By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Trevor Loudon here, sending a personal appeal on behalf of a very important project I have been working on with my team for over a decade. is an online encyclopedia of the most dangerous and subversive radicals in America and beyond. We have been capturing and archiving information that would have, in many cases, disappeared over time. contains valuable information that is currently free to the public, and we want to keep it that way.

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For example, our profile on now-Congresswoman Cori Bush documents her time as a militant Ferguson activist during the infamous Michael Brown riots of 2014. captured some of her now-deleted social media posts where she bragged about shutting down a highway (according to local reporting on that day, there were “32 arrests for unlawful assembly and four arrests for assaults on law enforcement officers.”) In another instance, “Pastor” Cori Bush encouraged her followers to meet on the street and “wear masks.” Congresswoman Cori Bush also has deep ties to Marxists who have helped to propel her to power. This is all documented on her profile, one of over 160,000 at

Screenshot of Cori Bush’s now-deleted Twitter / X profile

The very small but dedicated team at also conducts research deep in the archives of university libraries and obscure radical book repositories – often working on tips from former communists and following the clues where they lead to create and enhance profiles of the most anti-American activists known in our time.

‘Marxist-Leninist’ Steve Phillips

As an example, our work in the archives at a prominent university library was pivotal in uncovering a nest of communists led by Steve Phillips, a self-described “Marxist-Leninist” who wrote the book “Brown is the New White,” an influential guide used by Democrats to grow their radical base with “candidates of color.” Steve Philips is now a wealthy man with deep ties to Barack Obama, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and others. has become a go-to source for countless political campaigns, journalists, authors, documentary makers, and social media warriors.

The work compiled at is also incorporated into my books, including my latest “House Un-Americans” series (Books 1 & 2 have been published of 6 total), which documents subversive ties of members of Congress; and my “Security Risk Senators” books (2 book series) which can all be found at, along with my two documentaries “Enemies Within” and “Enemies Within: the Church.
“If you would like a signed copy of any of my books, please order through my personal website, where you can pay with PayPal or with a credit or debit card (note: you do not have to have a PayPal profile to order a book, simply sign in as a guest).

Friends, we are documenting history, and we need your help to keep this research preserved. It is also important that we can continue documenting the radical left and their allies before the internet is scrubbed and damning information disappears forever. As you can imagine, is an expensive endeavor and we may be forced to put this important information behind a paywall, which is exactly why I am writing to you today.

We want to keep the site available for those seeking the truth, and with your support, we can keep free to the public. Please help us keep the lights on by making a one-time donation or, better yet, be a “Keywiki Sustainer” with a monthly donation of $5.00 or more. Keeping free will be especially important for this upcoming election year.

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Thank you to all the patriots holding the line for liberty.

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