In my opinion this whole thing is an attempt to smear Breitbart, Fox News and Glenn Beck. Well, it backfired on the White House and the NAACP. Here are the latest updates…

Call Off the Beer Run… Obama Distances Himself from Radical Sherrod

Surprise. Congressional Black Caucus Supports Racist Sherrod

Andrew Breitbart Debates Far Left Crank Eric Boehlert on GMA (Video)

Team Obama May Give Job Back to Racist Marxist NAACP Speaker Sherrod

Breaking: NAACP President Was In Attendance at Sherrod Speech (Video)

Breitbart to Hannity: “NAACP Tarred Tea Party Movement” (Video)

Prominent Black Activist Admits Branding Tea Party Racist Is Effective Tool For NAACP & Democrats

Vilsack Stands Behind His Decision to Fire Racist NAACP Speaker Shirley Sherrod …Update: White House Says They Did Not Pressure Sherrod

Poll: Should Obama’s USDA re-hire Shirley Sherrod?


From AJ:

The NAACP is operating as an arm of the Democrat Party and White House. The letter obtained by Andrew Breitbart reveals the plan to alledge that the Tea Party is racist in order to motivate voters to cast their votes for Democrats in the November 2010 election. The author of the letter is certain that their race-war strategy is working.

How do you feel about the Democrats’ strategy to manipulate you as a voter and to send out the NAACP to deliver such a vile allegation of racism against the Tea Party?

The NAACP laughs while Reverend Wright schools us on the difference in white and black clapping. Why did the NAACP members condone Reverend Wright’s racism against whites?

A NAACP member says “that’s right!” when Sherrod talks about the white farmer showing his superiority. Why did the NAACP members condone the first part of Sherrod’s story which described racism against the white farmer?

Regarding the racism and voter intimidation committed by the New Black Panthers, the NAACP chose not to condemn it and instead claimed the Tea Party is racist.

It says a lot about the NAACP that racism is acceptable to them… as long as the racism is against whites.

Now take a look at what the Tea Party does when they encounter a racist on the street:

What has President Obama said about “white folks,” including his own writings in his own books?

What has our U.S. Attorney General said about race?