By: Jason Brown | Gulag Bound

Those that succumb to the desire to conform, will never be part of any solution, they will only perpetuate the status quo. Conformity does not lead one to attempt to make the world a better place, it only solidifies one’s mundane existence in the world’s current, static state. Progress and innovation cannot happen in the process of following the rules while living in a small box. The human race has seen its greatest moments at times when people choose to challenge the system and think outside of that ideological box.

Nonconformity, in this case, does not necessarily refer to illegality although that may be the case in extreme circumstances. The American Revolution is a great example of doing what was right, even though it was at odds with the respective “law” at that time.  It was Nikola Tesla that argued, “It is the nonconformists who bring forth new the new ideas, creations, and ways of living which produce a vibrant society.” 

This nonconformity that Tesla spoke of is absolutely necessary in a country like ours, as America has always been an inspiration, a beacon that gave hope to the rest of the world due to our undying drive to persevere. Those that came to America to start over have some inspiring stories. Many came with nothing but the clothes on their back and change in their pocket if they were lucky.

The freedom that we enjoy here inspires people to think of bigger, better ways to do things, more efficient methods for solving problems. But if Americans did not have the ability to ignore boundaries and challenge what is, we would still be living with 19th-century technology and we wouldn’t have smartphones or computers. All of these things exist because men dared to break the rules and go over and above what was accepted at the time. Many of these men did not even attend college. Is that a strength or a weakness? It seems as if it can be more of a strength when you take into consideration that public schools and universities generally teach you what to think, not how to think. Intellect refers to one’s ability to receive, process, and interpret information so that it may be applied to many scenarios in a pragmatic fashion. If you can only hear and repeat information, then that information is useless to you in the real world.

How do we typically define nonconformity? I think that many people have the perception that this resembles something sinister, perhaps associating the meaning of this term with a lawbreaker or criminal. That could be the case, but if you are coming to that conclusion you are probably reading into this a bit too much, and that is forcing you to make assumptions based on your worldview and past experiences. Problem solvers are not conformists. They do not subscribe to this idea of conformity because they recognize that sometimes the answer or solution to a problem is not always apparent and may not be easy.  This involves looking at the problem from many different angles as one searches for a fix.  Abstract thinking cannot exist when you are forced to stay within the lines that society has drawn to limit you and your actions. Occam’s razor and normalcy biases must be discarded if one wishes to think in this manner.

The central planners play to the emotions of the masses, using what we know as basic human nature against us. America was founded on a limited government mentality. The founding fathers knew that a government of men would eventually fall to temptations of the flesh, be it greed, lust, envy, or the like. In Federalist # 51, James Madison stated that “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself.” 

As human beings, we are not perfect and a government made up of imperfect men will make mistakes, and sometimes even betray their fellow man. The US Constitution was unique, in that the only restrictions that appeared in this document that we refer to as the supreme law of the land, were restrictions on the power and authority of the government. Today we are seeing an Orwell/Huxley hybrid as we are smacked down or canceled for dissent while sinful behavior is awarded and cheered on by the masses. This results in a fear of stepping out of line, and a desire to indulge in self-destructive, sinful behavior.

This is a formula for societal suicide.

Fear is often used by those in power to control the masses. Irish statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke surmised, “No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.” False flags are used to promote fear through an event that is manufactured to an extent where the public, as well as elected officials, are led to react a certain way in response to the overwhelming psychological trauma that is felt. Many times, this is where we get knee-jerk reactions by politicians as they scramble to “protect” the people.

