By: Cliff Kincaid

I was a partner with AIM founder Reed Irvine for several decades and documented through the AIM Report and several books the “misdeeds” of our Big Media establishment. He taught me a lot. Unfortunately, media bias has gotten worse, not better, and even infects such one-time “conservative” outlets as the Drudge Report.  It also infects so-called “business” outlets such as Bloomberg, known for fancy charts and graphs about the economy. I get their emails and never cease to be amazed at the lies the various Bloomberg reporters spew out, as if nobody notices or cares. They must think people take them seriously.

Consider this one:

“Republicans in the US House of Representatives voted to formally authorize an impeachment inquiry into Biden without any evidence of wrongdoing. Democrats contend the unprecedented move is being driven by a twice-impeached Donald Trump in an effort to muddy the waters ahead of an election year. The Republican frontrunner, who has threatened to abuse power and retaliate against opponents if he returns to the White House, faces four felony prosecutions, any one of which could land him in prison upon conviction.”

There are so many lies in this paragraph, part of the “Weekend Reading” from Bloomberg,  that it’s almost impossible to know where to start.

The authors of these lies were probably educated in the “interpretative” school of journalism, popularized by Marxist Curtis MacDougall, or the Walter Duranty school of journalism, named after the Marxist mole at the New York Times which covered up Stalin’s crimes against Ukraine.

The idea that the impeachment inquiry suffers from a lack of evidence is perhaps the biggest lie of all, stemming from the apparent inability of these Bloomberg reporters to comprehend the meaning of the “Big Guy” in Hunter Biden’s schemes and Biden’s service to the Chinese and the Russians.

The corruption is evident. Call it bribery or influence peddling. The evidence shows that Hunter used Joe’s name to obtain millions of dollars. The schemes constitute impeachable offenses based on any objective standard.

If it was all so innocent, why the cover-ups, as documented by the whistleblowers and Biden business partners?  All of this is now unraveling.

I’m amazed that it has taken the Republicans this long to get moving. Biden’s high crimes and misdemeanors, as defined in the Constitution, include much more than his pandering to China. He is also conducting criminal activities regarding the open border.  Even some elected Democrats are blowing the whistle on that.

Leaving aside Hunter’s schemes, the open border is itself a basis for impeachment and conviction. Even Senate Republicans are coming to understand this fact.

The “unprecedented” impeachment of Biden is only “unprecedented” because it is the first such inquiry. But that doesn’t make it unprecedented in some sinister way. It only means the Republicans are getting around to something that is already apparent to tens of millions of Americans – Biden is selling out America to our enemies, and that one basis of the impeachment inquiry is the ever-changing lie about his “financial” involvement in Hunter’s schemes.

Getting to the bottom of these lies is, according to Bloomberg, an exercise in “muddying the waters.”

The “twice-impeached” President Trump was not convicted. Trump’s alleged threat to “abuse power” is another lie. He has vowed to use presidential and executive powers, all of them legal under the powers he is given.  The alleged “threat” to “retaliate” is a reference to using the same powers and legal tactics against his opponents that they have used against him. That’s justice.

The Bloomberg “reporters” fail to mention the flaws in any of the prosecutions against Trump, some of them brought by a “Special Counsel” trained by the United Nations in extra-legal tactics and who has a dubious record of having been overturned by the Supreme Court in a previous case. This is of course Jack Smith, whose wife did a film beatifying Michelle Obama. She donated to Biden.

Bloomberg doesn’t mention any of that, demonstrating their fealty to the Biden White House. They are not reporters. They are lapdogs for confirmed liars.

In the analysis we have at this point, Biden’s defenders note that no hard-core evidence has been produced so far that Biden personally cashed checks from foreign sources or personally in his own name received foreign money. But this doesn’t mean that he is clean and that impeachment is unwarranted. He didn’t have to personally cash a check. The money flowed to the Big Guy through various bank accounts. He has already been implicated in the financial dealings of his son, the front man in the scheme. The evidence is overwhelming and more than justifies the impeachment inquiry resolution.

What’s more, as noted, the open borders alone justify impeachment.

Biden is a confirmed liar. In a 2020 campaign debate, Biden declared he was the victim of Russian disinformation, citing the lies concocted by 51 former intelligence officers to dismiss Hunter’s laptop. The lies are piled in the lies, and these lies had an impact on the election, implicating the Deep State in the “Intelligence Community” in the ultimately successful effort to depose Trump. And then reporters like those at Bloomberg conveniently forget the lies and lie about those trying to get to the bottom of the lies.

On top of those lies, we have Biden hosting a friendly meeting with Chinese Communist dictator Xi on American soil! That alone should justify impeachment, especially after the China virus killed one million Americans and forced the nation to spend $10 trillion to protect and save the American economy from the ravages of the virus.

And yet, according to the Bloomberg reporters, there is no evidence for impeachment.

I wonder if they get handsomely paid for their lies.

Wondering why people lie for a living, I remember that, during my studies in college, I came to admire the Christian existentialist philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, who wrote about the corruption in the Danish State Church. He declared that everyone knew privately that the system was rotten and corrupt but they would not say so publicly. “Just as one says that death has marked a man, so we recognize the symptoms that demand to be attacked. It is a battle against lies,” he said.

This is the situation today. The Big Media lie constantly. We have to say so publicly.

I have previously discussed how I came to believe that the press has become as corrupt as the government. I noticed this trend when I went to college and studied a textbook, Interpretative Reporting, by Curtis MacDougall, a communist fellow-traveler who admired Castro and hated anti-communist Senator Joe McCarthy. That’s one reason why I went to work out of college monitoring the media for Accuracy in Media.

I got sick and tired of monitoring and exposing the lies in the media. But sometimes they are so egregious that we still have to take note, especially when they are gushing from a supposed respected outlet like Bloomberg.