By: Bruce Deitrick Price | American Thinker

Bruce Deitrick Price: The big problem for all of us is to grasp the entirety of your work.  So my first question is, what is the broad concern that ties together all this research?

Linda Goudsmit: The most important thing is to realize that globalism is at war with the nation-state.  I am talking about globalism as an ideology and political force that seeks to reorder the world from the existing system of independent nation-states into one single global nation-state ruled by themselves, of course.  But globalism cannot succeed without collapsing the United States.  So we face an alliance of convenience among the far-left progressives, Deweyites, socialists, Marxists, doctrinaire communists, totalitarians — all advancing their own anti-American agendas in common cause.  If you oppose them, you are a threat who must be crushed.

BDP: Yes, that sounds right.  So tell us how the aggressors operate.

LG: Relentlessly is the one best word.  The re-education programming begins long before college.  Sesame Street creatures are not advocating individual growth, independence, critical thinking, excellence, and the merit system, which support capitalism and democracy.  They are advocating groupthink, dependence, mediocrity, and collectivism, preparing your children for living under socialism.  In the beginning of the book, I warn the reader, “There is an old saying in family businesses: the first generation starts a business. The second generation runs it.  The third generation ruins it.”  Metaphorically, our American family business is now in its third generation.

BDP: I’ve long suspected that the  American public does not see how truly vast is the enemy’s project, and how ruthless and thorough they are.

LG: Students already indoctrinated toward collectivism enter the university passive, unaware, compliant, and primed for re-education.  The socialist re-education curriculum at the university reinforces their passivity, and students graduate uninformed, disinformed, and misinformed, with degrees in the orthodoxy of leftism and its tyrannical demands for conformity.

BDP: What’s the philosophy, the book, or the person that most influenced your views today?

LG: Probably Erich Fromm in his 1941 classic Escape from Freedom.  I read the book in college and was struck by Fromm’s extraordinary discussion of freedom as a complex psychological construct, not just a political one.  He explains that political freedom, though it brings man independence and rationality, has made him feel isolated, which can lead to anxiety and a sense of powerlessness.

I realized in college that freedom is not only a choice; it is an adult enterprise psychologically.  Today, the psychological/political nexus of freedom is exploited to condition young children toward collectivism rather than individualism.  It is a monstrous abuse of power.

BDP: CRT is for me symbolic of what gimmicks the left will try.  I prefer to translate CRT as Communist Race Tactics.  Hopefully, it will backfire.  What’s your take?

LG: CRT not only foments racial tension; it also creates family tension.  Conservative parents who reject the racism inherent in CRT are scorned by their propagandized children.  Educational indoctrination toward Marxism/communism and racist CRT in schools across America is an attack on the conservative American family that begins in K–12 and extends through the university level.  Impressionable children not only reject their parents’ conservative values; they reject their parents and rupture the family.

CRT is not the only anti-American element of educational indoctrination.  Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is far more insidious because it replaces parental authority with state authority inside the schools.  Instead of being taught basic skills and foundational knowledge, children are being parented with SEL in schools by teachers/change agents.

BDP: I think of these invaders as the new Mongols, a weird kind of barbarian.  They think of themselves as intellectuals.  That’s why they’re always playing mind games.  What’s your umbrella term?

LG: Socialist is a good word.  Centuries of American parents preparing their children for independence and the launch into responsible adulthood are being disparaged, discredited, and replaced by a socialist movement determined to keep the children eternally dependent.

BDP: The phrase socialist movement makes it sound almost ordinary and harmless.  What  I like about your work is you spell out how extremely malevolent the movement is.

LG: I try to show how the infantilization of America using the COVID-19 fear campaign, scientism, educational indoctrination, and the associated media propaganda has successfully resulted in families rupturing over what is truth and reality.

Decades of educational indoctrination have undermined family unity by challenging parental authority and traditional American values.

BDP: That’s a sad, big truth.  To reach their goals, they have to completely debase people into something smaller and more manipulatable.

LG: Freedom requires its citizens to live in the adult world of objective reality, where they cannot be bamboozled.  Rational adulthood is the defense against insanity and enslavement, because freedom is an adult enterprise.

BDP: I think the left takes pride in destruction.  Nihilism is finally all that the left has to offer.  Your final thoughts?

LG: Today’s globalist war on America is being fought over the most precious of natural resources: the children.  Parents and grandparents must fight the war for the children, or they will lose the war for the children.  There is nothing in between — and the globalist enemy knows it.

BDP: Thank you for your extraordinary work.

PS: In her section on illiteracy (pages 42–44), Linda Goudsmit indicates that my demolition of sight-words is the best she has seen.  As she is an indefatigable researcher, this is quite a compliment.

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