Many frown upon this term false flag, but before you start with the tin foil hat comments and the conspiracy theorist accusations, do some research. Look into the burning of the German Parliament (Reichstag) building that led to the Nazis’ rise in power under then-Chancellor Adolf Hitler. If you want to look at something more recent, check out “Operation Northwoods” from the early 1960s. This was never carried out but it was a plan was concocted by the federal government, the CIA more specifically. The documents are all declassified and online for anyone to look at. I don’t want to dive deep into these subjects because they are for another discussion and another day. I just want to make clear the measures that are taken to control the minds and actions of people can be unthinkable, and the rationale behind these measures can go over the heads of moral, rational people. This is due to the fact that such treachery requires that the perpetrators of these ungodly actions are void of morality or rationality, so an average person would have a hard time relating. This is why many choose to believe irrational narratives like the magic bullet theory and also why it is much easier to buy the story of a lone nut when a heinous crime is committed. Oversimplification is more convenient as it does not require any effort.

Another tool used by oligarchs in their pursuit of broad social control is the oversimplification of complex issues. This is used to cover up the many nuances that may act contrary to the official narrative. This forced ignorance of details is used often by media and academia. We allow for this method of control to be as effective as what it is, because the average person is generally lazy, and preoccupied with distractions that exist to keep people from wising up. I am not referring to physical laziness here, as many Americans work extremely hard as it is in our DNA. I’m putting a focus on mental or intellectual laziness, but in this case, it seems that people acquire this level of ignorance because they lose faith in the outlets that used to be good sources of information. The term “fake news” has become a universal slogan that acknowledges corruption in media. These frustrated people then resort to available distractions to occupy their time. Distractions can include sports, TV shows, movies, drinking, spending a lot of time socializing with friends in a leisure setting. This could also be why introverts tend to have above-average intelligence. They don’t take part in the distractions and they have time to contemplate life and the many things that tend to elude those that some refer to as “normal” people. I have always had a fascination with the use of the word “normal.” as it seems illogical to use the word in a manner that suggests it is a universally understood term. What is perceived as normal is subjective, and manifests differently for everyone.

One might wonder how central planners in positions of authority are able to implement severe violations of individual rights. The answer here lies in our once trusted institutions. Media, academia, and government. These will each be broken down in detail later but there was a time when even the government had some degree of credibility. The media exist to deliver the truth to the public and represent the public and their interests. Originally, this was done through objectivity, and the desire of journalists to be accurate in their reporting. This objectivity does not exist anymore in mainstream media. Our institutions of education are to blame for the creation of the anarchists that are currently attacking police officers, burning down businesses, and dragging people out of their cars to beat them senseless, or to death.

The problem here is that these institutions were once legitimate, necessary entities that contributed much to society. Many citizens today do not realize that there has been a significant power shift in these institutions that has resulted in social control measures that are almost impossible to notice because they are being utilized incrementally. Generation after generation, progressive revolutionaries have worked tirelessly in broad daylight, with the goal of overthrowing the US government and uprooting the capitalist economic system. Where does this desire for gutting the American way of life come from? Do these institutions know what they are advocating for, or are they made up of useful idiots, that are fighting for a cause that they do not fully understand?

No level of social control is possible without the controlled citizenry consenting in some way, shape, or form.  Perhaps this will to be controlled or governed in a cradle-to-grave nanny state environment comes from our current societal position that has taken Almighty God out of the public square, out of the schools, and even discouraged theological discussion by itself or in conjunction with political debate. People tend to desire material things, which is not a bad thing in itself, but when one takes one’s eye off of God and refuses to walk in the spirit, those wants and desires can have adverse societal effects.

Sometimes, God will give us what we want when we are disobedient so that we can come to the realization on our own, that we will not have the things we desire if we abandon God and start giving our attention and our worship to false gods/idols. Sometimes this is the only way for God to show us because we feel the impact, and we suffer the consequence. I Samuel 8:6-20 talks about Samuel being displeased because the people were asking for a King to rule over them.  They were asking for an earthly king to govern them while rejecting their true king, God Himself. God later granted their wish as he had his chosen Samuel anoint a king in Saul, to rule over the people, as God saw them worshipping false idols and looking away from Him. God must be our focus moving forward, as divinity played a major role in our country’s founding, the founders having a strong belief in a higher power. This belief in a higher power forms the very foundation that America was built upon.