By: Linda Goudsmit | Pundity

Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier––Reality Is

The purpose of this book is the defense of America’s children.

The globalist War on America is a war of attrition. I am 76 years old. My generation of American patriots is dying. My children’s generation of indoctrinated millennials is transitional. My grandchildren’s generation is the targeted prey for the globalist predators. Everyone else is just in the way.

Children are the future of every society on Earth, which is why America’s youngest children are globalism’s primary target. The battlefronts for children’s minds are education, medicine, and the media. This axis of collaboration seeks to separate children from the protection of their parents and psychologically groom them to become compliant citizens in globalism’s New World Order, without their parents’ knowledge or consent. Psychological warfare is attempting to change the way children think and process information, while simultaneously eliminating parental authority. It is an attempt to change the hearts and minds of America’s children.

My goal is to raise public awareness about globalism’s psychological, informational, asymmetric War on America, on the American family, and most specifically, on America’s precious children. Globalists have already infiltrated America’s educational industry and weaponized education to shatter families, destroy children’s individual identities, including their sexual identities, and replace parental authority with governmental authority. Schools are the combat zones, and teachers are the vanguard for indoctrinating America’s children.

The future of America lies in the ability of our nation’s children to become rational, autonomous, psychological adults with developed critical-thinking skills. For this reason, I wrote an illustrated children’s book series, Mimi’s Strategy. The books are my personal commitment and patriotic effort to teach young children the critical-thinking skills that will protect them, empower them, and ensure American freedom for generations to come.

Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier—Reality Is exposes the methodology being used to advance globalism’s War on America. In order to transform America from a constitutional republic to socialism to globalism to feudalism, it is necessary to obliterate the psychological adulthood of America’s chronological adults and to prevent America’s children from developing into psychological adults. Why? Because freedom is an adult enterprise. A nation of children and childish adults cannot sustain itself. It does not possess the critical-thinking skills required to preserve a constitutional republic.

As I look back over the last several years, it is clear to me that Anthony Fauci’s COVID-19 political medicine protocols and the Biden regime’s lawless anti-American policies are both orchestrated, coordinated tactical operations in globalism’s War on America. Their interrelated domestic policies have been instrumental in weakening the national economy, national security, national defense, public health, and military readiness, while simultaneously strengthening America’s commitment to globalism’s internationalized mandates that comport with United Nations 17 Sustainable Goals, Agenda 2030, and the World Health Organization’s centralized international control.

Political medicine protocols and the Biden regime’s policies both utilize the tactical methodology of fear-based psychological regression. Why fear-based? Because fear is arguably the most mobilizing and destabilizing human emotion. If you frighten people enough, you can get them to believe and do almost anything.

Consider Voltaire’s famous remark, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Now consider some of the absurdities Americans accepted as facts during the COVID-19 madness: the necessity for lockdowns, masking, social distancing, school closures, business closures, church closures, social isolation, and especially acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccines that are not vaccines. In fact, Covid jabs are experimental gene-altering mRNA treatments that were never properly tested for safety and require continuous boosters, including jabs for babies.

When politicized medical absurdities are accepted as medical science, atrocities are committed in the name of science. So, when parents surrender their authority and common sense to the “experts” and are convinced of the efficacy of these medical absurdities, the parents commit atrocities against their own children with the help of their doctors and therapists, who are actually ideologues, not doctors and therapists. Parents force their young children to be jabbed with vaccines that are not vaccines and wear masks that restrict oxygen and are entirely useless against viruses. Why? Because parents are frightened.

I wrote about the psychodynamics of fear and regression in the philosophy book I wrote years ago, Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus?, but at the time I didn’t recognize its political implications or applications. Now I do. My last book, The Collapsing American Family: From Bonding to Bondage, exposes the relentless attacks on nuclear families as the primary tactical strategy in globalism’s asymmetric War on America. The family must be destroyed in order to collapse America from within and impose the Great Reset. The New Normal replaces family bonding with feudal bondage in globalism’s managerial Unistate, where “you will own nothing and be happy.” The closing line in The Collapsing American Family warns the nation: “Space is no longer the final frontier—reality is.”

Using the last line for its title, my current book explores the dynamics, dimensions, and destructiveness of globalism’s psychological War on America. In Space Is No Longer the Final FrontierReality Is, I apply the universal behavior paradigm introduced in Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? and present the argument that the success of globalism’s War on America is predicated on its ability to regress chronological adults back to childish psychological functioning and to prevent America’s children from acquiring psychological adulthood.

I will explain why space is no longer the final frontier by explaining how globalism’s objective is beyond the colonization of space; it is the colonization of the human mind on Earth in order to establish absolute totalitarian control over the world’s population. The entire globalist war effort is an unconscionable attempt to disconnect people from objective reality and drive them to madness in subjective reality, where they can be easily controlled.

The traditional metric for sanity and mental health is the degree to which an individual is in touch with objective reality, the world of facts. Someone suffering from hallucinations lives in the subjective reality of feelings, out of touch with objective reality, and is considered mentally ill. Objective and subjective reality are opposing prisms through which we perceive and process information.

