It is my honor to inform you that I have just announced my candidacy for Governor of Nevada.

The failed Biden Presidency continues to drag America down, and Biden-backed socialist Steve Sisolak continues to follow his disgraceful leadership.

It’s time we bring Real Conservative Leadership back to Nevada.

Radical socialist Democrats continue to push destructive and divisive ideas like Critical Race Theory and Open Borders instead of bringing back jobs, ending voter fraud, and protecting our unborn children. And establishment Republicans stand by while Sisolak continues to drive Nevada into the ground.

I have stood up to ineffectual Democrat and RINO leadership in the past, and I’m ready to do it as your next Governor.

Together we can show the radical Democrats and establishment Republicans how REAL Conservative Nevadans get things done!


I’ve only been in the race for two hours, and establishment Republicans are already running scared!

They know that my announcement to run for Governor of Nevada would mean actually standing up for real Conservative values against the radical Democrat agenda led by Biden-backed Steve Sisolak.

I’m running to bring back Real Conservative Leadership to Nevada.

For too long the RINOs have let Sisolak run his radical Democrat agenda over our Nevadan communities. Unconstitutional mandates, high unemployment rates, and inflation are all attacking our ability to overcome the economic crisis that has hit our State.

And what does Democrat leadership focus on? Critical Race Theory, Open Borders, and unleashing the FBI on parents who speak out against what the government teaches their own children.

We MUST stand up to this destructive agenda! I encourage you to join our movement and make a donation today