By: Cliff Kincaid

Despite claims of a MAGA Red Wave on November 8, Barack Hussein Obama pulled it off. America’s first Marxist president emerged from the shadows and orchestrated a Democratic Party comeback that has effectively blocked any Republican effort in Congress to root out communism and corruption.

The puppet master behind China Joe, Obama understands Marxist strategies of gaining and maintaining power. He outmaneuvered the naïve MAGA Republicans who believed their own propaganda of a Red Tsunami.

Stephen K. Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and other self-proclaimed MAGA spokesmen had predicted massive Republican gains, including 50 seats or more in the House. As of this writing, Republicans may get a slim House majority. Control of the Senate is still undecided.

MAGA candidates in Pennsylvania, where they should have done well, were crushed.

A MAGA candidate for governor in Maryland, Dan Cox, was decisively beaten by a former marijuana company executive, Wes Moore, who is described as the next Obama.

In short, we are continuing to see the “fundamental transformation” of America, which began years ago under the watchful eye of Barack Hussein Obama and his top lieutenants, including one Patrick Gaspard. He was the president of the George Soros-funded Open Society Foundations, giving away nearly a billion dollars per year to dozens of left-wing and Marxist organizations around the world.

Please note that Soros’ favorite causes include drug legalization, strengthening the United Nations, opposition to the death penalty, euthanasia, tax increases (including a global tax), immigrant rights, feminism, abortion rights, and homosexual/transgender rights. This continues to be the recipe for solidifying control of a Marxist America.

Targeting blacks and guilty white liberals, Gaspard had announced a staggering grant of $220 million of Soros money into black power movements, “placing a bet on their ability to carry today’s momentum toward a better tomorrow.” That’s on top of the admitted $15.2 billion the billionaire hedge fund operator had already provided to various Marxist and “progressive” forces.

In our special report, “Personnel is Policy: How Obama Transformed America,” we identified the people orchestrating this strategy as Patrick Gaspard, who is still unknown to many conservatives, and Steve Phillips, the actual author of the Rainbow Nation strategy.

As I argued in a column before the elections, we need to go back in history and understand what Obama has already accomplished. My group, America’s Survival, Inc., published three books on the political significance of the Obama presidency.

Gaspard, now President & CEO of the Center for American Progress (CAP), defends the American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and the Inflation Reduction Act, laws that have created a domestic and global crisis and chaos. You can see it in today’s headlines, with massive layoffs in the tech and financial sectors.

America is entering a period of stagflation.

Gaspard said that, regardless of the election results, “If progressives hang together, the capacity for what we can achieve is enormous.”

“At CAP,” he says, “we will continue to do whatever we can to lift up the landmark laws that passed in the first two years of the Biden administration, champion their benefits, and push for additional policies that can improve lives in this country.”

All of this is Marxist rhetoric but the Democrats motivated their base. The Republican effort, despite all of the overheated pro-MAGA rhetoric from people like Stephen K. Bannon, fell short. That’s partly because traditional Republicans are turned off by the rhetoric of people like Bannon, his associate Alex Jones, and other MAGA sycophants on the “Real America’s Voice” channel.

Still, the channel itself proclaimed, “The Red Wave never showed up.”

On the Democratic side, Gaspard is the quiet behind-the-scenes operator who was initially nominated by Obama to be his Ambassador to South Africa, already considered a “Rainbow Nation.” A member of Obama’s inner circle, he had served as Director of the White House Office of Political Affairs, where he helped coordinate the rainbow political strategy. He also served as the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee and lobbyist for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Steve Phillips, the author of the Rainbow Nation strategy, says, “There is a New American Majority in America, consisting of roughly 75% of people of color and 40% of whites. If progressives help manifest that majority at the polls, the midterms can be a time for celebration. And if the [2022] results are disappointing, the imperative to adopt smarter strategies and invest in a voter turnout machine for 2023 and 2024 will be that much stronger.

This was written, of course, before the November 8 election results came in and demonstrated that the Democratic Party’s “voter turnout machine” is far superior to that of the Republicans.

Demonstrating his reach in the media, Phillips has now joined ESPN host Stephen A. Smith to discuss Phillips’ new book, How We Win the Civil War: Securing a Multiracial Democracy and Ending White Supremacy for Good.

The Obama machine is committed to winning not only the American civil war but what Bertil Haggman, director of the Center for Research on Geopolitics in Sweden, calls a “planetary civil war.” We are in the midst of this revolution, which has been carried forward by Barack Hussein Obama, as we saw in his appearances on the campaign trail. He is the real power behind China Joe.

“V.I. Lenin, one of the keenest criminal political minds in world history, early claimed that the imperative was to train professional revolutionists and they had, according to him, to be trained for years,” explains Haggman. “Lenin meant what he said and during the existence of the Soviet regime over 100,000 dedicated communists were trained in Soviet Russian or satellite political warfare academies. The trainees later made careers in local communist parties and home countries often to become powerful politicians to influence world political events.”

Obama was once described by a Communist Party writer as the Marxist “mole” in the American political system. “Obama is Never Going Away” was the title of my column warning of what was to come on November 8.

As an eyewitness to what is happening in South Africa, Gaspard understood how a communist regime could take power through the democratic process.  The communist government there is exploiting the votes of the majority black population.

Here, the strategy is slightly different. The key to the Obama/Gaspard strategy is to shame enough whites to join the communist coalition.  These are the “progressive whites” who were caught up in the George Floyd protests. Through one of the most skillful propaganda campaigns ever launched, the cops in the Floyd case were portrayed as cold-blooded killers when in fact they were confronted with a career criminal high on drugs who was foaming at the mouth and resisting arrest.

We can expect more of this kind of propaganda in the months ahead, as we anticipate the 2024 presidential race. The MAGA movement needs to understand how communists overthrow non-communist majorities and make democracies into dictatorships.

We can expect more of this kind of propaganda in the months ahead, as we anticipate the 2024 presidential race. The MAGA movement needs to understand how communists overthrow non-communist majorities and make democracies into dictatorships.

A good place to start is the 1961 House Committee on Un-American Activities analysis of the book How Parliament can Play a Revolutionary Part in Transition to Socialism. It is one of the most amazing Communist documents of our time.