By: Cliff Kincaid

Ex-communist and internal security expert Herb Romerstein was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about the communist conspiracy. Although Herb passed away in 2013, we have Trevor Loudon to continue his work. His KeyWiki Internet encyclopedia brings everything we know about the communist conspiracy up to date, even with “Weekly Profiles” of communists, socialists and subversives. In addition, he records films for Epoch TV and publishes books on the latest scandals, including Security Risk Senators, Parts One and Two.

With Democratic Party control of the Senate, these last two books have to be read in detail and understood. His Epoch TV video, “US Senate Has Been Deeply Infiltrated by Enemies Foreign and Domestic,” summarizes his new books.

It’s impossible in this one column to summarize the evidence of treason and betrayal Trevor documents in these volumes. He analyzes the backgrounds and records of dozens of Senators.

It’s the epilogue that offers solutions, including a new security agency for the United States and establishing a public register of subversive organizations.

Practically speaking, before these proposals are implemented, we need a House of Representatives in the firm hands of a conservative majority dedicated to restoring a committee to monitor internal security. However, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who is running for speaker, purged Rep. Steve King from the Congress after he spoke publicly in favor of saving Western civilization. King had also been vocal in supporting establishment of a House Committee on Un-American Activities.

This proposal harkens back to the time when the security of the United States was taken seriously. Herb Romerstein worked for the House Committee on Un-American Activities, the House Internal Security Committee and the House Intelligence Committee. He also headed the Office to Counter Soviet Disinformation and Active Measures of the United States Information Agency.

Except for the House Intelligence Committee, these committees and offices are either now defunct or under Democratic Party control. The House Intelligence Committee will now be under Republican leadership. Rep. Mike Turner (Ohio), the likely new chairman, can make a difference by bringing back oversight of the communist networks linked to China and Russia.

On the Senate side, consider that in 2004 the Senate voted unanimously voted to recognize the “loyal service” of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the World War II Manhattan Project that produced the atomic bomb. But the overwhelming evidence shows that Oppenheimer was a communist.

Romerstein, co-author of a book on Soviet espionage, The Venona Secrets, told me at the time, “There isn’t any question that Oppenheimer was a traitor to the United States and doesn’t deserve any of the honors that these people [in the Senate] want to give him.”

The evidence was based on several sources. One is the American interception of communications by the Soviet intelligence service during World War II. The code name for that interception was Venona. They identify and describe the activities of Soviet agents. The second source is the Soviet spymaster Gen. Pavel Sudoplatov, who, when he fell out of favor with the Soviet establishment, wrote a letter to the then-head of the Soviet Communist Party, Yuri Andropov. Sudoplatov boasted about his achievements, including getting information on the U.S. atom bomb. One of the critical sources of information for the Soviets, Sudoplatov said, was J. Robert Oppenheimer. Sudoplatov had no reason to lie because he knew that Andropov could easily have verified this information.

Romerstein, who worked on Capitol Hill for 18 years, told me at the time that the resolution honoring Oppenheimer was passed by unanimous consent when it was likely that few Senators were even on the Senate floor. Out of the 100 Senators, he said, there probably aren’t five of them who know anything about Oppenheimer.

One factor may have been a controversial development that occurred during the Clinton administration, when a statement from FBI Director Louis Freeh was released, taking issue with the evidence that Oppenheimer had knowingly supplied classified information to the Soviets. However, this was before the Venona secrets were released, confirming Oppenheimer’s espionage activity.

Whatever the explanation and circumstances, it is a sign of the times that the Senate honored a figure who was a member of a group that betrayed our secrets to our enemies.

This problem has only gotten worse over the years, leading to the significance and relevance of Trevor Loudon’s books on Security Risk Senators.

There’s not much we can do about the Senate, except continue to expose the Security Risk Senators and ask that patriots like Republican Senator Ron Johnson pursue this line of inquiry. Johnson and Senator Chuck Grassley have been investigating Hunter Biden’s and James Biden’s financial connections to foreign governments and questionable foreign nationals.

They should begin investigating their Senate colleagues. Even though they will not chair any Senate committees, they can hold informal hearings into the activities of their colleagues that undermine national security.

For example, Biden owes his political career to a group called the “Council for a Livable World,” started by alleged Soviet agent Leo Szilard. The Council was supported by money from Al Gore Sr., who in turn was funded by Soviet agent Armand Hammer. This connection goes directly to Biden, not just his son, Hunter, the drug addict.

The Council for a Livable World is the key to understanding Biden and many Democratic Party Senators.

Biden, of course, is also linked through his son Hunter to the Chinese communists, a story suppressed by Big Tech as people were voting in the U.S. This kind of censorship, now documented by Elon Musk, should be enough to declare the election anything but honest and fair.

On the House side, my group America’s Survival, Inc. has been advocating an anti-communist House committee for years. However, some are skeptical. A troll sent me this message:

  • Republicans won’t fix anything wrong with the ‘Intelligence’ agencies. Your idea of an anti-communist committee won’t work with what we’ve got in DC as ‘representatives’.

Much will depend on what happens in the House leadership races.

The much-maligned House Committee on Un-American Activities, known as HCUA, uncovered dramatic communist infiltration of Hollywood and forced the studios to clean house. As noted, Then-Rep. Steve King (R-IA) expressed agreement with my suggestion at that time that re-establishment of such a committee would be a good idea. “I think that is a good process and I would support it,” he said.

The oath of office for members of Congress requires that they support and defend the Constitution of the United States “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” HCUA is a model for how such a problem can be identified and confronted.

Trevor Loudon’s proposal for a “public register of subversive organizations” is not new. The HCUA once published a “Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications.” But he also proposes an amnesty for foreign agents, if they confess their crimes and expose their networks.

As researcher Trevor Loudon documents in his books White House Reds and Security Risk Senators, there are no background checks on U.S. Senators – some of the most powerful lawmakers on the planet.

He says a new security agency to conduct such probes would have to be staffed by former intelligence officials “who left service at the beginning of the Obama era or before contamination really set in.”

The situation is dire: Democrats now have an absolute majority in the chamber, with 51 seats to the Republicans’ 49, and firm control over all committees.

I endorsed Trevor’s books, saying, “Exposing the unvetted, the compromised, and the blackmailed, Trevor Loudon applies the CARL Test to Congress and does the work the FBI can’t or won’t. He documents how communists help elect security risks whose Character, Associates, Reputation, and Loyalty to the United States are in doubt.”

The CARL Test was at one time used to conduct background checks on people for high-level positions. No such vetting was done in the Obama and Biden cases. They could never have passed. No such vetting is done in the case of members of Congress.

Indeed, candidates for federal office, in contrast to federal employment, do not undergo any background checks at all.

Read Trevor Loudon’s books Security Risk Senators and learn the terrible truth. Then demand that the incriminating information be examined by Congress. This scandal goes far beyond the Biden Family.