By: Cliff Kincaid

As we approach Halloween, let’s think about unleashing a hungry Vampire on the beast known as Big Government.

On Monday, the big news was that the tax cuts being proposed by the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss were being somewhat scaled back because they might “favor the rich.” This is a Marxist line of attack.

Yet, Stephen K. Bannon was on his “Real America’s Voice” show trashing Truss for proposing tax cuts in the first place. He called her proposal a “ridiculous unfunded massive tax cut.” His guest, Steve Cortes, agreed.

They were echoing the liberal news outlets and the IMF about the “unfunded” nature of those tax cuts.

Look at the headlines:

  • IMF gives damning verdict on Britain’s tax cuts — CNBC.
  • Fiscal fisticuffs: the week the IMF attacked Britain’s tax cuts — Financial Times.
  • IMF openly criticizes UK government tax plans — BBC News.
  • Truss U-turned on tax cuts for the super-rich – now she can axe the rest of her disastrous budget – London Guardian.
  • The UK scraps a proposed tax cut for the wealthy that sparked market turmoil – NPR.

“In a stunning reversal,” declared Fox Business, “Britain’s Conservative government dropped a key part of the tax cuts package that sparked outrage, market turmoil and sent the pound plunging.”

The left-wing Media Matters declared, “British currency has been plummeting due to investor fears that the Truss tax cuts, and the resulting borrowing needed to recover the lost revenue, will worsen inflation in the U.K., which already stands at 10%.

This is a concrete example of the power of the globalists that Bannon and others claim to oppose.

Since when it is supposed to be “unfunded” to return money to the people? It’s the people’s money to begin with. How can money in the hands of the people be “lost” to the government?

The Marxist assumptions in such talk are that the government has a claim to your living standards and that your money belongs to them. That’s the Marxist principle of confiscating and eventually abolishing private property to create an all-powerful state.

The commentaries emanating from “conservative” channels like Real America’s Voice and Fox Business have nothing to do with the conservatism of people like Ronald Reagan, who understood that tax cuts were the means by which some of the government’s power over us can be whittled away.

Truss understands this.  “We are getting our economy growing through tax cuts and reform,” she said, as she opened the Conservative Party conference.

Tax cuts were part of the agenda of President Trump, who produced an unprecedented economic boom with $3.2 trillion in historic tax relief before China released its deadly virus on the world. That occurred through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

The globalists hate tax cuts. As you can see in the headlines and news coverage, the International Monetary Fund warned against Truss’ economic policy. The Bank of England deliberately created panic, pushing the line that tax cuts would usher in a debt crisis.

But that is typical of the thinking of the central bankers and others who got us into this economic and financial mess in the first place. We are already in a debt crisis created by government tax and spending programs.

Truss understands that tax cuts return power to the people. One of Truss’ daughters is named “Liberty” and she was the initiator of the Free Enterprise Group (FEG) “caucus” in Parliament.

In the USA, some conservatives are giving up on tax cuts and instead proposing “accountability” for Biden & Company through hearings and impeachment. Haven’t we learned by now that the federal government is not accountable?

The only answer is to cut taxes and spending, starving the state of the revenue it needs to operate.

Let’s face it: our federal government does not protect or defend our lives, liberty, and property. So why keep them in business?

The new Republican “Commitment to America” calls for “an economy that’s strong,” but this can only be accomplished through a bill to make permanent the tax reduction and reform under Trump.

It’s no secret that the IMF, the United Nations, and other global institutions are planning to dominate the world. The IMF has been assigned the job of studying how to implement a global tax on America and the rest of the world.

The New World Order is undermined when countries cut taxes for their people.

Forget all of the talk about accountability, hearings, and impeachment. Government survives on the basis of taxes. The only effective way to drive a stake through the heart of Big Government is to deprive the politicians and the bureaucracy of the revenue they need to operate.

The globalists need high taxes for their agenda.

Speaking for them, the new King of England, Charles, said at Davos that, in order to combat “climate change” and move forward, “we need nothing short of a paradigm shift, one that inspires action at revolutionary levels and pace.”

Joan Veon’s book, Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince, notes that Charles was greatly influenced by the South African-born mystic Laurens van der Post, later exposed as a liar, fraud, and pedophile. Charles was a convert to James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis, a belief based on the Greek goddess Gaia, the Earth Mother.

According to these elites, we have too much economic and political freedom to improve our lives and our standard of living.

In order to accomplish this, they need higher and higher taxes, even a global tax they hope to be accepted at the upcoming U.N.-sponsored “climate change” conference known as COP27.

Toward this end, the U.N.’s Environmental Sabbath program advised kids to hold hands around a tree and meditate. The purpose, through dope or meditation, is to become “one” with trees, rocks, and dirt.

This means that, in addition to defunding most of the federal government, the people must take control of their local school districts and give parents the option to take their children out of public schools.

Power to the people means cutting federal taxes and taking control of how they are used on the local level. We know what has to be done.

  • Cliff Kincaid is the president of America’s Survival, Inc.