On Violations of Our Sovereignty, at CPAC Chicago: Bachmann, Cain & Roskam

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

FINAL UPDATE – Be apprised. This is not a conventional “happenings at CPAC” article.

Do conservative politicians understand how and where the war against America is being fought? Shown below are key people on critical issues effectively censored out of our mass media, including, in order:

1. Peter Ferrara: we are suffering an attempt at a Marxist takeover and our nation is going bankrupt, accordingly (sound familiar?).

2. Foster Friess: on the most serious challenges we face, the destruction of the American way of life and Islamist insurrection.

3. Herman Cain: how important popular and national sovereignty are to him.

4. Rep. Tim Huelskamp: a. what are you doing about Agenda 21? b. why isn’t the Obama administration being more aggressively investigated?

Hint: this article is not presented “inverted pyramid” style. I suggest you catch these items, at its end.

5. Must hear – Rep. Peter Roskam: do the new “emergency” surveillance, police, and militarist powers bother any members of Congress? NDAA section 1021?

6. Jaw dropper – Rep. Michele Bachmann: do the new powers to regulate and police our lives, such as the new Food Safety Modernization Act and pressure put on Congress to regulate the Internet bother you? NDAA section 1021?

7. USTREAM correspondent Julio Rausseo (@JNReports) approached me and we talked about such critical issues and more. I spoke of the need for the Sovereignty Campaign.

Before the event

I am looking forward to asking fellow attendees about two things at Friday’s CPAC Chicago conference.

1. What is the most essential issue as you see it?

2. What should we be doing about the ostensibly coordinated attacks by the Treasury Department, the IC/DHS, leftist/globalist foundations, the SPLC, and various moles and thugs, upon conservative non-profits, tea partiers, right-to-lifers, 2nd Amendment supporters, military veterans, independent sheriffs, and other “suspected terrorists?”

Update, back at home – Sunday June 10, 2:12pm CT

Before getting to the video and analysis of questions and answers with Representatives Michele Bachmann, Peter Roskam, Tim Huelskamp, and with Herman Cain…

Click for Peter's online introduction of his book

Peter Ferrara won my handshake and congrats. He participated in a discussion hosted by Heartland Institute on the subject of the recent 5GW warfare attacks upon their organization and upon ALEC. For one thing, he was the first I heard who actually did use the M-word, referring to the Obama/Pelosi/Reid regime as a Marxist attempt to overturn our nation. He scored extra points in referring to those behind those efforts as, essentially, feudalists attempting to bring Americans under slavish control as it was before 1776. I might have heard violins and harps, if I’d tuned my ear just right.

Having attained Peter’s permission, Gulag Bound will now be featuring his articles as they apply to our scope: “Expose Marxism, globalism, technocracy, corporatocracy, Islamism, tyranny,” and of promoting the essential American sovereignties.

Then, Foster Friess was very impressive as well. In a brief one-on-one, I asked the former Santorum campaign backer what motivated him to become politically involved. He described himself as a returned soldier who was able to apply the freedom for which he’d been willing to apply himself. He found a way to make a good living, enabling himself to take care of mom and eventually a very good living allowing him to help many more, employed in the businesses into which he has invested. He wants to see that authentic, land of opportunity America to continue to thrive.

What is our greatest threat? Friess is very concerned about the plans and executions in progress, toward the Islamist infiltration and potential destruction our free nation. That is surely one of the most significant ways our popular and national sovereignty are increasingly assailed. We will continue to hear from this former infantry officer. He will be concerned to increase tactical and strategic advantage for his mission, in the new political territory into which he has advanced and not one to relinquish ground.

You may see an interview of Foster that day, by none other than Larry Sinclair, at Cao’s They don’t fool ME! blog. Her former site, Cao’s Blog may have one of the many which has been attacked by one adversary or another and is still suffering from it. We lifted this image with gratitude from her current one, which bears impressive security.

