3 thoughts on “Rep. Allen West leaves door open to 2012 vice presidential slot

  1. Who the hell cares what Democrats say about Republican candidates? As a Republican myself – a real one, since I was old enough to vote (for Vice President Nixon) – I think the pecking order’s upside-down. I first heard Col. West last year, during his campaign to help Alan Grayson find other employment, and was blown away with the clarity of his positions and forcefulness of his presentation of them. If he would consent to a draft for the top spot I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. Ol’ Newt could tag along for the ride I guess.

  2. If Allen West become vice president, may God forbid! We as Americans will lose relationship with about 57 Muslim countries. I am sure with his past attacks against Islam and Muslims. Non of our friends in the Muslim world will permit his plane to land on their soil. Can we afford that!
    Sofian Zakkout, http://www.amanavoice.com

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