By: Cliff Kincaid

The same week I saw the powerful Sound of Freedom movie about child sex trafficking, I got an email from a pro-Russian activist promoting a Scott Ritter video trashing Ukraine President Zelensky. What the sender did not know is that Ritter, a former Marine and U.N. weapons inspector, is a convicted sex offender. This omission is strange, dangerously so.

Sound of Freedom lives up to the advance publicity, documenting “the true story of former government agent Tim Ballard who quit his job to rescue a little girl from sex traffickers in the Colombian jungle.” Ballard saved 123 people, 55 of which were children, from one mission alone.

Ballard, played in the film by Jim Caviezel, now runs Operation Underground Railroad, to continue the fight to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

But the Ritter case is one more example of how the problem reaches deep into American society.

Ritter, recently interviewed by RFK Jr. about Russia’s war on Ukraine, was convicted of sex crimes in 2011 after exposing himself on a web camera while chatting with an undercover detective who identified himself as a 15-year-old girl.

In a shocking development, Tucker Carlson, formerly of Fox News, launched a new show and interviewed Andrew Tate, a so-called social media influencer who is presented as a role model for young men but has been accused of human trafficking and rape. Tate denies the charges and has sued the accusers.

The case of Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, has also been linked to human trafficking.

Representative James Comer says one Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) at the Treasury Department “connects Hunter Biden and his business associates to international human trafficking, among other illegal activities,” involving foreign and American prostitutes. Comer and other Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform allege Biden’s violations of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act,

Hunter Biden’s lawyers have denied the charges and say their client is not associated with a human trafficking ring.

The Sound of Freedom only goes so far, in that it focuses on child trafficking networks in Latin America when the movie concedes at the end that pedophiles in the United States are the biggest customers.

Jeffrey Epstein’s deepest and darkest secret was that he was a practicing homosexual and that his entourage of young girls provided a cover story that actually made him seem “respectable” to the movers and shakers in New York and Washington, D.C.

On Thursday, in Washington, D.C., a group of conservatives is putting pressure on the Roman Catholic Church in America to stop facilitating illegal immigration and child trafficking.

Sheena Rodriguez, President/Founder of the Alliance for a Safe Texas, will speak on illegal immigration and child trafficking at a news conference at the National Press Club.

Since January 2021, there have been over 356,000 UACs (unaccompanied minors) encountered at the southern border, a majority of which have been released into the U.S….” notes Rodriguez. “The Biden administration has admitted they do not keep track of their whereabouts when they are released into the U.S. With the use of taxpayer dollars, tens of thousands of children are simply missing.”

Tara Lee Rodas, a Health and Human Services whistleblower who testified before Congress, said she discovered that children entering the U.S. “are being trafficked through a sophisticated network that begins with being recruited in the home country, smuggled to the US border,” and then delivered to a “sponsor,” some of whom are criminals and traffickers and members of Transnational Criminal Organizations.

The Roman Catholic Church had a role — and still has a major role — in facilitating the foreign invasion of the U.S. Indeed, in the face of declining membership, new immigrants arriving in the United States, including many Catholics from Latin America, provide new members and priests. Catholic Charities is among the NGOs which facilitate the migration of illegal aliens into the interior of the country

While one focus of the Thursday news conference is cutting off government contracts to the Catholic Church which facilitates illegal immigration, an equally serious problem is the failure by men of God and their employees to protect children in their care.

Director Amy Berg exposed the cover-up of pedophilia in the Catholic Church in her 2006 Oscar-nominated documentary, “Deliver Us from Evil.”

To put it bluntly, the Catholic Church bureaucracy in the United States has surrendered to the forces of Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism in the Catholic Church is one focus of the Thursday news conference, as participants intend to highlight the bishops’ “politicking for the Democratic/communist agenda.”

The Archbishop of Washington, Wilton Gregory, has decided that Joe Biden is a Catholic in good standing and deserves Holy Communion.

Wilton Gregory’s predecessor, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, resigned from his leadership of the archdiocese in 2018 after he was accused of covering up sexual abuse. His predecessor as archbishop of Washington was the disgraced former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the highest-ranking U.S. Catholic leader ever to be removed for sexually abusing a minor.

As a prosecutor and Attorney General in California, Vice-President Kamala Harris refused to take on sexual abuse by priests. As she began her presidential run, Harris announced that she supported the decriminalization of “sex work” – prostitution.

One of the main forces behind this movement is the Soros-funded “Sexual Health and Rights Project,” which pushes special “rights” for prostitutes.

The church under Pope Francis has its own playbook, with Cardinal Peter Turkson — a close adviser to Francis — telling “Axios on HBO” the Catholic Church “plans to be increasingly active on climate, refugees and racial equity.” In other words, change the subject.

Hence, at the Thursday event, Trevor Loudon will speak on the man-made climate change hoax.

With the Sound of Freedom projecting over $85 million total cumulative box office revenue through Sunday, with a strong $27 million box office draw in the second weekend of the film’s domestic release, it is clear that much more work needs to be done.

The film notes that the United States is the largest consumer of child sex in the world but it is also true that the U.S. is the world’s largest consumer of illegal drugs.

Today, the U.S. has become a narco-state, with George Soros having provided $300 million to weaken or dismantle laws against illegal drugs.

“We see trafficking of illegal drugs and human trafficking often happen together,” notes the Drug Enforcement Administration.”

In fact, the failure to stop human trafficking may be directly related to the demoralizing impact of drugs as a sabotage weapon waged by our enemies, blinding the American people to the reality of evil in our midst.

Clearly, Hunter’s sexual activities, including fathering an illegitimate child with a stripper, was related to his heavy drug use, including cocaine.

Now, with the failure of the Secret Service to reveal who brought cocaine into the White House, the situation has become more dangerous.

On July 12, the agency disclosed, “the Secret Service received the FBI’s laboratory results, which did not develop latent fingerprints and insufficient DNA was present for investigative comparisons.  Therefore, the Secret Service is not able to compare evidence against the known pool of individuals,” defined as the “hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered.”

Thus, the Secret Service’s investigation was “closed due to a lack of physical evidence.”

It is apparent the investigation was closed because the agency did not want to identify the obvious culprit or his enabler.