Speaking of relinquishing ground, I had to pay around eight dollars in Illinois tolls, in the little Interstate stretch coming from Wisconsin near Rockford, to the O’Hare Airport area. That territory I freely choose to give up, from now on. Thank you fellow Wisconsinites for pushing against the kinds of budget blow-outs hitting the Land of Obama.

On to the videos.

Update – Sunday June 10, 4:41pm CT

Thank you to John Ruberry, the intrepid Marathon Pundit for much of the video shown below. Here is his video of the Herman Cain presser.

The entire GOP presidential contest may be described as a cynical exercise in backstabbing or gunning-down those in Mitt Romney’s way, one by one. There is some conversation as to just who arrayed and planted the nasty reports that brought down Cain’s presidential candidacy. Was it was done by Republican instruments associated with the Romney or perhaps Perry camps, via “coincidences,” as Cain has previously alluded?

He deals with that beginning at the 7 minute mark — or does he?

My question comes at 10:52. Where do popular and national sovereignty rank among his concerns? He gives it a three among three. Julio’s question immediately follows, of whether we must follow the Constitution, or do we give up the national sovereignty of our military to NATO or other entities.

Update – Sunday June 10, 6:09pm CT

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (KS01-R) is from the land of the Earp brothers and Bat Masterson (and Matt Dillon, the fictional Sheriff, not the curly-haired actor). If I were a baseball scout, I might say, “Some good instincts, some troubling habits, needs much coaching, may pan out,” about the honorable rookie in the House.

In the middle of questions about the Attorney General, I chirped in at 2 minutes, to ask why the Republicans in Congress aren’t more aggressive to investigate the Obama administration. He spoke up for himself and his fellow freshmen house members. Julio kept up the pressure, asking for investigation of bizarre behavior surrounding arms and Mexicao to go back to the Bush administration too.

I picked it up again, to find out where members of Congress are on our budding surveillance, police, and militarist state. The congressman believes citizens are not very upset about it. I believe he is beginning to find out differently, as we become more and more offended by governmental overreach (if I can say “overreach” in these TSA-groping days).


Larry asks a key question at the end: why haven’t Republicans in Congress been working on a means to get their messages out more quickly, especially using the ‘net? Why not more proactive in fighting smear campaigns? He refers to Obama’s full time Twitter man, Jesse Lee (@jesseclee44).

By the way, I just tweeted to Jesse Lee: “Why does your ‘bio’ warn us about comments directed to White House Web pages, please?”

Does it seem to be an attempt to intimidate, to you, or is it just me? Here is what it says. “An official WH twitter account. Comments & messages received through official WH pages are subject to the PRA and may be archived. Learn more wh.gov/privacy. White House · http://www.whitehouse.gov.”

click to enlarge

At this point, Julio walked over and we began a significant one-on-one conversation. We finished it after Roskam interrupted us with his mini-conference. The temerity, eh? Julio videoed it and we intend to feature that in the Gulag, very soon.

Update – Sunday June 10, 6:47pm CT

This presser with Rep. Peter Roskam (IL06-R) comes thanks to Publius Forum.

At 7m 30sec. I get to ask Rep. Roskam if he and his colleagues are bothered about and are discussing the unconstitutional and potentially horrific, anti-People-treasonous “emergency powers” that our national government now bears.

I also got a follow-up and Julio contributed directly thereafter. This time I suggest you listen to the Q&A without further written comments. It may be something to listen two more than once, for picking up on nuances and ramifications – and your own reflections.


I admit I was a bit delicate in posing my questions. I wanted a conversational, not confrontational session with a man I believe to be sincerely considerate of matters of right and wrong, albeit not yet fully informed of the big picture and the motivations behind Big Government 2.0.

By contrast, I now wish I was more specific and confrontational, frankly, with Rep. Bachmann.

Update – Sunday, 8:47pm CT

At the end of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s press conference, after the warning from her staffer that they would be taking their last question, I got it in. I confess I was a little mentally fatigued by the time that evening opportunity came and without supper; oops, making excuses now. Anyway, my question was specific enough that she should have understood it.

