By: Cliff Kincaid

Trump and Obama agree on one thing: take the China virus vaccines. This is significant because Trump supporters and blacks are two groups that are resisting the vaccines. These groups are playing Russian roulette with the China virus and human lives.

Some Christians see the vaccines as deadly killers or the “Mark of the Beast” signifying the End Times. If this is true, Trump and Obama will either be seriously injured or dead from the vaccines or else teaming up to run the world government of the anti-Christ. I doubt it.

Trump launched Operation Warp Speed so the vaccines could be ready as quickly as possible to save lives. But when they became available, some of his followers called him a dupe of Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and Anthony Fauci. Nevertheless, Trump, who got Covid and the vaccine, has remained adamant that they are life-savers. His position is supported by such Christian leaders as Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, and Dr. James Dobson. Capitol Hill conservatives, including the GOP Doctors Caucus, endorse the vaccines as well.

Some blacks remember the government’s Tuskegee experiment, in which, as Obama noted, “the government withheld treatment that was available for black men for syphilis.” Hence, they don’t want to get jabbed with the coronavirus vaccine. It says something that Obama is taking Trump’s Warp Speed vaccines.

As Obama said if these vaccines are so risky and dangerous, why are the nation’s “wealthy and powerful” taking it? Are they on a suicide mission? I doubt it.

I have supported the vaccines and have been censored as a result. Websites that once featured or highlighted my work won’t run my columns about the vaccines. Dozens of people have “unsubscribed” to my website because they don’t want to read a point of view in support of what their own favorite president, Trump, accomplished. That’s fine. These people didn’t contribute to my site, to begin with. I am sad but not startled that so many people refuse to see the validity of another point of view.

I do think editors of these one-sided “conservative” websites are harming the public interest and need for balance and fairness in news. They are making it seem as though conservatives are opposed to life-saving vaccines. This makes Trump supporters look backward.

I may be the most censored columnist in America and used to be the exclusive target of left-wing groups relying on attacks on my character prepared by outfits like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.  Now I’m targeted by fellow conservatives playing to paranoia in order to get clicks from hucksters selling fear.

Nobody should be forced to take the vaccine or read something that makes them uncomfortable. But this attitude spells trouble for Republicans who think they can win a national election if a major part of their base has deserted former President Trump on the signature achievement of his presidency.

We can learn something from Israel, fighting for its very existence. Israel is now opening back up and returning to normal because so many have taken the vaccines.

In this context, Israel just honored the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, at an Independence Day ceremony, for supplying those vaccines.

The Times of Israel reported that Bourla delivered a recorded video message broadcast on national TV that, “Together we are demonstrating that through mass vaccination we can defeat the COVID-19 pandemic and save lives.” He added, “We have shown that there is a path back to normal, and that definitely is something the entire world can celebrate.”

He is a son of Jewish Holocaust survivors from Greece.

It’s hard to believe that Israel under Prime Minister Netanyahu is on a suicide mission. Netanyahu understands the problem of terrorism. He knows Israel has enemies. After all, there are reports that Israel was behind a recent strike on an Iranian nuclear facility. This nation knows how to defend itself.

What this shows is that improvements in vaccine technology can be made. The response proves that, in reaction to a biological weapon from China, a biological response from the U.S. can succeed. It is still a major catastrophe that so many have died – and continue to die. But the vaccines give us a chance to save lives and regroup, in order to get on a war footing with China.

We are fortunate that Trump was president at the time the Chinese communists decided to unleash the virus on America, Israel, and the world. He responded decisively. Of course, one obvious reason for the attack was to create the conditions for China Joe and the Democrats to take power under the cover of the Covid-19 pandemic. That part of their plan was carried out but Trump is still standing, leading the return to America First policies.

This can only succeed, however, if his followers jettison the End Times rhetoric that has frozen them in time and fear and get with the Trump program of individual and national survival.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.