By: Quod Libet

Our national motto, “E Pluribus Unum” has always been an ideal worth aspiring to, and one that was achieved (mostly, but not completely) at certain times during this nation’s history. WWII and 9/11 are examples of that. But now, the inherited touchstones of our fathers namely faith, family, fraternity, and fairness that formerly unified most fair-minded Americans have been (and are being) systematically removed one by one, not unlike a ruinous round of Jenga. One more cultural pillar dislocated and we’re that much closer to the day it all comes tumbling down. Now the American status quo is all Pluribus and no Unum. In other words, all diversity, and no unity. Does anybody miss unity, or even remember it? Don’t be misled, diversity is no substitute for unity. America’s kismet is (and must be) unity. If unity is devalued and disregarded in favor of diversity, we will never achieve our destiny. The woke version of diversity does nothing to foster unity. The fact is, it ignores it, and ultimately undermines it.

Context matters. When diversity evolved into unity our country thrived via the melting pot. Before this nation slipped from greatness to something less, merit alone was the accepted standard for advancement, as opposed to a dozen sex, gender, ethnic, and racial characteristics that are mostly superficial and entirely irrelevant. Jackie Robinson wasn’t a Major League “Hall of Famer” thanks to affirmative action. His talent was his stock-in-trade, regardless of his skin color. Even a racist can appreciate athletic prowess, and over time he can (and will) get over the color thing. As a black pioneer in Major League Baseball, Jackie had to endure plenty of boos and ethnical slights. The racial epithets from the bleachers were continual and humiliating. Notwithstanding, he conducted himself with dignity. He took the high road and was the ideal goodwill ambassador for his downtrodden race. Everyone loves a winner, and soon he’d made a name for himself by his ability, not necessarily for his skin color. When asked what epitaph Jackie would like on his tombstone, he preferred “He was Great” to “He was Black.”

Giving a person a chance because they earned it is the purest form of affirmative action. For the most part, and with the exception of a few small-minded bigots, Americans now view other Americans fairly and objectively with little concern over things like color, gender, and sexual preference. As evidence of this, an exhaustive list could be made of all the popular and highly respected women, minorities, and LGBTQI Americans, but such a list would totally exhaust the ink supply. Is there work that remains to completely eliminate bigotry? Of course, there always will be, but despite cozens to the contrary, almost all Americans are on board with that charge and up to the task.

Despite all the progress made pertaining to tolerance and acceptance, a controversy exists between competing forces in our country. It’s borne out every day by the strident discord that results from inconsonant ideologies. The social/cultural battle lines are drawn between the woke and the un-woke. What is unequivocally right to one faction is dead wrong to another and vice versa. If you take college curricula and the mainstream media with a grain of salt, you may resist the influence of woke DEI. But if you trust those institutions, chances are that you’ve
bought into the whole BLM, CRT, DEI mission and support it fully. The woke program including DEI is both controversial and revolutionary. Woke activists push DEI hard, and traditional types push back just as hard. By woke design, these contentious DEI struggles divide us and interfere with the social harmony of our nation.

As the DEI fraudulence goes, diversity requires inclusion, but are there certain lost souls that languish outside the big tent of woke inclusion? To the woke diversity team, Trumpers are not simply fellow Americans with whom a respectful disagreement exists, they are an “irredeemable basket of deplorables” to borrow a phrase from you know who. If your thoughts and speech run contrary to woke ideology, you’re too diverse for woke diversity. Orwell had this concept figured out, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Every idea that challenges the woke agenda is deemed “hateful,” “dangerous,” and “offensive” by the woke thought police. Therefore, those who have yet to acquire a taste for DEI Kool-Aid are officially branded “persona non grata” by the paladins of woke diversity. Even if you belong to a “protected class,” if you dare to venture one step off the reservation, you’re targeted and ostracized. Just ask Clarence Thomas, AKA “Uncle Tom” to the “inclusive diversity” crowd. Ask Clarence how it feels to be “canceled” by those liars who feign diversity and inclusivity.