Video comes from Marathon Pundit’s “Bachmann slams Nanny State at CPAC Chicago, lauds Mitt on taxes.” (You can see Bachmann’s presser before my question, in John’s prior article.)

Big Slurpees…

It sure got a big gulp, from me.

Michelle Bachmann during her presidential campaign, repeatedly emphasized that she serves on the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. She knew very, very well what I was asking – better than I was able to ask, at the time.

I tried to follow up and of course was unable to, unless I had started to shout. I did not start shouting. I retrieved my jawbone and IM’d our compatriot, Tallulah, to do a little brainstorming:

1. she intentionally skirted things she knows very well about because she’s in with it.
2. she’s intimidated
3. she’s an ignoramus

Option 4. Bachmann is hardly an ignoramus. The sliver lining I would hope to put on this, is that she is indeed becoming more and more aware of the 5GW war on America – especially in the realm of intelligence, a very quiet war that in my opinion has been waging since the days of Woodrow Wilson (and Operation Paperclip after World War II hardly helped). Surely she knows of Global Governance 2025, the conspiracy fact audaciously out in the open, for what its proponents choose to call the “New World Order,” but this one chooses to call the Global Mammon Complex.

Frankly, I suspect the reason she diverted so sharply is that she knows this silent running warfare of subversion is running deep, and suffering more and more pressure. Perhaps that even has something to do with her family’s new joint citizenship in the corrupt but very self-protective nation of Switzerland.

One does not need to watch movies or read novels, to understand that warfare conducted within the realm of intelligence and covert operations (as well as that which has begun to be inflicted upon our realms of police and military) is very touchy business. It is business, however, that requires gross amounts of sunlight and fresh air. The windows must be thrown open on the Miss Havesham inside our freshly centralized and unified-? Intelligence Community (IC). By the way, “Intelligence Community” with its core of “Homeland Security,” doesn’t it make you want to say “Awwww,” and stroke a kitten?

We the Mushrooms, wait a second; how does it go? Oh, “We the (Sovereign) People” are the ones who “need to know.” If this were a Baptist church and not a nation, I would say it has become a congregational matter, that is, one for the full body to see and upon which to solemnly judge.

And in keeping with that understanding, I will put this out. If we see any odd things happening to Michelle Bachmann, or her family, or even her assets, or the same with any others as authentically patriotic in key positions involved, then we know where to point.

Perhaps she is even becoming repentant of the Yea vote she cast on the 2012 NDAA (as did Roskam; Huelskamp voted Nay). For one other example, this one in her favor, Bachmann voted against the Food Safety Modernization Act in both 2009 and 2010. (Roskam voted Nay in 2009 and Aye in 2010.) Perhaps, or perhaps not. Bachmann’s keynote speech that day was a presentation making the case for Obama’s being complicit with the enemy in the attacks upon America and the free world by Islamists (something the our associates and we have been describing for quite awhile). One hopes she and other patriots are beginning to understand the trap that sets, of swallowing the Big Brother state in the name of fighting terrorism. We each must think outside the box created for us as our trap.

Update – Sunday, 11:11pm CT

For now, our Me and Julio Down by the Airport may be found toward the end of his video, right after Huelskamp (23 min., ~45 sec.). Experience tells me, USTREAM transmission is obstructed at peak times, but freed up at times of lower traffic. Here is Mr. Julio Noel Rausseo’s stream, unedited:


Failed economy is bad, but it’s the ‘leaks’ that may sink Obama’s ship

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

Strong, successful leaders get there by locating and correcting their weaknesses, while continuing to accept greater challenges to which they create and implement solutions throughout their lives; whereas, weak, narcissistic losers attempt to camouflage their weaknesses, blame others for their serial failures, and keep barking about their one moment of glory, believing it will somehow boost the value of their ‘stock.’

