrimental to the development of the individual.  Postmodernism is similar to Marx’s communism because it encourages collectivism where everyone gets a trophy.

All of this based on the perceived concept of equity.  Equity refers to equal outcome, or in other words, everyone gets an equal size piece of the pie. Individuality means equal opportunity, meaning the harder you work and the more effort you put in, the larger your piece of the pie.  Creating a victim class of people might be good for carving out a permanent voter bloc, but it demeans those that are led to believe that they are being victimized as it destroys incentive and makes them want to either settle or take from others.

We are seeing this right now with Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa.  BLM is calling for reparations and some in the group have called recent looting of private businesses, reparations, in order to justify this lawlessness.  But in reality, BLM is an organization founded by self-professed Marxists and is acting more like a group of revolutionaries looking to overthrow the US government, than a group that fights for racial justice.  It is also ironic that the crowds made up of these communist revolutionaries seem to be made up of mostly white millennials.  The so-called, anti-fascists or Antifa go around torching private businesses, firebombing federal buildings, and burning books.  I think maybe these people should look up the definition of fascism, and then for a practical understanding of what a fascist is, stand in front of a mirror.

Antifa in action, photo via

These groups say that they are being oppressed, they want change, but they have never seen the other side of the coin.  The Marxism that had to be abandoned in the ’70s has been resurrected, as for decades now academia has taught our youth that Marx and communism are favorable to the system that we live in now.  All while ignoring the millions that were murdered by communist regimes operating under Marx’s ideology.  Academia is indoctrinating our children, and these indoctrination camps that we like to call universities have paved the way for a resurgence of Marxism and the collectivist mentality.  It is still multifaceted making it postmodernism in its application, but the terms Marxism and communism have become cool again, and young people are not shy about using them to describe themselves.  We have a generation of useful idiots, and this group of sheep is ignorant because we have allowed academia to make them ignorant.

As mentioned previously, our young people are being engineered to act as political activists, in support of an anti-American, anti-capitalist, authoritarian narrative.  This is why you see the attempt to eliminate God from the minds of people as these influential institutions need to make faith a thing of the past so that their influence reaches god status.  Without God, bad actors with an intent to rob us of our liberty, have full authority.  Communism within a society cannot coexist with the peoples’ belief and trust in God.  The idea that every interpretation and every viewpoint is 100% viable is being taught to young people, and we have already lost at least one generation to this twisted view.  I am not suggesting that one should be prevented from offering their viewpoint or interpretation, as it is our right as Americans to speak our mind, without fear of persecution.  But if someone looks at an apple, and tries to claim that it is a banana, we should not entertain the notion that the apple is a banana, just to avoid hurting the feelings of the person making the statement.  Facts are not societal constructs, they are facts.  Allowing people to fabricate their own facts and reality is dangerous.  It is much more dangerous than hurting someone’s feelings.

Jason A Brown is 42 years old, a husband, father of one daughter, Practical Nurse of 13 years, and holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security.  Jason also enjoys studying sociology, philosophy, constitutional law, politics, and history.