By: Cliff Kincaid

On the anniversary of 9/11, I am used to seeing the claims that Dick Cheney and other officials bombed the World Trade Center in an “inside job” designed to drag us into war. This is the Alex Jones school of thought. He also claimed the children murdered at Sandy Hook were child actors. For the latter, he has been ordered to pay millions of dollars in damages to the families of the victims.

When former Trump adviser Stephen K. Bannon promotes the Alex Jones school of lunatic thought, he makes Trump supporters look stupid.

Jones became the face of the 9/11 “truth” movement, even though another Jones, former Obama official, and Marxist Van Jones, was another prominent advocate of the view that America attacked itself on 9/11.

The 9/11 “truth movement” was not concerned about the real truth but political gain for the opponents of the Bush Administration. That is why a Marxist like Van Jones, and others like him from the “progressive” side of the political spectrum, were a major part of that apparatus.

This is not to say that there are no anomalies and problems in the official story. We know that a military intelligence unit, Able Danger, had identified several of the 9/11 hijackers in the U.S. a year before the 9/11 terrorist attacks were carried out.

And the FBI knew as well.

I asked former FBI special agent Coleen Rowley about the absurd “inside job” claims during an interview. She said the “inside job” nonsense is a lunatic response to those who wanted to use 9/11 for political purposes. She said it’s important to ascertain the facts about what happened. And those facts are that a Muslim terrorist group by the name of al Qaeda was on American soil plotting to attack the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and possibly the White House or the Capitol building.

Rowley is not a conservative or a neoconservative. She ran for Congress, after being forced out of the FBI for whistleblowing, as a Democrat. She later left the Democratic Party, concluding it was corrupt.

Rowley’s FBI office in Minneapolis had learned of the 9/11 plot before it happened, when agents were tipped off about an al Qaeda operative, Zacarias Moussaoui, taking flight training in the area. After the fact, the FBI would admit that, on August 15, 2001, “the flight school reported its suspicions about Moussaoui to the FBI, including that he only wanted to learn how to take off and land the airplane, that he had no background in aviation, and that he had paid in cash for the course.” But FBI headquarters failed to investigate and stop him.

If FBI headquarters had taken proper action, 9/11 could have been stopped.

Who was really behind the 9/11 “inside job” disinformation? It didn’t start with Alex Jones, but he jumped on the Marxist-inspired disinformation bandwagon. I discuss the assortment of globalists and New Agers behind this theory in my report, “The Big Con and 9/11 Truth.”

Indeed, convicted con man Lyndon LaRouche was considered the intellectual author of the 9/11 truth movement because he started questioning whether Muslims had staged the attacks right after they occurred. Larouche started out as a Marxist and, in a 1976 lecture, titled, “What Only Communists Know,” declared his desire to bring into being “a new Marxist international…”

The truth is that 9/11 was another FBI “intelligence failure” from a corrupt agency that has only gotten more corrupt over the years. Every “failure” seems to give them more power.

The FBI also failed to stop or even understand the nature of the post-9/11 anthrax attacks. Those, too, were carried out by al Qaeda, operating on American soil.

The phrases “Death to America,” “Death to Israel” and “Allah is God” were on the anthrax letters but FBI Director Robert Mueller was ordered to cover up al Qaeda involvement. Why? The evidence is that the anthrax was stolen from a U.S. lab by an al Qaeda operative.

Remember that former FBI Director Mueller, the Russia-gate Special Counsel, blamed al Qaeda’s post-9/11 anthrax attacks on innocent American scientists. From the start of the FBI’s inquiry, the Bureau seemed determined to eliminate al Qaeda as a source of the attacks. Former government scientist Dr. Stephen Hatfill’s career was destroyed by the FBI as they sought to frame him. Eventually, the Department of Justice paid Hatfill a multi-million dollar settlement in recognition of the fact that they had persecuted an innocent man.

Mueller ran the FBI and failed to implement reforms after a Russian agent, Robert Hanssen, was caught. Incredibly, Hanssen had worked on FBI counter-intelligence against the Russians!

This is the real 9/11 Truth. Our “intelligence” agencies are filled with infiltrators and those who protect them. These corrupt agencies cannot be trusted. They must be abolished. They do not protect the American people. They exist only to enrich themselves with money and power.

Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.