By: Cliff Kincaid

There is no doubt that NATO, once an anti-communist alliance, has been expanded too fast and was illegally transformed into an offensive force, such as we saw in the former Yugoslavia, and which was ordered by Democratic President Bill Clinton. It has become weak and ineffective, especially because its key member, Germany, was ruled by an alleged Russian agent, Angela Merkel. She made Germany dependent on Russian energy while terminating the nation’s nuclear power program.

A true whistleblower with direct knowledge and access to incriminating documents, not hearsay, the late Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky exposed how America’s “progressive” elites served as apologists for communism and documented how the European Union was a Soviet project from the start. Bukovsky co-authored (with Pavel Stroilov) the eye-opener, EUSSR: The Soviet Roots of European Integration, which examines “secretive discussions between Western and Soviet Union leaders planning to create a collectivist European Union State.”

This outcome is the subject of the “negotiations” between Putin and Biden.

Nevertheless, the Russians still hate NATO as a symbol of allied military might. There is a lesson here.

When China Joe Biden does something that seems right, such as reaffirming NATO, you can bet the worldwide communist movement will react with hatred and disgust. We have to look beneath the surface of this dialectical debate.

It’s all a show, as China Joe has no real intention to stop Moscow. After all, he gave approval to its Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany and Europe. He gave Russian economic blackmail power over Germany and Europe, leading to the EUSSR. It’s a  done deal.

But the communist response is noteworthy nonetheless. The Communist Party USA, once funded by Moscow, claims, “While major media in the U.S., both conservative and liberal, have everyone on edge waiting for a Russian ‘invasion’ of Ukraine, they ignore the reality that the U.S. has already ‘invaded’ not just Ukraine but numerous other countries in the region.”

History shows that NATO was conceived as a defensive force and countries voluntarily joined it.

What Russia is threatening is an actual invasion, as it already did under the presidency of Obama/Biden in 2014.

What’s more, some in the “conservative media,” such as Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon, are telling people that either Russia is correct or that it’s a case of Biden “wagging the dog,” to divert attention from his equally disastrous conduct of domestic affairs. They do not seem concerned about Russian aggression and what Biden is actually planning, using Ukraine as the provocation.

But “wag the dog,” as commonly understood, means starting a foreign war when, in the case of Ukraine, it’s clear Russia is threatening to expand the war, after starting it in 2014. This war has already taken 15,000 lives in Ukraine.

Russia still denies it invaded Ukraine. One of the most absurd Russian lies was that the images and video of Russian paratroopers captured in Ukraine were actually troops who had crossed the border “by accident.” Another whopper was provided by a pro-Russian terrorist leader in eastern Ukraine who said the Russian soldiers fighting with him were on “vacation.”

Russia originally invaded Ukraine in February of 2014, taking Crimea, and then it seized Eastern Ukraine. Obama/Biden failed to support the brave people of Ukraine against Russia with the weapons they need for their own self-defense. By contrast, the Trump administration approved the sale of defensive lethal weapons to Ukraine.

As a result, Trump now says, quite correctly, “What’s happening with Russia and Ukraine would never have happened under the Trump Administration. Not even a possibility!”

The communist-front ANSWER Coalition and CODE Pink have announced that “progressive and anti-imperialist voices” will be “speaking out against NATO aggression towards Russia and demanding that the cold war relic be disbanded!”  Communists will turn out on Thursday, January 27, at 1 p.m. across the street from the White House in Lafayette Square. Their cry is, “Protest at the White House: Disband NATO! No war on Russia!”

“No War on Russia” is also the cry of some so-called deluded and ignorant “conservatives.”

The far-left Institute for Public Accuracy blames NATO for inflaming relations with Russia and quotes a professor as saying a 1990 U.S. promise that NATO would never be expanded into the former communist states of Eastern Europe has been violated. The “promise” was not a treaty or an international agreement but a statement by former Secretary of State James Baker. It means nothing.

The Communist Party for Socialism and Liberation has announced, “With Ukraine at the brink, the Biden administration has been fanning the flames, shipping dozens of tons of weaponry and keeping 8,500 troops on alert for deployment in the region.”

