By: Cliff Kincaid

The Deep State appears to be worried. Joe Biden is too old to be getting blood transfusions from young people, the current fad among the Silicon Valley elites, and may be on his way out. Bike rides to impress the media are not cutting it.

Biden, the nation’s oldest president in history, and his wife, Jill, celebrated her 70th birthday with a bike ride on a trail of Rehoboth Beach on June 3, 2021.

Even the Washington Post was not impressed, reporting that Biden “has yet to get a checkup —  or release an update to the three-page medical summary that was last provided to the public some 17 months ago.” That vague “summary,” written by a sympathetic physician and not “fact-checked” by any independent doctor, claimed Biden had no permanent damage from the brain aneurysms he suffered in 1988.

Observers of the Biden presidency would beg to differ.

The real president, Barack Hussein Obama, says Biden is “finishing the job” of his administration. That’s interesting on medical and other grounds. Obama, a heavy dope smoker tutored by a black communist, also refused to release his complete medical records. Obama should have been removed from office because of cognitive impairment. He used cocaine in addition to his heavy marijuana use. His adoring press, many of whom were also likely “recreational” dope users, covered for his reckless and dangerous policies, saying the worst thing about him was that he occasionally smoked cigarettes or couldn’t play basketball.

The Post censored information about his debt to Frank Marshall Davis, the communist who mentored him.

It’s also interesting because Biden picked as Barack Obama’s running mate, was drummed out of the 1988 presidential race for plagiarism. That’s the same year he had his brain problems. The guy couldn’t think for himself then or now.

None of this is of consequence to people who depend on CNN, MSNBC, or the Washington Post for information about the course of our nation. The brainwashing is constant, reflecting the downward spiral of our nation under China Joe. But perhaps the Post’s concern about China Joe’s medical records is an indication that something is being planned to replace the mentally incompetent man who carries the title of president.

We can’t do much about the obsolete standards of the journalism profession, but China Joe Biden could be removed from office on medical grounds.

Since the Post is an organ of the Deep State, specifically the CIA, the story about Biden’s medical condition may reflect official concern about his deteriorating physical and mental condition.

The 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution deals with presidential disabilities. This amendment allows Congress to review whether or not the president is able to discharge the powers and duties of his office. If it is determined that he is not, then he can be replaced.

Still, the Post covers for Biden, especially on border breakdown issues. One Post article about the “huge border influx” bringing fears of “a grim summer for migrant deaths,” attempted to portray Biden in mostly positive terms. It said, “Much of the Biden administration’s border response in recent months has centered on caring for the unaccompanied minors who have arrived in record numbers, along with parents traveling with children.”

Later, down in the article, we find these facts: “U.S. agents took more than 111,000 single adult migrants into custody in April, the highest total in more than a decade, and the number increased again in May, according to preliminary enforcement data.”

Some of these adult migrants are human traffickers who return home, only to start the process all over again.

This is getting too embarrassing.

“President Biden’s open-border policies have paved the way for dangerous gangs and cartels, human traffickers, and deadly drugs like fentanyl to pour into our communities,” said Texas Governor Greg Abbott. As a result, Abbott issued a disaster declaration along Texas’ southern border, “providing more resources and strategies to combat the ongoing influx of unlawful immigrants.”

Biden’s backers seem to be counting on that fentanyl from China, smuggled through the border by Mexican drug gangs, to keep killing the deplorables.

The heroin epidemic disproportionately affects white communities devastated by bad trade deals, open borders, and the Democratic Party’s anti-industrial policies. Biden is pushing those same anti-industrial policies while approving Putin’s gas pipeline to Europe.

As China Joe prepares to meet former KGB Lt. Col. Vladimir Putin, the FBI has issued a vague and mostly useless statement on the cyberattack on JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier, saying, “We have attributed the JBS attack to REvil and Sodinokibi and are working diligently to bring the threat actors to justice.” These groups are said to be “linked” to Russia.

But Biden will still meet with Putin, according to his mouthpiece CNN, and will “discuss” the topic with him.

While the FBI is working “diligently” to stop cyberattacks, which continue, it looks like the FBI has also been sniffing around conservatives and Christian Americans, attempting to find “extremists.” The pro-family group MassResistance reports that FBI agents come unannounced to the home of its Organization Director, Arthur Schaper, to interrogate him.

It said two FBI agents flashed their IDs, identified themselves as “special agents,” and started asking him questions like: “We’re following up on leads from DC. We’re just curious if you went to DC or if you knew anybody who had gone to DC, and if you’d be willing to talk to us about any of that.” Schaper answered, “I did not go to DC. But honestly, I think this is a massive abuse of power which you guys are doing. It’s disgusting. I want to have a lawyer with me before I talk to you. You guys are violating the Constitution.”

“This is not the America we once knew,” says MassResistance. An America like this cannot survive very long. Even the Deep State seems worried about Biden staying the course.