By: Quod Libet

Religions have their sacraments, dogmas, and articles of faith. And not unlike a popular religion, wokeness offers a similar “trinity” of precepts. DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is the pervasive order of the day in woke circles ranging widely from newsrooms to government offices to college campuses and corporate boardrooms. Coincidentally, DEI also happens to be the Latin word for God. A serendipitous happenstance, you say. Maybe, and maybe not. DEI is the root of our English word deity which (to the informed observer) suggests that woke DEI (rigorously dissected) may embody a god for the godless, a few commandments for the secular, if you will. Either way, considering the manner in which the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion gospel is “preached” ad nauseum from various woke pulpits, without our penetrating analysis we might arbitrarily assume that each pillar of woke faith is their unfeigned goal or objective.

To many on the progressive side of the aisle, diversity is both a panacea and a pathway to peace and providence. But wait a minute; is woke diversity really the objective or actually a means to a somewhat less gentile end? Is DEI both an innovative concept and a well-thought-out process that leads to woke Nirvana, or another locale that’s nowhere near Vana? Inarguably, DEI is revolutionary, but it’s the nature of this revolution that concerns those who learn valuable lessons from history. “Out with the old and in with the new” is fine, but only when the conceptual new social order is clearly superior to the old one. If the new deal is an abject failure, restorative measures cannot turn the clock back. When in doubt, proceed with the utmost caution.

“Diversity is our strength” is the reiterative slogan we can’t go a day without hearing. To the woke progressives and other like-minded disciples, the diversity mandate is an unassailable axiom. But to Jeff and Hazel in rural flyover country, the woke version of diversity is a tiresome, hackneyed half-truth. American diversity is the natural order of things. It’s fine by all fair-minded Americans who have no objection to diversity, just as long as it’s the precursor to unity. Our national motto is E Pluribus Unum. Loosely translated that’s “From Diversity to Unity.” Diversity plays an important role according to our history and our national motto: Out of many – one. Oneness that’s born of common interests is the American paradigm, not fixed heterogeneity.

Of course, diversity is front and center, but it isn’t the objective, neither is it the destination. Diversity isn’t even the journey. No matter how many times pundits and politicians repeat this sophomoric falsity, diversity is not the finish line, it’s actually and exclusively the starting line. Until the recent advent of DEI, unity has always been the inexorable American value and sole objective. American diversity arises organically. It’s a collection of parts, each distinctive and with its own inherent value, but unity is the finished (and infinitely more useful) product. Woke diversity is not the cure for what ails this nation, and when it arouses tribal animus, diversity can actually become what ails us. In the midst of all this woke diversity, deep disunity is the troublesome status quo. Have you noticed? Seriously, how could you miss it?

It’s widely reported now (and quite correctly) that we are a nation divided. This obvious division may be the only thing contentious parties agree on. The lines of divisiveness are at once bold and bold-faced. Families, friendships, and the nation as a whole suffer because of the toxic nature of these antagonistic cleavages. But did the palpable division we are currently experiencing evolve naturally or has it been cultivated by those whose misguided vision for America has become disconnected from our fundamental foundations? The talking point “diversity” is ubiquitous, inescapable, and elevated to a sacrament by its left-leaning disciples. The activists advancing diversity are united in a sort of uber-national Venn Diagram composed of intersecting circles that all tilt left.

Over the years and by systematic infiltration, subterfuge, and Fabian stick-to-itiveness this broad-gauged cabal has gained control of the media, education, entertainment, and the party of Woody Wilson. “It’s just a conspiracy theory”, you say? I think not. Malcolm X was no right-wing apologist. Here’s his opinion of the American legacy media: “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” I’m with Malcolm on that appraisal of our “trusted’ media. Ratings for legacy news organizations are plummeting because their bias is clearly evident. Read on if you dare.

In an ironic twist, the loudest advocates for inclusion systematically exclude their fellow countrymen with whom they disagree, while the supposed purveyors of diversity often fail to practice what they preach. Don’t believe me? How many pro-life Democrats are there? How welcome are Trumpers in the faculty lunchrooms of higher education? Go ahead, find me a conservative/Republican in any mainstream media newsroom. And while you’re at it, get me a dozen hen’s teeth. Woke evolution has resulted in the extinction of essentially all conservative minds, viewpoints, and voices from the aforementioned institutions. Things are out of balance, and bitter division is the inevitable product of a strict diet of woke diversity. Look around, you can’t deny the polarization that grips us like a national family feud (the Hatfields and McCoys, not the funny game show). A growing number of thoughtful observers, myself included, are now convinced that this pernicious division is part of a treacherous and highly organized gambit meant to weaken our nation, and thus, it ain’t no accident.

In its modern incarnation the word “diversity” does not apply equally to the diversity of thought or ideas. In woke, left-leaning fields (media, education, Hollywood, the DNC, etc.) nonconformity of thought is not casually dismissed as gauche, it’s silenced and strictly verboten. Diversity of opinion isn’t valued by the woke, let alone tolerated. In fact, un-woke speech is routinely met with shaming, ridicule, and intimidation tactics that would make Marx and Mao proud. For the moment, speech is still free, but not free from woke retribution that is immediate, acrid, and overwhelming. That’s not hyperbole.

Consider the plight of NFL placekicker, Harrison Butker who had the temerity to deliver a “traditional American values” speech to an audience of Catholics at a Catholic college. He dared to speak his mind and is now paying a price for his “impudence.” Despite the standing ovation he received from a like-minded audience, the woke machine went ballistic and applied a media full-court press against Harrison and his “unforgivable” rhetoric. Anything that runs counter to the woke agenda is declared “offensive” by the wokesters. Have you noticed that? There were calls for poor Harrison to be expelled from the NFL including a ghastly docket of extravagant punishments, each befitting of this unrepentant heretic to woke ideology.

The lesson here is that if you’re an outspoken opponent of woke dogma and those who peddle it, or if you feel empowered to espouse traditional, conservative notions in the public square, you will suffer the consequences. Such anti-progressive blasphemies are excoriated and those brave souls who express them are summarily “canceled” by the seemingly omnipotent woke juggernaut. The way things are going, and if we’re not careful, before long, conservative freedom of speech will be criminalized. Our friendly neighbor to the north has already criminalized free speech. O Canada… How could you?