By: Cliff Kincaid

In the deep blue state of Maryland, as primary elections approach, an anti-Trump Republican governor, Larry Hogan, is attempting to curry more favor with Democrats by passing the baton to Kelly Schulz, another liberal anti-Trump Republican regarded as the RINO-anointed heir to Hogan. Hogan, considered a major RINO, is term-limited. On the other hand, the Democrats are offering what some observers are calling “another Obama,” a black advocate of marijuana legalization by the name of Wes Moore.

Attempting to disrupt this pitiful choice is the Trump-endorsed state Delegate Dan Cox, running in the Republican primary against Schulz on July 19.  If he can win Maryland, Trump-backed candidates can win anywhere.

Maryland is an example of what’s happening nationally – Democrats and RINOs are teaming up to defeat and destroy Trump Republicans.

Kelly Schulz is running commercials on Fox News claiming that she is a conservative candidate for Governor in Maryland. But on her website, she touts her endorsement from the liberal Washington Post. The paper, a long-time voice of the national Democratic Party and the Deep State, claims Schulz’s win in the primary on July 19 against conservative Dan Cox would make Maryland into “a vibrant two-party system” when she has backed out of several debates with Cox because she knows her views are unpopular with conservatives.

But she has RINO money, just like Liz Cheney.

The real story, which should be of interest to Fox viewers, is that some “Republicans” such as Schulz and Hogan are working to destroy the Trump movement in the party. What’s more, Maryland Democrats have intervened in the race, running commercials and producing fliers claiming that “Dangerous Dan Cox is Too Conservative for Maryland.” Schulz claims those efforts are meant to elect Cox, not defeat him.

Sounding like Liz Cheney attacking Trump, Schulz has accused Cox of being “QAnon” and a “fringe” candidate because he dares question Biden’s election.

In fact, however, Cox was not alone in calling for election integrity. Thousands of people from his home state of Maryland attended the January 6, 2021, rally to protest Biden’s “election.” A leader of the Frederick County (Maryland) Conservative Club, Seth Eisenberg, reported that members filled 3 buses and headed to Washington D.C. to exercise their first amendment rights. “No other club in Frederick has ever accomplished getting that many people together to attend a rally in DC before,” he said.

None participated in any violence.

But after he posted a video of the crowd, on January 8, “I woke up to find an official Facebook notice calling the video a ‘violation of community standards on dangerous individuals and organizations.’”

A similar thing happened to me, but in a much bigger form, as YouTube terminated my channel, with 500 videos, because I questioned the legitimacy of the Biden and Obama presidencies.

I don’t take positions in political contests, being a journalist, but I covered a recent Cox for governor rally and saw no evidence of “QAnon or “conspiracy” theories. What I found was a group of over 500 people concerned about their rights, the miseducation of their children in Maryland schools, and high crime in the cities.

Cox, a State Delegate who is backed by former President Trump, has been relentlessly attacked by liberal elements in the Maryland Republican Party and the liberal Big Media.

“Kelly Schulz has five times the cash I do, and has paid her team around $800,000 in salaries, has spent $1.3 million at least on negative ads against me, and yet our campaign for Freedom is beating her,” says Cox, who is leading in the polls.

Showing his backbone, Cox, a state delegate, had filed impeachment charges against Hogan himself over the governor’s handling of Covid-19 and related matters. He demonstrated that he will hold both political parties “accountable” for the mess we’re in.

Having introduced a parental rights bill in the state legislature, Cox is also standing up for the fundamental rights of parents to direct their child’s medical needs, education, religion, and family morals.

During Covid, Hogan closed down churches and left pot shops open. Indeed, “medical cannabis growers, processors, and dispensaries” were considered public health establishments.

Like many states, Maryland is home to a booming “medical marijuana” industry that developed under Hogan and Schulz. Yet, on marijuana legalization, Schulz said “she doesn’t yet have a policy position,” one report indicated. Cox is opposed.

Like many areas of the nation, drug use in Maryland is out of control, thanks in part to the increasing availability of marijuana, domestically grown and imported from Mexico by the cartels.

Under RINO Governor Larry Hogan, Maryland’s medical cannabis industry has hit $600 million in revenue. Marijuana can trigger paranoia and violence and primes the brain for opioid addiction. A “Review of Cases of Marijuana and Violence” exposed the danger in all of this, finding numerous cases of marijuana linked to violence and mass murder.

On May 24, 2022, Salvador Ramos fatally shot nineteen students and two teachers and wounded seventeen others at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Earlier that day, the perpetrator shot his grandmother in the face, severely wounding her. It appears he was another mass murderer who used pot. He said he hated his mother and grandmother who restricted his marijuana use.

Robert “Bobby” Crimo, who killed seven people and wounded more than 40 in a July 4th parade, was described by friends as an “isolated stoner” in to “alternate reality.” Police reports document his drug use, including marijuana.

RINO Governor Hogan went so far as to direct his Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs (GOMA) to initiate a “disparity study” of Maryland’s “regulated medical cannabis industry,” in order to identify and ensure “appropriate opportunities for minority participation.”

In other words, rather than save blacks from this drug scourge, he wants some blacks to make money by getting other blacks hooked on the dope.

On the Democratic Party side, Wes Moore, who leads the fundraising pack, wants to go further, advocating full-blown legalization. This would be payback to Green Thumb Industries, one of the largest marijuana companies in the world, on whose board he served. However, he has to win the Democratic Party nomination on July 19 and is competing against nine other Democrats.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has endorsed him, even though questions have been raised about Moore’s claims regarding his own military service and background.

“I’m inspired by the leadership of President Obama and President Biden and forever grateful for their service to our country,” says Moore.

This is Maryland’s future unless Dan Cox can vanquish Kelly Schulz on July 19 and then defeat the Democrats in November.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.