Liberals love (use) the black folk as long as they conform to and cooperate with the woke bill of fare. But just try being an “uppity” black conservative at a woke, blue-state DEI forum or BLM rally. Your brand of diversity will not be tolerated by those who specifically espouse tolerance. Woke blacks are unduly lionized and immunized from criticism by virtue of their blackness. But it’s open season on conservative blacks. Politicians, celebrities, and the woke media enjoy many scornful and insulting field days at the expense of un-woke blacks. Oh, the hypocrisy! If the woke crowd didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all. The woke profess diversity and inclusion, except for the other half of the country that are unwelcome and need not apply. Funny how that works.

The negatives of misplaced diversity often outweigh the positives. Much of Western Europe now languishes under the disunifying qualities of diversity. By 2024, almost all migrants seeking asylum in Germany come from Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Somalia, and Iran. The wokesters would opine, “What’s the problem?” But just ask Angela Merkle who learned her diversity lessons the hard way. You can take the migrant out of the Middle East, but you can’t take the Middle East out of the migrant. The result: Failure to assimilate, cultural fragmentation and disintegration, and last but not least, balkanization. You’ll see a similar phenomenon for yourself the next time your travels take you through the monolithic community of Dearborn Michigan. You’ll meet some interesting people there. Tell ‘em Johnny sent ya,’ I’m sure you’ll get a warm welcome from the locals. Seriously, the cops won’t even venture into that baneful Mohammedan enclave anymore, where Sharia Law is the order of the day.

The disunifying aim of hardcore social activists is diversity without the requisite unity. Dearborn is the model and the prototype for our nation if we acquiesce to the woke game plan. Assuming legal immigrants are diverse (and they are), so be it, it’s fine as long as they assimilate. Becoming an American requires assimilation. We’re dealing with a generation of young Americans who can’t seem to assimilate, how then would we expect foreign nationals who’ve entered the country illegally to fit in? They won’t as long as their nonconformity remains an option. Due to misguided immigration policies, many illegal aliens feel (and act) entitled to every benefit this country has to offer, without ever jumping through a single unifying hoop to show their gratitude. Maybe we need a new slogan: “America, land of opportunity. Come for the freedom, stay for the diversity and the free buffet, healthcare, and free iPhone… don’t forget the iPhone,” all provided to you at no charge, compliments of the American taxpayer.

America is immigrant-friendly. With a few exceptions reserved for sketchy migrants from hostile nations and obvious security and terrorist threats, we don’t care where you came from, we just request that you enter the country legally and join the American family once you’re here. Is that too much to ask? The misapplication of diversity can be utilitarian in the advancement of divisive social agendas designed to enflame tribal animus and class resentment. Images of illegals fighting with the cops and flipping off the news cameras upon their release are rather disheartening. Concerned Americans have concluded that it is past time to push back, but better late than never. If you love your country, take a stand for unity. Accept nothing less and strenuously resist woke diversity.

Planting an apple tree implies that apples are the objective. Think about it, diversity is only the tree, unity is the highly desired fruit. The woke version of diversity is an apple tree that doesn’t bear the fruit of unity. An apple tree devoid of fruit is only good for shade and firewood. A diverse nation of immigrants is part of the American plan and that’s totally okay, but making diversity the purpose and ultimate goal leaves the true objective of unity unfulfilled. Politicians campaign, “It’s cool to live under a tree, vote for me and you’ll have it made in the shade.” Don’t fall for their specious, incomplete rhetoric. Woke diversity is a not-so-clever sales pitch meant to soothe itching ears and appeal to our emotions. But by its deceptive nature, the goal of woke diversity is not unity. It’s actually an insidious formula that engenders divisiveness, all dressed up as social justice. It’s a dangerous scam that’s far from the real solution. But unity will prove to be the salve that heals the open wound of woke diversity.