By: Cliff Kincaid

In another shocking display of America’s downward spiral into Cultural Marxism, a pothead by the name of Robert Crimo killed seven people and wounded more than 40 in a July 4th parade. Associates of Crimo, who maintained his own macabre YouTube channel, say that he was an “isolated stoner” into “alternate reality.”

You only have to look at pictures of this zombie, with his face tattoos, colored hair, and gaunt appearance, to know something is seriously wrong.

While the influence of prescription drugs cannot be ruled out, at this point all indications are that he had mental illness sparked by the “soft” drug known as cannabis.

Marijuana is legal in Illinois and Crimo’s neighborhood is home to a “marijuana dispensary.” Demonstrating his sense of priorities, Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker had called the state’s marijuana legalization bill the “Most Equity-Centric Law” in the nation. The law set aside 20 percent of the revenue generated by legalization for “mental health and substance abuse services in Illinois,” indicating advance knowledge of what was to come from legalizing a mind-altering substance.

It turns out that “reefer madness” is real and is taking its toll on young people.

In America as a whole, Big Marijuana has become a booming business, with coverage as a respectable industry from the likes of CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

The Illinois case seems to be eerily similar to the case of Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland Florida mass shooter, who plead guilty to murdering 17 people in 2018 and told police about extensive drug use, including marijuana, and “demons” in his mind.

Crimo seems to be another case of someone “programmed to kill,” probably as a result of marijuana-induced psychosis. On one of his YouTube videos, where he advertised his intentions, Crimo had posted a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK’s assassin, on his wall. That’s significant, since Oswald, as noted by communist defector Ion Mihai Pacepa, was “programmed” to kill by the KGB.

One study, “SHOOTERS, TERRORISTS AND MASS KILLERS WHO USED MARIJUANA,” lists dozens of mad stoner episodes.

If someone wants to stop “gun violence,” one place to start is enforcing federal laws against marijuana.

The Highland Park shooter, who was under police surveillance at one time, is just the latest example of mass violence that escapes the attention of the Biden Department of Justice. A letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland from a national coalition urging him to support enforcement of federal marijuana laws has been ignored. That’s because Democrats favor legalization and the financial donations that would flow from the marijuana industry.

At the very least, enforcement of current federal marijuana laws will save the minds of some young people and reduce the number of drug addicts with mental problems running rampant in the streets of major cities and contributing to mass murder and the rising crime rate.

To make matters worse, marijuana is now being laced with fentanyl, made by Mexican cartels with chemicals from China, to increase the carnage.

Garland should be investigating and prosecuting those behind this trend. Instead, Garland mounts the biggest investigation in FBI history to go after protesters who were lured into the Capitol on January 6, 2021, even though the only victim of gun violence that day was Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, murdered by a member of the Capitol Police.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Senator Mike Lee called for Garland to be held “accountable” for another example of malfeasance in office — failing to protect the pro-life judges on the Court. This, too, is a serious matter involving potential violence and terrorism.

But Lee knows that only 30 Senate Republicans voted against Garland’s confirmation. He was one of them, to his credit. On the other hand, Garland won the votes of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Judiciary Committee’s top Republican, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

Garland’s soft-on-drugs policy has been extended to Joe Biden’s son Hunter, a drug addict who illegally purchased a gun without disclosing his habit and has not been prosecuted.

As noted by Politico, “Hunter responded ‘no’ to a question on the [gun] transaction record that asks, ‘Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?’ Five years earlier, he had been discharged from the Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine, and he and family members have spoken about his history of drug use.”

Only a concerted drive for impeachment can convince Republican voters they are serious about removing the Biden regime.

On the Fox show talking about the illegal street protests outside of the homes of pro-life Supreme Court members, Senator Lee said, “It is beyond my ability to understand why it is that Merrick Garland and his Department of Justice haven’t investigated and prosecuted these crimes.” He added, “I hereby call on them to do so. If they’re unwilling to do this, they’re really imperiling our entire system of government, and they need to be held accountable.”

Garland refuses to act, despite one assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh.

Lee, who won his Senate primary, is a good conservative but fails to grasp the serious nature of what the Biden regime represents.  This is not a collection of “radicals” but a communist-style regime determined to eliminate its political enemies, through intimidation and violence if necessary.  Garland showed his hand when he was caught hunting for parental terrorists at school board meetings.

Before YouTube terminated my channel, eliminating 500 anti-communist videos from public view, I had analyzed the issue of Merrick Garland’s involvement in a court case brought by the Obama Administration to drop terrorism charges against a communist by the name of Elizabeth Anna Duke. She was a member of a Weather Underground spin-off that specialized in terrorism and was charged with bombing the Capitol in 1983. Then-Judge Merrick Garland found no problem with a magistrate who arbitrarily dropped the charges against her, at the request of Obama’s Justice Department.

Garland authorized dropping that charge, but has proceeded as Attorney General with charges against trespassers lured into the Capitol on January 6 and calling them “insurrectionists.”

I had the Duke story confirmed by interviews with such key figures as legal analyst Montgomery Blair Sibley and Paul Kamenar of the National Legal and Policy Center. But now, as a result of YouTube banning my channel, these YouTube videos have been eliminated from public view (along with other videos opposing the drug legalization movement).

Through its censorship policies, YouTube is protecting Obama and the Biden regime. And now, according to filmmaker Joel Gilbert, another Obama is planning to run his wife Michelle for president in 2024, replacing Biden.

While Senator Lee demands accountability, with no likelihood of compliance, Rep. Scott Perry goes further, introducing a measure calling for Garland’s impeachment.

Lee should demand that Mitch McConnell disavow his vote for Garland and lead calls for Garland’s removal.