By: JD Rucker | NOQ Report

Trevor Loudon has been fighting the good fight against foreign infiltration in the United States for decades. The New Zealand native has made the United States his home and he refuses to allow foreign powers to continue to have so much influence here. From exposing radical Islam to Neo-Marxists to the globalist elite cabal, Loudon has built a career around informing politicians and average Americans about the dangers we face.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him for the first time yesterday. It was enthralling as he began by detailing what’s in his newest books. He revealed some of the Senators who are compromised by the Chinese Communist Party and also happen to be on the ballots next Tuesday.

Here’s the clip from the latest episode of The JD Rucker Show:

This is what the next conservative president has to do. First of all, you set up a new intelligence agency focused solely on foreign infiltration. You staff it with people who left the service — maybe the CIA, the FBI — at the beginning of the Obama administration or earlier, so they’re not tainted.

Then you bring in a whole bunch of new guys, vetted from special forces, from the technical institutions. This agency is like an untouchables unit. It’s only about foreign agents. And then you declare a three month amnesty for every foreign agent in the country. The president declares an amnesty.

You’ve got three months to leave the country or to come forward to the new agency and spill your guts. Tell us everything you know. If you spill your guts, you’ll get to escape prosecution. You’ll have to testify in court against the… you’ll have to rat out your colleagues in court, but you won’t be prosecuted. That would throw every foreign network in the country into total confusion.

You’d see a whole bunch of Senators leave the Senate for ‘family reasons.’ You’d see a whole bunch of Big Tech guys stand down, a whole bunch of Wall Street guys stand down. Thousands of… hundreds of thousands of Chinese would leave the country. Russian mob would sell their mansions in Miami and go back to Moscow.

You’d see Hezbollah guys taken off because all these networks would be in confusion. None of them could trust what was going on. You might have some Iranian spy dealing with a corrupt, corrupt defense contractor. But he wouldn’t know if the corrupt defense contractor was wearing a wire, had taken a deal and he’s thinking, ‘If I get caught, I’m going to Leavenworth with for 30 years.

Because at the end of three months, if you don’t come forward, you get 30 years in jail. See a lot of these traitors, these Senators, they get slowly corrupted. They might be compromised on… sexually compromised on a trip overseas. Their family might be threatened. They might be offered a business deal that they don’t understand the implications of. A lot of these traitors want out.

Amnesty is the road out. As long as you rat out everybody you were working with. You would, you would completely transform the country in a matter of a few weeks without firing a single shot. America would be a different place and millions of Americans would understand how deeply penetrated we were by the Iranians, by the Chinese, by the Russians, by the Cubans, by the Turks, by the Saudis, et cetera.

Heavy penalties if you don’t come forward, amnesty if you do. Leave the country, take amnesty, or go to jail for 30 years, that’s your choices. That would transform America.

Some will see this as a brilliant proposal because it would almost certainly work. Others might be concerned about the costs to our freedoms since federal law enforcement does not have a good track-record in recent years. Loudon’s proposal attempts to address this lack of faith in current agencies by only recruiting those who have not been compromised. That may be easier said than done, especially considering the size this agency would need to be in order to bear fruit.

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting idea that should be considered by, as Loudon put it, the “next conservative president.” Whether that’s Donald Trump or someone else, we won’t know for a while. But whoever it is, they should seriously look into this.

Here’s the full episode: