By: Cliff Kincaid

Conservatives have canceled their own culture. Glenn Beck was a recent example, blasting anti-communist Senator Joe McCarthy and warning of a new “Red Scare” targeting conservatives. We should have taken the old Red Scare more seriously and could have avoided our current fate.

That fate, recently described by federal Judge Laurence Silberman, is the “ideological consolidation” of the media in the hands of the Democratic Party and its allies.  Marx called it the centralization of the means of communications in the hands of the state.

My YouTube channel, America’s Survival TV, is one of many conservative outlets which have suffered as a result. The censors have decided that I have offended them not once but twice, with the two “strikes” leading inevitably to the removal of my work, including conferences and interviews on the Marxism problem, going back decades. They have the kind of power that can destroy my property at their whim since they provided the platform for my 400 videos. Of course, I was persuaded to start a channel in the first place because of the misguided notion that YouTube welcomed free and fair debate on all the major issues of our time.

Since the Democratic Party assumed control of the White House and Congress, the censorship has accelerated.

The Marxist consolidation of power has been driven in part by a reaction against “McCarthyism” that goes back decades. The public has been told that McCarthy persecuted innocent people and that the communists he pursued did not exist.

But one of my mentors, M. Stanton Evans, an authoritative figure in the conservative movement, wrote the definitive biography of McCarthy, Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies, which vindicated his anti-communist work.

Confirmation of McCarthy’s charges came from an unexpected source. Washington Post Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein wrote a book, Loyalties, about his parents, Al and Sylvia Bernstein, being members of the Communist Party. Al Bernstein begged his son not to publish this book, saying, “You’re going to prove McCarthy right because all he was saying was that the system was loaded with Communists. And he was right.”

Bernstein had an ax to grind against those, like Richard Nixon, who exposed communists like Alger Hiss. Nixon’s downfall in Watergate brought to power Democrats who cut off aid to South Vietnam, producing a Communist bloodbath and genocide in Southeast Asia.

McCarthy was unable to complete his investigation of communist infiltration of the government. Curiously, that probe was ended when McCarthy went into Bethesda Naval Hospital with a knee injury and came out dead from hepatitis.

Revelations about communist infiltration of all American institutions, including journalism, surface with regularity. Former CIA officer Nicholas Reynolds wrote, Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy, about the famous writer and author Ernest Hemingway being a Soviet spy. Hemingway was recruited into the enemy camp on ideological grounds.

On a recent show, Beck included Martin Luther King, Jr. on the list of innocent victims of the anti-communist witch hunt. He claimed the FBI decided to “spy” on King Jr. for no legitimate reason.

This left-wing myth, accepted by conservatives, shows how “woke” some conservatives have become. They have “canceled” McCarthy to make themselves look acceptable in the eyes of the left. They have embraced King, even though, under the influence of communist advisers, he attacked the noble cause of resisting the advance of communism in Vietnam.

It’s a shame that Beck has taken this turn since I once organized a “Bring Back Beck” campaign after he was fired from Fox News for exposing George Soros.

Ironically, before he started denouncing McCarthyism, he interviewed M. Stanton Evans about his book vindicating McCarthy. In this 2010 interview, Evans told Beck that in his research he found FBI files, “which backed up what McCarthy was saying,” and they “had been withheld for 50 years.” Evans added, “They show…essentially that he was right in general. There was a massive penetration of the government and that it was covered up and that he threatened that cover-up. And that is why he was isolated, demonized, and destroyed. That’s the technique.”

I wrote about Beck’s recent show attacking McCarthyism, noting that he compares McCarthyism to the attacks on Trump supporters as if McCarthy was somehow off-target in going after communists in government. In addition to the examples of communist penetration of the U.S. government that I cited in my column, evidence from Soviet archives and the decoded Soviet cables known as the Venona intercepts vindicated McCarthy.

In regard to the King matter, I suggest Beck consult a book by Caroline Kennedy, daughter of JFK and Jackie Kennedy, entitled, Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy. The book makes it abundantly clear that Jack and Bobby Kennedy, as well as Jackie, saw through the public façade of the Reverend King and knew him to be a proven liar about his communist connections and a scoundrel in terms of his personal life. Jackie called King a “phony” in the taped conversations that form the basis of the book. The facts also show that he was a plagiarist who stole material from other people and claimed it as his own.

David J. Garrow explained some of the controversy in his 1981 book The FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as a 2002 Atlantic magazine article based on it. He notes that Bobby Kennedy, the Attorney General, authorized the FBI to begin wiretapping the telephones of King because he “believed that one of King’s closest advisers was a top-level member of the American Communist Party and that King had repeatedly misled Administration officials about his ongoing close ties with the man.” The associate was Stanley Levison, who had been involved in Communist Party USA financial affairs and was helping to arrange funding of the party by Moscow.

Beck was wrong for suggesting there was no legitimate reason to investigate King, and that the FBI did this on its own. Liberal Bobby Kennedy ordered J. Edgar Hoover to do it.

What’s more, we all know or should know by now, that King was a scoundrel in terms of his personal life. We can understand why Jackie called Reverend King a “phony” in the taped conversations that form the basis of the book. That’s because we now have an FBI report on the orgies he arranged and participated in. Jackie had access to that information.

Some conservatives don’t want to talk about King’s character because they might be accused of racism. This is ironic since one of King’s famous quotes was judging people on the content of their character and not by their racial heritage.

While Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a fighter for civil rights and showed unique courage in opposing racism, he had his own serious flaws, one of which was failing to understand the dangers of Marxism. That Marxist movement has hijacked the black cause and today has made it into one of the reparations.

In order to further divide and demoralize America, Marxism took civil rights and applied them to homosexuals and transgenders. Harry Hay, the modern-day founder of the gay rights movement, was a member of the Communist Party who wore a dress and believed in the occult. All of this has been planned out in advance. Today, it even infects the U.S. military.

We can’t recognize the predicament we’re in unless we give credit to those who dared to expose the communist threat when the Marxists began the process of infiltrating the American political system.