By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

There is a clique, a tribe, and even a dynasty when it comes to judges, law firms, and cases… they do collude and certainly between Washington, DC and New York.

Juan Merchan - Zeydanspriyadi

Judge Juan Merchan

So, look at the Judge overseeing the Trump ‘hush-money’ case, Juan Merchan… You may need to even take notes for this.

  • Merchan was born in Bogota, Columbia and later emigrated to New York and is a graduate of Hofstra University.
  • Merchan’s career began with the appointment to a Bronx Family Court by then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Then Democrat Governor David Patterson appointed Merchan to the New York State Supreme Court.
  • He has given campaign donations to the Democrat Party, Joe Biden’s campaign, the Progressive Turnout Project, and Stop Republicans, a subsidiary of the Progressive Turnout Project.
  • Merchan presided over the Trump Organization in the tax fraud case that sent Allen Weisselberg to prison.
  • He too was the judge in the Steve Bannon case for fraud.
  • His daughter Loren serves as president of the Chicago-based Authentic Campaigns, a digital firm that does online fundraising, web design, and mobile messaging.
  • Authentic Campaigns has a history of work for: Senator Corey Booker, Avow (abortion advocacy), Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Governor Katie Hobbs, Governor Tina Kotek, the Immigrant Justice Fund, the National Immigration Law Center, Vote dot Org which uses Taylor Swift, the United Nations Populations Fund, Adam Schiff for Senate, Biden Harris, Governor Kathy Hochul, Congressman Dan Goldman, Senator Mazie Hirono, Hakeem Jeffries and even Ilhan Omar.
  • New York Congressman Dan Goldman also prepped Michael Cohen as a witness for the Trump trial. Goldman also paid more than $157,000 dollars to the political consulting firm of Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan, according to Federal Election Commission disbursement filings.
  • Congressman Dan Goldman, per Breitbart, is part of a new cohort of left-wing prosecutors who have brought their “woke” left-wing ideas into law enforcement, where their mission is to liberate criminals through “reform,” while persecuting conservatives.

    He was once an obscure former Southern District of New York prosecutor who appeared occasionally on MSNBC, where he helped spread the “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory. Notably, he was taken in by Christopher Steele’s so-called “pee tape.”

    He then found his way to the House Intelligence Committee, where he was employed as Schiff’s committee counsel. In that role, he led the impeachment investigation — such as it was — into President Donald Trump’s supposedly scandalous phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

  • The staff at Authentic Campaigns per the website is made up of 55% Cis-women, 36% Cis men, and 10% non-binary and well it seems the entire organization is about pronouns too.
  • In 2020, Kamala Harris paid Authentic Campaign for services along with Perkins Coie (the firm that initiated the Trump dossier) and Act Blue.
  • Loren Merchan has raised $93 million so far just off the Trump ‘hush-money’ case while raising $73.6 million for the Senator Schumer-led Democrat Senate PAC.
  • Judge Juan Merchan’s wife, Lara Merchan, worked for 21 years as a Special Assistant in the New York Attorney General’s office, including three years when Letitia James served as AG. James had led a widespread investigation into Trump’s business dealings and last year won a $350 million civil fraud case against the former president.

UPDATED: Bannon surrenders to NY prosecutors

Letitia James and Alvin Bragg

And then this –>

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent a letter to New York Attorney General Letitia James demanding documents about New York County District Attorney (DANY) Alvin Bragg’s lead prosecutor Matthew Colangelo as the committee continues its investigation into politicized prosecutions.

Given the perception that the Biden DOJ is assisting in District Attorney Bragg’s prosecution, Chairman Jordan has requested communications and documents related to Colangelo’s previous employment at the New York Attorney General’s Office, where he worked on several anti-Trump investigations. The fact that a former senior Biden DOJ official—whose previous employment consisted of leading “a wave of state litigation against Trump administration policies”—is now leading the prosecution of President Biden’s chief political rival only adds to the perception that the Biden DOJ is politicized and weaponized.

Yesterday, May 15, 2024, at 10:00 am ET the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government held a hearing to examine the weaponization of the rule of law.

Excerpts of the letter to New York AG Letitia James:

“Mr. Colangelo’s recent employment history demonstrates his obsession with investigating a person rather than prosecuting a crime. At the New York Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Colangelo—who, for some time, held the title of Chief Counsel for Federal Initiatives—ran investigations into President Trump, leading ‘a wave of state litigation against Trump administration policies.’ On January 20, 2021, the first day of the Biden Administration, Mr. Colangelo began serving as the Acting Associate Attorney General—the number three official at the Justice Department. Upon the confirmation of Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta, Mr. Colangelo then served as the Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General. In December 2022, District Attorney Bragg ‘beefed up [his] office’ by hiring Mr. Colangelo to fill the void left by the departure of politicized line prosecutors Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne. District Attorney Bragg hired Mr. Colangelo to ‘jump-start’ his office’s investigation of President Trump, reportedly due to Mr. Colangelo’s ‘history of taking on Donald J. Trump and his family business.’ Mr. Colangelo is now a lead prosecutor in President Trump’s trial.

“District Attorney Bragg’s prosecution concerns federal subject matter that is identical to a matter that the Justice Department closed in 2018, raising concerns that a state-level prosecutor is seeking to relitigate an issue on which the federal government previously declined prosecution. In addition, Bragg’s prosecution relies heavily on the testimony of his star witness, Michael Cohen, a convicted felon with a demonstrable bias against President Trump. Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress in 2018. In 2019, when he testified before the Democrat-led House Committee on Oversight and Reform in a hearing orchestrated by a longtime Democrat activist to aid their fruitless investigation into President Trump, Cohen lied again—six times. In the years since, Cohen has been vocal about his deeply personal animus toward President Trump.

“District Attorney Bragg’s politicized prosecution of President Trump has serious consequences for federal interests. The fact that a former senior Biden Justice Department official—whose previous employment consisted of leading ‘a wave of state litigation against Trump administration policies’—is now leading the prosecution of President Biden’s chief political rival only adds to the perception that the Biden Justice Department is politicized and weaponized.”

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