Weekly Featured Profile – Neil Abercrombie

By: Trevor Loudon

Neil Abercrombie

Neil Abercrombie was a covertly socialist Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives 1st district of Hawaii until he resigned in early 2010 to seek the Governorship of Hawaii. While attending the University of Hawaii in the early 1960s, Neil Abercrombie was part of a circle that included Barak Obama and Stanley Ann Dunham, the parents of future U.S. President, Barack Obama. Abercrombie has been a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus from as early as 1998 to the present. The Council for a Livable World, founded in 1962 by long-time socialist activist and alleged Soviet agent, Leo Szilard supported him in his successful run as U.S. Representative for Hawaii.

DSA Controversy: Following evidence that Abercrombie had been a member of the Democratic Socialists of America circa 1990, his office made a statement denying the assertion, stating: “Neil has never been part of any socialist or communist organization.” This denial was followed by a further piece of evidence making it clear that Abercrombie was in fact a member of the Marxist-based DSA. Abercrombie’s wife was a member of the DSA’s Feminist Commission. In 1990 he was listed as a “DSAer Democrat” and in 1992 he delivered an “extemporaneous, impassioned speech” to an explicitly D.S.A. organized “Socialist Caucus.” Also speaking at the conference were confirmed DSA members, Cornel West, Bob Fitrakis and Ed Vargas. In 2006 he spoke alongside Dennis Kucinich and former DSA National Director, Christine Riddiough, at a DSA Political Action Committee meeting for Bernie Sanders, at the home of Stewart Mott.


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