The globalists’ psychological warfare embraces subjective reality and its supporting theory of relativism, which deems every perception a matter of opinion, not facts. The War on America replaces America’s standard of objective reality with Woke Marxism (discussed at length in Chapter 11) and its myriad narratives, all of which support relativism.

Historically, the term “woke” meant to be “aware” of discrimination, disenfranchisement, and mistreatment of blacks, particularly in America. The term became associated with Black Lives Matter and the Social Justice movement after the 2014 Michael Brown police shooting in Missouri. Woke has since evolved into a binary subjective prism of oppressor and oppressed used to view, measure, and effect social change. Wokeness has been weaponized.

Its most recent iteration and absurdity is Sanism, defined by Wokism (another word for Woke Marxism) as the “unjust privileging” of sanity over insanity. In the madness of woke subjective reality, sanity and insanity are equivalent.

Education, medicine, and media are working collaboratively, using misinformation, disinformation, and censorship to fundamentally transform America. The psychological objective of all three is to replace the prism for reality testing from objective reality to subjective reality.

Understanding fear and regression is essential for effectively opposing globalism’s War on America. Fear is an essential human survival mechanism that causes us to withdraw from threatening situations. Fear is also a psychological defense mechanism that can be exploited. There are extremes of chronological adult responses on the fear continuum. On one end is an adult so frightened he or she curls up in a fetal position screaming, and on the other end is a Navy SEAL. The continuum dramatizes the range of psychological fear responses. SEALs are not superhuman; they are rational adults trained to resist psychological regression under the most dire and extreme circumstances. It is this extreme psychological training that distinguishes who will become a SEAL and who will not.

Let’s consider the hysteria that surrounded the COVID-19 coronavirus and its political purpose. First, over 99 percent of people who got COVID-19 recovered, so prolonging mandated face masks, social distancing, school closures, business closures, church closures, social isolation, and acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccines that are not vaccines made no sense whatsoever. The COVID-19 policies were not appropriate responses to the threat of COVID-19 based on the facts.

When things don’t make sense, something else is going on. A useful tool for understanding the motive is looking at the result. Who benefited from the ongoing and extreme COVID-19 restrictions? The globalists, of course! Globalists command the War on America, finance the radical leftist Democrats, own the mainstream media, and support the Republicans in name only (RINOS), all of whom are attempting to collapse America from within. Follow the money and the entire strategy becomes clear.

For clarity, let’s also consider what animals and small children have in common. They both live exclusively in the NOW, in the present tense, in the immediate moment, driven by immediate gratification without a concept of past or future

Why is this important? Because the radical leftist Democrats and their globalist handlers are attempting to regress chronological adults back to childish thinking where they can be easily manipulated and controlled. It is a sinister and intentional exploitation of the NOW-time thinking of childhood. It is a psychological operation, a PSYOP.

The NOW-time lens of childhood has political implications. Consider the unconscionable political medicine advanced by the corrupt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the equally corrupt World Health Organization (WHO). Their directives made sense only to a psychologically regressed adult. Instead of rejecting the nonsensical politicized medicine of the corrupt CDC and WHO, the regressed public submitted. They obediently wore their masks, observed social distancing, accepted business, school, and church closures, got jabbed, and got their children jabbed. They naively trusted that the CDC/WHO protocols were necessary to protect themselves, their children, and the nation.

Living in the NOW-time of childhood requires immediacy. Needs must be immediately gratified. Children cannot wait. Fear, whether real or manufactured, must be quelled immediately. Critical thinking skills are needed to inform adult decisions. Instead, the regressed population accepts what it is told unquestioningly and, metaphorically, hides under the bed. In this instance, they hide behind masks and social distancing, hoping the threat will disappear. Their compliance is rewarded with repetitive virtue-signaling assurances that we are all in this together, a particularly manipulative phrase that engages children’s fears of abandonment.

The deliberate disinformation and wildly exaggerated mortality projections spread by the CDC and WHO were orchestrated by the globalist elite who run both organizations. Their coordinated narratives are political medicine disguised as medical science.

If Americans understand how and why we have been misled, we can discipline ourselves to reject the manipulative fearmongering. We can remain rational adults and defy the regression-PSYOP seeking to return us to childhood compliance. We must aspire to be Navy SEALs and reject the sinister attempts to reduce us to animals or small children. How do we accomplish this?

Knowledge is power. Our ability to defeat globalism requires an understanding of the basic psychodynamics of behavior. The more we understand the motivations for our behavior, the more we are empowered to control our behavior, improve our lives, and defeat the psychological warfare that seeks to destabilize and destroy us. I will elaborate.

Close your eyes and imagine a big yellow school bus. Now imagine the seats filled with passengers. The question is “Who’s driving the bus?” Would you let a toddler drive the bus? Would you let a five-year-old? What about an angry teenager? Or would you insist that a rational adult be at the wheel? As you picture the bus in your mind, remember that the common goals of political medicine, the Biden regime, and the overarching globalist War on America require a frightened child at the wheel. Psychological regression is the war’s strategy, and fear is its tactical weapon.