Unlike the ‘private sector,’ Gov. Mitt Romney ‘is doing fine,’ winning the hearts, minds and confidence of voters all across America–while President Barack Obama’s reelection bid is plummeting faster than the price of Facebook stock after its IPO two weeks ago.

During a rare 10 minute White House speech/press conference, which Team Obama will forever remember as being 9 minutes too long, President Barack Obama replied to a question regarding the economy by saying these soon to be immortal words … “The private sector is doing fine,” as reported in a FOXNews article Friday.

The first rebuttal came shortly afterward, in the form of a perfectly timed press release from Standard & Poors, wherein they affirmed their reduced AA+ long-term credit rating on the United States, adding that its outlook remains negative.

And it was clear that Obama had completed ignored the registered voters who responded to a recent FOX News poll, 41 percent of whom think the country is currently in a recession, followed quickly by another 42 percent who believe the country is in an economic downturn, but not a recession.

He could only have been “speaking” to the 15 percent who responded that they too think the economy is doing fine–a very slim Obama voter base.

Also according to the same poll, 56 percent say Obama failed at creating new jobs, with 54 percent saying they also failed at stimulating the economy.

Knowing that jobs and the economy are the top issues in November, and ‘Likely Voters’ in a recent Rasmussen poll trust Romney over Obama to restore jobs and the economy, by a 51 to 39 percent preference–the president has already lost the election.

So, as a plan D, Barack Obama did the only thing a narcissist would think of–try to amplify the adoration from the 55 percent of voters in the poll who think he has mostly succeeded on making the country safer–even though it is not a top reelection issue.

How did he do it?

More than likely by approving classified information leaks regarding ongoing military and covert operations around the world, to bolster his ‘tough guy’ image–but, at the expense of national security and putting the safety of the real warriors in jeopardy.

When asked about the leaks at the Friday morning press conference, he said [he] has “zero tolerance” for such actions, and that … “The notion that my White House would purposely release national security information is offensive,” he said. “It’s wrong. … We don’t play with that,” as reported in a FOXNews article last Friday.

However, most thinking American’s believe that he must have approved it–because doing such a thing could not benefit anyone else on Earth but Barack H. Obama in his bid for reelection.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, chimed in first on Sunday, rejecting President Obama’s claim that recent security leaks did not come from the White House–accusing the president of using the leaks, which detailed the administration’s counterterror programs to “build up his reputation” before November, according to a FOXNews article today.

“He’s trying to be like George Patton or John Wayne.”

The gloves-off accusations follow Attorney General Eric Holder‘s decision to appoint two U.S. attorneys to investigate possible unauthorized leaks of classified information.

“This is the most shameful cascade of leaks I’ve ever heard or seen in government,” he said. “It’s clear from those stories [that] this came right from the White House, came right from the National Security Council, came right from the Situation Room. … It has to lead to people very high up in the administration in his White House.”

As such, Rep. King alleged that the leaks must have been “approved from the top,” and accused the president of grandstanding in an election year.

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday morning that … “This [DOJ investigation] needs to be fair. It shouldn’t be a partisan thing. This should really be about catching the folks who are leaking some very damaging national security information … If it goes to the NSC or Department of Defense or FBI, then they have to go there.”

No one truly expects Attorney General Eric Holder to find any smoking guns (pardon the pun) prior to November, because when it comes to his friend and boss, President Barack Hussein Obama–he couldn’t follow the trail of a bleeding rabbit in fresh snow.

But the Romney DOJ will.


Framing the discussion…socialism is never compatible with Christianity


Fr. Andrew was invited to lead the opening prayer at the 2012 Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention in the Magness Arena at the University of Denver. The moral challenges facing our country are not caused by political affiliation, but rather by attacks on religious freedom. He invites all people of conscience to uphold religious freedom.

“The Church has rejected the totalitarian and atheistic ideologies associated in modem times with ‘communism’ or ‘socialism.'” – Catechism of the Catholic Church 2425