What they ignore, of course, is that this is too little too late.

It says, “Join progressive and anti-imperialist voices in DC in speaking out against NATO aggression towards Russia, and calling for the cold war relic to be disbanded. The U.S. war machine is the real threat to peace!”

This is typical communist propaganda. The Thursday rally is communist through-and-through.

The real story is that the 8,500 U.S.-based military personnel who have been “put on a high state of alert” are not going into Ukraine and should not, since Ukraine is not a member of NATO. It’s all a show, to make Biden look tough when he has already sold out.

“We’re shipping over additional security assistance to the Ukrainians as we speak,” said Pentagon spokesperson John F. Kirby. “(and) are taking off and landing in Kyiv. So, we are acting.” It’s all beside the point. It’s too late. 

But this is an important story that has ramifications for the people of the Republic of China on Taiwan, South Korea, and America itself. Indeed, the fate of the Free World, as we remember the term, is at stake.

For the moment, let’s understand that we are witnessing an inspiring story of a former Soviet republic resisting incorporation in the new Russian empire and seeking membership in the Free World. It’s a story whose ending is still in doubt and which will affect America’s survival.

Looking back, here are the facts: Vladimir Putin’s puppet, Viktor Yanukovych, had won the election as president of Ukraine by promising close ties to the West — but he secretly negotiated a deal to bring the former Soviet republic back into Moscow’s sphere of influence. The people of Ukraine were betrayed and then revolted in a series of protests that will go down in history as the Ukrainian revolution of 2014. It is also known simply as Euromaidan, named for the pro-European tilt of the protests and the central square in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, where the demonstrations began.

As I wrote at the time, Putin’s invasion in 2014 was based in part on the knowledge that if a revolution could depose his crony in Ukraine, it could also happen to him. Indeed, it was an opportunity for the U.S. government, if Obama/Biden had been so inclined, not only to support Ukraine’s bid for independence but to seek regime change in Moscow. Instead, Obama continued his soft-on-Russia policy that has also led to Russian military intervention propping up the Syrian dictatorship. President Biden continued this policy.

The protests at the time pushed forward a process of “de-communization” in the parts of Ukraine not under Russian occupation. The new laws passed in 2015 honor the memory of Ukrainian freedom fighters, authorize access to the archives of the communist regime, and ban the use of both communist and Nazi symbols. As a result, the Communist Party of Ukraine, which was a part of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU,) was outlawed and hundreds of Lenin monuments or statues were torn down.

In the U.S. and Russia, of course, communist political parties are completely legal. The Russian Communist Party is the second-largest, behind Putin’s United Russia party, and backs Putin’s presidency.

What’s more, Putin has declared that the Democratic Party in the U.S. “is traditionally closer to the so-called liberal values, closer to Social Democratic ideas, if compared to Europe. And it was from the Social Democratic environment that the Communist Party evolved.”

So Putin and Biden agree on much more than they disagree. They are playing geopolitics with the future of Ukraine.

Biden, Obama, Merkel, and the rest of these Western “leaders” refused to support the Ukrainian struggle for independence from Moscow.

Even without another Russian invasion, Ukraine’s freedom, independence, and sovereignty have been greatly diminished. Much of the Russian objective has already been achieved. Only the details have to be worked out, creating the EUSSR.

We have to learn these lessons and fast, understanding that America is the “main enemy” and the ultimate target.

Don’t forget it was Obama’s mentor, Communist Frank Marshall Davis, who wrote a poem dedicated to the Soviet Red Army, “Smash on, victory-eating Red Army,” while attacking traditional Christianity and the work of Christian missionaries. His goal was a Soviet America.

It was his vice-president, now President Joe Biden, who wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal titled, “How I Learned to Love the New World Order.”

Sounding tough about the Russians and the Chinese, Biden actually favors a global accommodation with both of these adversaries. That means the integration of capitalism with communism, creating a one-world socialist state. The Russians call it “convergence.” Democrats call it “social democracy.”

This is the “Great Reset.” It’s happening now.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.