The human growth process has both physical and psychological components. We all grow up physically; it takes no effort and is outside our control. Chronological age is an uncontested biological accomplishment. Psychological growth is another matter entirely. The demands of responsible adults trying to draw us out of our state of infantile self-absorption (narcissism) rage against our regressive desire to remain children. We resist psychological growth.

Growing up psychologically is the universal challenge of childhood. If we understand the growth process and the complexities of the human mind, we can be more effective in meeting the challenge. A state of mind is not fixed. It is constantly shifting along the growth continuum, from total infantile narcissism to responsible adulthood, depending upon the level and stability of the individual’s inner development and the strength of the external pressures challenging it.

We are each the sum of our parts, the whole of our life’s experiences. The children we once were continue to exist inside our minds. So, the narcissistic infant, the demanding two-year-old, the insecure adolescent, the rebel, the adventurer, the happy child, the angry, frightened, or lonely child we once were all persist as states of mind. Each inner child is an accessible entity that seeks to be in control of the individual’s mind. The inner child’s struggle for power continues to challenge the individual’s rational adult state of mind throughout his or her lifetime.

Sustaining our most rational adult state of mind is the challenge for preserving our constitutional republic because freedom is an adult enterprise. So, what is the best strategy for sustaining psychological adulthood?

Let’s return to the big yellow school bus we imagined, and understand the bus is a metaphor for our individual selves. The bus has many seats to accommodate our different moods, roles, and states of being. The bus travels along the timeline that is our lifetime. It picks up new passengers as we grow and develop, each new feeling creating another traveler and each new experience adding another rider. The driver of the bus is always selected from the passengers aboard, and the passengers are constantly competing to determine who will drive the bus. To understand how one person can perceive us in a completely different way than another sees us, we must ask ourselves the seminal question, “Who’s driving the bus?”

When the seats are occupied by the different roles that compose our adult lives, the answer to the question is not too challenging. The driver is mother, father, husband, wife, boss, sister, cousin, friend, employee, or employer. The list is as long as the varying roles we each have in daily life. The complication and challenge come when we recognize that we are each the total of our life’s experiences, past and present. So, also riding on the bus are the inner children of our own past. The children of our childhood are always with us: the happy child, the hurt child; the frightened, angry, timid, uncertain, inquisitive, bold, or compliant child. Perhaps a tormented child, or a silenced, immobilized, completely shut-down child is on the bus, and we haven’t seen and cannot recognize him or her yet. All the inner children of our past remain on the bus, each vying for control.

Children universally begin life in a natural state of total narcissism, and they do not give up this state of being without a struggle. That is why growing up psychologically is so difficult and painful. Each individual grapples with his or her own competing desires for growth and regression, and also with society’s demands for growth.

Historically, the three supporting pillars of American life—family, faith, and flag—cooperated to encourage emotional growth and the development of independent, autonomous, rational adults, psychologically equipped to preserve our precious American freedoms and constitutional republic. Not anymore. The globalist War on America seeks to collapse America from within using asymmetric psychological warfare that encourages regression.

The education industry obstructs the development of critical-thinking skills in children by teaching them what to think, not how to think. The media’s ceaseless fearmongering narrative is destabilizing and regresses chronological adults back to emotional childhood and a more primitive state of mind before critical-thinking skills were developed.

Thought precedes behavior. If the responsible adult relinquishes his rational state of mind to his young inner child, he will behave in the regressive, self-absorbed pattern that characterizes early childhood. He will be living in childhood’s NOW-time. It is a dangerous mindset because his young inner child has not yet developed the critical-thinking skills required to evaluate information rationally and assess consequences. In this circumstance, it is imperative that the individual has the knowledge required to recognize that he has surrendered to the regressive demands of his inner child. If he can discipline himself to ask himself “Who’s driving the bus?” he can visualize his growth continuum, identify his inner child, and respond appropriately. He can shift his state of mind from a regressive, narcissistic child to a responsible adult. It is an act of volition. It is a choice, and it is a learned skill.

The responsible adult knows that it is imperative to keep his most developed state of mind operative. We have established in our imaginary exercise that no rational adult would permit a toddler or young child to make the decisions required to drive the bus. Likewise, only the psychological adult is able to repel the globalist efforts to regress him to a childish state of being where he can be easily controlled. The globalists are fighting an asymmetric psychological war, and our strategic defense is to arm ourselves with the required knowledge to fend them off. Knowledge really is power.

Parents, in particular, must be psychological adults in order to protect their children, who cannot protect themselves. If our nation’s youngest children are not taught critical-thinking skills, they are destined to become serfs in globalism’s dystopian planetary Unistate.

It is very difficult for the civilized mind to process the absolute malevolence of globalism’s War on America. My hope is that this book helps people accept the reality that we are a world at war. Acceptance is the first and most essential step in opposing globalism’s objectives and tactical strategies.

Please note: the repeating opening paragraph of each chapter in this book is a reminder for the reader to process the content of every chapter within the context of psychological, informational, and asymmetric warfare. Remembering that we are a world at war makes sense of the nonsensical and reduces the cognitive dissonance that psychological warfare is designed to produce. We must discipline ourselves to remain psychological adults in order to process the information.